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chapter 21


Y/n” a very masculine voice accrued from the darkness of the halls .

“Shit” I said looking at Draco he didn’t seam to care , or he was just drunk . I could hear foot steps coming closer .

Until I saw one male body standing their looking at me in the darkness .


“Fred- uh- hi” I saw him, it was so awkward, he didn’t show any emotion which wasn’t like fred he always seams very affectionate he walked away ,I got Draco to lower me down, he did so and as I did i quickly pulled up my bottoms of my costume, i ran away from draco and i ran after him. “Fred!- Wait” I said running after him . minding it was difficult to run in my heels , he was a fast Walker as, i lost him.

I gave up running and decided to just go back to the party. I walked into the party everyone was so drunk , drunker than me .then i saw him fred i was confused cause i saw him walk a different direction in the halls.

I saw fred so i walked over and said “hey fred im so sorry”

“Sorry for what?” he questioned i was so confused as he was acting like he didn’t just see me and draco in the halls.

“Oh don’t worry” i said incase he didn’t know or it wasn’t him. who was it then?i thought to my self.

“Im going to get going, you wanna come?” he asked completely clueless.

“You know what im gonna stay a little longer and help cedric clean up” he nodded as he walked away out the door i gave him a smile and a wave.

I went over to Blaise who still looked sad even know he was pretty high and drunk.

“Hey Blaise , how you doing?”

I asked he had his head hang down low .

“I’m okay I guess” He said still head down to the ground.

“Talk to me Blaise ,I’m here if you want someone to talk to”

I said wrapping my arm around him bringing him in for a cuddle

" I’m gay”

He said I was so happy for him

“Really Blaise I’m really happy for you” I was shocked and happy at the same time,so this could be of been why he didn’t show us the ‘Ravenclaw girl’.

“Don’t tell the others ,they don’t know”

He made sure I wouldn’t so I had to keep my mouth zipped.

“I won’t I promise” I promise as he gave me a hug and I hugged him .

I got up with Blaise and we both and got a shots tray and started to shot them all down ,one by one.

“Cedric-” I say drunk catching his gaze.now i was pointing at him as he walked over to me , my walking wasn’t the best as I was very very drunk.

“Thank- you for this part-y” I thanked as I fell into his arms

“So clumsy y/n and your welcome” he smiled .

I didn’t remember most of the shit that happend.


The next morning ...

I woke up in someone’s chest ,it smelt like autumn and a cardigan i knew i didn’t recognize the smell it was new to me. My head was gaining a raging headache at this point .

I opened my eyes slightly and looked around the room and it was a mess cups , alcohol and food all on the floor. I saw Blaise and Hermione Passed out on the floor the others I presume where either in their rooms or somewhere.

I looked to my left and Draco was sat their gazing at me i caught it. he looked hungover but he didn’t let that take over him.

“Can I help you Draco?” I questioned rubbing my eyes . He make a head gesture to get out of here . But I simple didn’t want to do I layer back and smuggled into Cedric and I could hear his heart beat pumping.

I heard someone get up and leave and slam the door made me jump..I knew exactly who it was . Draco Malfoy .

I felt an urge so I got up as fast as I could and ran to the Hufflepuff bathrooms. Before i knew had my head in a toilet trowing up last nights mistakes.

I could remember everything that happen the night before.

I remembered that I fucked Draco in the halls and Fed or someone.

I walked out of the bathroom walking against the wall for support i hand my head down, you could tell i was still drunk and couldn’t control myself.

I bumped into someone a body i have felt before against my body i looked up. Fred.

“What do you think your doing y/n?” he questioned me

“What you mean?” i questioned him back.

“With draco?” what does he mean? I cant deal with this right now!.

“I love him fred” i said still pulling my self together to be strong but i was weekend by how much i drank the night before.

“Im not fred and you cheated on my brother” my eyes popped out ,now it was making sense it wasnt fred who saw me it was george .fuck sake i cant tell them apart .

Im guessing george doesn’t know we were fake dating.

“Look george-” i started. I was gonna tell him everything but it was to late.

“Save it” he said before walking off as me mumbled something under his breathe but i heard “what a slut” he said. Ah well.

To keep the fake dating i got to act like i like fred. I like fred hes a good friend hes very loyal and kind i thought he could be a distraction from draco but i guess thats seams a bit usey ,but i know who i truly love and its taking over me. I need to get over him he cheated on me and i cant just use people as a distraction to get over him . i need a break in order for me to stop. loveing him .. i know it will be tough but it will be the best for me.


a/n: hey guys issy here i hope you enjoyed this chapter

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