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chapter 23

First day back to school.

I woke up,got dressed,did my makeup to the best of my ability,I got into my outfit and I looked hot ;).

a/n:you look hot. Your car is a black range rover.

I felt amazing . I got my trunk and put it in the boot of my car. And I got in and dove to the train station. I arrived and grabbed a trolly and put my trunk on it. Some people had to put their pets on ,but I didn’t want an animal.

I was now getting on the train. I walked through and people looked at me. They looked at me like they haven’t seen me before.

I went to see Hermione as I haven’t seen her in ages. On my way I saw the two ginger twins in a compartment. George gave me a death stare but Fred gave me a smile. I smiled back.

I opened their compartment and said “hey” I said removing my glasses . “y/n you- look-wow- a amazing” ron blurted out i smiled “thankyou ron and hi harry” he gave me a smile and a hand wave.

“y/n he’s right u look good” it made me laugh at her response as i already knew .

“I got to go before I get a cough for being in the gryffindor section- oops” I said my goodbyes and walked down to slytherin. I slid my glasses back on and headed off.

As I walked down I saw pansy parkinson looking me up and down as I passed her. Who the fuck she think she looking at? Bitch.

As I walked down the lanes eyes on me once again.

I reached nora,blaise,theo draco wasn’t there .

“y/n heyy” Nora shouted, getting up giving me a massive hug.

“Nora -i -can-t breathe-” she let go of me and smiled at me. I love her.

“Hey blaise theo ″ i said they looked jaw dropped but nora sat down .blaise sat against the window and theo next to him , i went and sat next to him as nora sat on the other side of the table. We sat there for a while chatting.

Until ..

I saw him. He looked cleaned up ,hot,irresistible as usual .

I sat there And a smile as I pulled up my glasses. He looked at me up and down and looked gobsmacked.

“Missed me?” i said looking at his perfect male figure.

“No why would i miss you” okay this is how we’re playing.

Pansy fucking parkinson walked over to him ,kissed him on the cheek and lifted her leg up. Wow, so adorable. Does she want to end up in the hospital wing again?.bitch.

They both took a seat leaving draco in the middle, typical. He had no choice but I was right there ,opposite him. I thought it was quite funny.

“So nora how was your summer?” i asked

“It was really great thank you , yours?” she said, looking at theo then me.


“Well it was eventful and amazing!” I lied for some of my response but I didn’t want Draco to think I was crying or depressed which I needed to be strong. Stronger than ever.

“Well i’m gonna tell you mine-” pansy started

“No one asked” I spat . I hate that girl.

“Well I do” Blaise said what’s happened to these people. It was a little awkward.

“Well thank you blaise , no need to rude y/n, i think your just jealous-”

“Pah - jealous” I said laughing and being sarcastic. This bitch.

“Yeah jealous cause i have the one thing u want” she said acting all tough and i was getting furious.

“First of all parkinson! is that, he’s not a thing! And i don’t want draco, all i want is nothing to do with his or yours lying arse” i said with complete utter confidence. She looked a bit tense. She was trying to avoid my face.

“I think you’re just a pathetic little slag” I added as her ugly proud smile dropped.

“That’s enough,” blaise shouted as I could tell Nora ,Blaise and Theo felt a little uncomfortable.

“Fine , theo let me out please” I whispered into theos ears.

As he got up I just got up.

“See you all around! And you better watch your back parkinson!!” I threatened as I gave her a wink as I walked away to find a new seat. There was no room in Slytherin but I tried to see in Ravenclaw but full two but there was one with a table and a black haired girl reading.

“Hey mind if i sit with you” i asked as she looked up from her book

“Yeah sure” she responded with a smile.

“What are you reading?”

“Oh just pride and prejudice” she said. She plopped her head back down to her book.

“Nice, i’ve read that before. It’s good, ``I said and I wasn’t lying, it was a good book.

“hey what’s your name?” i questioned

“cho-cho chang,yours?” she said asking me”y/n - y/n rosier” i said which her face turned to shock

“You’re a rosier? wow one of the richest families” she said being fascinated.

“i know i have not heard much of yours but im sure its a lovely family”

During the train ride to Hogwarts we chatted and became quite close very quickly , he had so many things in common. I felt like I was getting a new bestie.

When we arrived, I went straight to the slytherin dungeons to my dorm and to finally get some rest and unpack.

I rested for a bit and unpacked . I wrote in my diary which I haven’t written in a while but it was only because I haven’t wanted to say anything that has happened cause it would have made me down and upset.

The next morning….

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