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chapter 17


I walked out from behind the wall and walked fastly over to them and shouted.

. . . . . . . . . . .

“YOU BITCH” I shouted pushed pansy off Draco and grabbed her and pushed her on the floor it looked like it hurt . I sat on her and pouched her right in the nose as slowly blood started to pour down .looking like broken nose I pounced her again in the same place and soon as I knew it I was being dragged up by two strong men, I couldn’t tell who but all I saw was people rushing over to pansy and I saw Draco rush over to her and carry her to the hospital wing. Honestly I was hurting inside .

“i fucking hate you” I mumbled under my breath. I was dragged into my room and left me in their .I dropped to the ground in a pool of tears. I fell asleep on the floor.


I woke up to a loud knocks at the door I built up my strength to open the door ,still sitting on the floor .

They walked in it was Draco . Fuck sake.

“What are you doing here I don’t want to see you draco” I rubbed my eyes

“What’s wrong with you y/n?” Did he seriously just ask me that .


“Don’t fucking yell at me again or I’ll give you something to yell about” he spoke I could see him getting angry ;why’s he getting angry!! He cheated ,not me.

“Draco do u think this is a fucking joke?” I questioned

“I don’t know why your so mad” he answered ,is he kidding?.

"Why I’m fucking mad , you kissed the one person I have hated since year 1 and you don’t know why I’m mad at you ,what’s fucking wrong with you” I screamed to the top of my tongue.

“Look I messed up okay” he tried to convince me .

“How long has it been going on draco”

“I’m sorry y/n” he apologised

“Answer me draco” I demanded , I was so fucking mad . My nails digging into my hands leaving marks .

“Two weeks” he finally spoke up .


“DIDNY YOU” I screamed in his face

“Yes I did and I’m sorry”

I slapped his hard in the face .

“Your fucking sick , get out!”

“Y/n please” he said he had a a few tears in his eyes but he could see that I was hurt.

" no draco get the fuck out”

“Were done” I yelled he didn’t do anything.

“Ill go then” I was that mad I didn’t care anymore. I walked out and slammed the door .

I ran to Hermione’s room as I didn’t know where to go. I would of gone to noras but she’s always with Theo .

I knocked on her door and Ron answered. I looked a mess my hair all messy and my makeup ran down my face from the tears .

“Y/n are you okay” he spoke as he opened his arms up to me I hugged him. “No” I cried

“Y/n , oh my god” Hermione ran over to me and gave me a hug and walked me over to her bed . She got me a tissue to wipe my tears.

We sat down and chatted about it and had a few cries . I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I love him.

“I’m gonna get going” I stood up

“Stay here y/n” she said

“No I need to go” I said

“Y/n you know I’m always here for you if you need to talk again or just whenever” I nodded as I gave her a hug and I walked out.

I had a thought about what Fred said earlier , I thought maybe I’ll go and see him ,his room wasn’t to far from Hermione’s as they were both Gryffindors . He was outside his dorm for some reason .

“Y/n hey- you don’t- uh come here” he pulled me into a hug I hugged him back as he gave me a kiss on my forehead . “You wanna come in” I nodded to his response.

Later on...

We had been cuddling for like an hour now I told him what happen and he said he had been trough the same before just with a girl. “Look y/n you can stay here if you want and I’ll help you get back on your feet” he said softly . It was nice to know I had someone who was willing to care for me and help me cause their was no way I was gonna be stable for a while as I have been trough a lot.

My mum passing and the kidnapping also my dad coming back and saying shit.

. . .

To be continued...

a/n: hey hope your enjoying I have lots planned so stay tuned

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