// Cͨoͦmͫp𞀐l̾iͥcͨaͣtͭeͤdͩ //[D.M]

chapter 1

It was a normal Thursday night and you were studying in the slytherin common room for a test coming up soon and you wanted to get things done . Tomorrow nora was hosting an all house party and you were very excited no ones had a party in a long time so it would be epic .


u had now finished studying and u walked down the dark corridors with your books heading to your dorm with nora , once u reached ur dorm all the boys were there .

“hey gorgeous ” theo said while wrapping his hands around ur waist and putting his head against ur neck and gives u small kisses “stop it ” you chuckled pushing him off u “so what’s up why we all gathering ” u joked while laughing “where discussing whos getting what for the party ” nora replied “me and Y/N will get the drinks ” draco replied wrapping his arm around your shoulders and messing your hair up , you giggled while moving his hand off ur head and putting ur hair back into place “us three can set up decorations that stuff ” nora said putting her hair in a messy bun the boys just groaned . you and draco started to sneak out to get the drinks

" Y/N got a boyfriend yet ” draco spoke with a grin on his face

“why u jealous and so what’s your concern ” you spoke turning your head

“no its just u speak to a lot of guys let me correct that sleep with a lot of guys ” he said

“fuck off malfoy ” u said hitting him in the arm not enough to cause him pain as he was very strong .

------Time skip ------

you and draco had just got the drinks and was headed to the slytherin common room and put all the drinks “that’s all you got “nora joked while looking at both of ur faces, ur faces looked mad “im kidding , are u just gonna stand their help us put the decorations up these lazy fucks won’t help ” she said looking at theo and blaise sat down smoking u and draco looked at each other and laughed at nora while u walked over to her and started helping her.

After a while u and nora got tired and headed back to your dorm room , ur rooms where separated 1 room had a double bed and an own shower both rooms where joined together the boys had the same except it was three joined .

you went to our dorm and took off your clothes and headed into the shower later after u changed into some green silk pjs and got into bed and wrote into ur diary while drifting asleep .

-------TIME SKIP------

(it was now friday )

you woke up to a tall blonde hair boy holding some sort of book ur vision was very blurry because u just woke up , as you rubbed your eyes you saw it was draco reading “MY DIARY” you screamed “draco give me my DIARY ” you shouted as hitting him in the back , u jumped onto his back and put him in a tight head lock not long before he flipped u off landing on the bed , he threw ur diary on ur bed “it’s not that interesting anyway ” he said cockly “thanks now get out ” u said while he just grinned at u and walked out . “fucking prick ” u said as he walked out “what did u say ” walking over to you “nothing ” u gave him a smile .

-------TIME SKIP--------

it was now time to get ready for the party u and nora started to get ready

You put your hair into a half up half down style.

You also put some makeup on and u looked fab all u needed now was ur dress and shoes. You wore a silky black mini dress with some black heels to top it off. You look so gorgeous and irresistible

you could hear the party down the hallway it sounded very crowded , you and nora walked down the halls and u turned up to the party lots of people were their the boys looked up as u walked over they all said wow as they were practically drooling “wow u two look amazing ” blaise said looking u both up and down “thanks , let’s get this party started ” you shouted

you went to pour yourself a drink as draco walked over sand said “you mad at me ” u looked confused “no ” you spoke while smiling “okay then come dance with me then ” he grabbed ur waist and lead u to the dance floor and started to dance he put his head against ur neck and started to kiss ur neck and to ur collarbones u leather with ur hands around his head playing with his soft blonde hair while giggling ” okay lets play a game ” you shouted “everyone make a circle ” what game we playing ” blaise shouted “nora you pick ” you said looking over to nora she nodded ” lets play truth or dare ” everyone nodded you sat opposite draco and theo and sat next to nora and hermione granger one of your friends .

“You go first Y/N ” nora asked “okay blaise truth or dare ”


authors note : heyy it’s the end of chapter 1 this was a bit rushed into the party so i will slow things down now the next chapter is the rest o truth or dare

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