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chapter 22

It’s been a few weeks since we had 3 weeks off school, I go back tomorrow .

so i took an opportunity to get myself improved and try and get over malfoy. I stayed at my mum’s house by myself. Arabella was staying with Adam down the road, they popped in every now and then but not all the time, they were all loved up tooked me back to when I was with draco. That fucker broke my heart.

I can’t help but love him , to be true to myself. I still love him. Before we left for the 3 weeks off i said to fred i was sorry and that i didn’t want to hurt him or if he started to get feelings for me so i had to cool it off , we were exactly dating anyways so i hoped it didn’t matter to much he said it was okay but i could see in his eyes he felt something i did deep down just i didn’t really want it to go anywhere as it wouldn’t work as i would still be in love with someone else.

In the three weeks i felt nothing but pain ,it hurt me just thinking of him . the thoughts running through my mind!!. I cried most nights. I stayed in bed everyday. I only got out for food, toilet,shower .. but last week I knew I needed to get up and get my life together!!.

I got up,showered,got dressed and headed down stairs. As I reached the bottom of the stairs there was a range of men standing around my living room and 1 particular man in the middle slouching on my couch. I knew perfectly who it was! I felt anger building up inside of me.

“What do you want and how dare you come here?!” i raised my voice

“Well first id love a cup of tea” he joked and his pals ill call them, stood around laughing. Whats so funny?. God i hate this man

“y/n i know you hate me but i need you to stay away from draco malfoy” he said perking his body up from the couch.

“Why i don’t intend to be around him, he broke me”i explained myself.

“Good!> . i just want to tell you that your sister is lying to you” he spoke looking at my confused face.

“When you say lying what do you mean lying” why am i even speaking to him hes a waste of time.

“Your mother-” i cut him off

“You don’t speak of my mother after what you did to her!”i shouted the rage i was holding in was gonna come out!.

“She wasn’t sick , she was what you say- Murdered!” he said with no emotion.

When i heard the word “murdered” i was gonna drop but i couldn’t let my father see that it affected me . but I knew he could see my tears rolling down my face.

I brought myself to say. “Who-” I asked, sniffing.

“No need to cry dear” i herded in my ear , my mothers voice speaking to me.

“Mother?” i said looking around the room and my eyes landed on my fathers he was laughing .

“Why you laughing?” i questioned still crying.

“Your mother is dead and you think you herd her-” he would laugh between sentences.

“You see one of my gifts i can make people hear and see things”he explained chuckling with his pals.

“You’re a cruel man,” I spat .

“Oh come on i know that” he chuckles. I just want to strangle him to death or lock him up in azkaban.

“Get out of my house now!” I shouted and opened the door.

“As you wish” he said leaving and all his pals followed him out . I slammed the door shut and couldn’t help but break down.

I fell to my knees and cried out saying ‘mother’.

God, I miss her so much. She was my best friend and mother. I told her everything. And I always told her about me and adam.she helped me get over him. We would sit in our living room and watch movies and talk. I miss that. I would have told her about Draco, I think she would have approved of him as he comes from a good family.

Later on…

I just chilled on the sofa.


I have decided to get some new clothes and makeup so i’m going into my local town and get some so i can have a small glow up for when i go back to school i can make draco think im over him and he’s not bringing me down. I’m really not over him but ill give it a second try.

I went to the shops and picked up some new products and clothing and when i got home i put some in my trunk ready for school. I got some new heels to i’m so excited to wear them tomorrow. I also have my outfit for tomorrow to. .

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