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chapter 19


I was sat in my room debating if I should go to Dracos room or not he only wants to ‘talk’ well I think I know what that means to him but I’m not going their for sex.

I didn’t change I just took off my robe and headed to

his dorm. The corridors were once again empty.

I knocked on the door but it opened I looked in and I couldn’t see Draco . Until I was grabbed by the wrists and held above my head . He moved his head kissing my neck .

He then grabbed my legs and lifted me up and we started eating each others faces off ,our heads moving in sync. Yes I did want him but he cheated on me but ,I can’t resist him.

“Draco” I whispered

“I can’t”

He didn’t stop

“Draco stop”

I unwrapped my legs from around his waist and got down , I pushed him off me. Draco still looked a mess.

“You know you want me” he said trying to walk up to me but I kept pushing him away

“No draco I don’t” I lied

“Draco you wanted to talk so talk”

I choked up

“I want you back”

“You know what , sometimes I wish I never met you”I kinda lied

“You don’t mean that”

“Yes I do” my voice started to louden

“Do you love me” I asked no response at this point draco was stood their looking down at his rings he was playing with.

“You don’t love me you just want to take control of me”

“Oh for fuck sake y/n ,it’s no big deal it was just a kiss didn’t mean anything I said sorry ” he finally spoke after 5 minutes silence

“You broke my heart and all you said to me was sorry” I felt my eyes trembling with tears ,my mascara running down my face.

“I love you” he said I could see in his ocean blue eyes he was slowly crying

“I can’t do this I haft to go” I said

“Y/n don’t leave ,you always leave the problems behind”

“Draco I think you will find you are the fucking problem” I said looking dearly into his eyes from a distance as I walked out the door....

as soon as I left I new I had to go see my best friend Nora cause she can always make me feel better.

“Nora” I said walking into our dorm

“Y/n I haven’t seen you in 2 Weeks are you okay” she said

“I’m fucking brilliant” I said sarcastically.

“Let’s eat cookies and chat, yeah?”

She said ,honestly love her she’s so weird but cute.


We sat down on the rug eating cookies and chatted about everything that’s has happened she told me about her and Theo how well it’s going ,she said she’s gonna beat up Draco cause he cheated on me .

After that happened I went to see Arabella cause I haven’t seen her in ages .

I knocked on her door and saw a familiar face. Adam. He had his trousers on but not shirt , his beautiful looking skin . But then it clicked he was in my sisters room with no shirt.

“Adam?” I spoke in shock

“Y/n long time,huh?” He said he looked good as usual.


“Is arabella here?” I asked

“Yes she just showering ,come in”

He said opening the door further her room looked nicer than mine . she had her own cause she didn’t want to share with anyone.

I sat on her bed as Adam put on a shirt and said goodbye and left.

“Y/n hey?” She said walking out with a towel wrapped around her.

“What’s with you and Adam then?” I questioned

“Look I’m really sorry we kinda really hit it off” she said plotting her self next to me. The tension was quite awkward.

“It’s fine really” I said smiling at her and she smiled back

“I’ll leave you to get changed , see u around sis” It was a little bit awkward but does he think he can’t have me so he wants me sister or maybe they just really did just hit it off ?.

Later on I decided to go for a walk out by the lake . I sat down and decided to try and clear my mind up as it was quite a mess the events that have happen are crazy and depressing.

I miss my mum and I wish I had a father growing up so I’d have someone a parent after my mum. But now all he wants is power or something that is not including me.

I’m probably just his cover up story.

I heard going around school theirs a party in Hufflepuff it’s Cedrics. He said it’s a costume party.

I think but it’s only invites only but bring a plus 1 , it’s on Friday night/tomorrow night. I’m think I’m going to ask Fred to come with me as I think Draco will be their so it will be fun to mess around and make him feel jealous.

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