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chapter 18


It’s been a rough two weeks I’ve been crying and crying also crying. But Fred’s been trying to get me up and ready for the day but I keep crying I feel sorry for him having to look after me all the time but I think he enjoys it not sure.

This morning I woke up laying on his chest cuddling . I love cuddling with his and his warm body . This morning I felt motivated that I should get up , and be strong . It was a Thursday and it was going to be potions class which isn’t my favourite class cause it has Draco in it and I haft to sit next to him . So I’ll try and hold my sled together and be stronger and act like I’m over him.

“Morning” Fred mumbled as he yawned “I’m going to be strong today” I said . Getting up .

“That’s the first I’ve heard of it” Fred joked made me giggle but I really was gonna be stronger than ever.

I put on my joggers Fred had kindly collected from my dorm yesterday. I put on one of his shirts and opened the door .

“Is that my shirt?” He asked

“Got a problem with that, by the ways you have nice shirts” I winked and he gave me a jokey huff.

“Bye Fred” I yelled

“Where you going” he quizzed

“To get dressed for school”

“I’ll pick you up in 30 mins and I’ll walk you their” he said as I just nodded and headed out.

I walked down the cold corridors ,it was quite chilly my arms were colds s had goosebumps,by me only wearing a t-shirt . No one was around in the Slytherin dungeons so I was happy not to see anyone in my state .

I got into my room and got straight into the shower .

After my shower I got into my robes and still only had my short short pencil skirt from two weeks ago, my skirt had gone missing I think.

I put on some light makeup and did my brows and my brushed my hair out and got my curling wand out and curled it .

A small knock on the door and they walked in it was Fred .

“Hey - oh wow ” he said

“Hey” I laughed

“You know you don’t haft to go to class” he said giving me a behind cuddle as I still curling my hair in the mirror.

“I do I need to be strong”

“How about we fake date?”

“Fake date?” I asked turned to him looking up

“Yeah we can make him jealous and make him feel like he made a bad choice , which he did”

“Mmm - okay let’s do it” I agreed with him , I wasn’t to sure what I was getting my self into to. But making Draco jealous would be fun .

But we would hat to make it more real have the whole school know we were dating so the rumour would get around about us and Draco would hear them.

Fred walked me down the corridors he grabbed hold of my hand as we walked beside each other , their was now people talking to each other and looking at us.as we got to the door he twirled me in a circle and gave me a small kiss on the lips .

He pulled away but I softly grabbed his neck and pulled his ear to my mouth and I said .

“You know your lips are really soft , I could kiss them all day” I let go of his neck and gave him a wink as he watched me walk into the classroom.

When I got in their other people still staring at me even in the class room .

I heard people whispering stuff about me as I walked in but I ignored it . I saw Draco wasn’t sat at our desk ,which was good.

I sat down and opened my book and started to read before a huge slam of the door opened . I jumped out of shock.

“Mr Malfoy theirs no need for that attitude in my classroom and your late so detention!” Professor shouted

I looked up and saw how rough he looked his hair messed up his eyes had bags and he didn’t look so good.

Maybe he’s finding the breakup hard to.

He walked over to our table and sat down next to me not even looking at me and I turned my head so I wasn’t looking at him .

“So your dating weaselbee now ,you moved on quickly” he spoke quietly

“Well least I’m with someone who doesn’t cheat”

“It won’t last, you love me to much” he nudged me . I know it was true I did love him way to much but I wanted Fred to be a kind of distraction. I hate Draco for what he did but I still can’t help I love him.

“Well oh and Draco how’s pansy ,I assume your dating someone or other” i assumed

“I’m not dating her but I did just fuck her” ouch . Few seconds after he said that he whispered into my ear “hard”

“Oh fuck off Draco If your trying to make me jealous it’s not working ” I didn’t really know what to say .

“I don’t believe you” he was right I was jealous. But I needed to make him more jealous.

<The bell rang>

I got my books and got up from my seat as Draco grabbed my wrist and moved his head to my head to whisper something “meet me in my dorm at 9” he whispered “no Draco I’m in a relationship” I whispered back

“Well we need to talk” he spoke being honest I can tell sometimes when he’s being honest.

“Don’t get your hopes up” I said walking out of the classroom. As I was greeted by Fred. I saw Draco walking out behind me so I obviously hat to make him jealous I that moment of time.

“Hey Freddie” I said wrapping my hands around his neck and he held my waist . I pulled his head down to mine as we kissed . I opened my eyes a little and saw in the corner draco stood their , he looked angry he had his fists clenched as soon as I looked away as he Walked away. I pulled out of the kiss. “I’ll see you around Freddie” I gave him a small smirk and a wink as I walked away ,we both walked in separate directions.

. . . .

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