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chapter 24

Today was the first day back at school, lessons!.

My timetable is short,its been changed, so I only have two lessons a day. One at 10:10am,charms,and then 13:00pm potions. Still boring!!.

But I know Draco is in my potions and he quit charms. Which technically you can’t but he properly bribed the school to let him not attend.

I left my dorm and headed to charms. I entered the classroom and professor Flitwick stood at the top of the class sorting people in some sort of seating plan. This should be fun!.

I was placed next to fucking pansy parkinson. Im gonna kill her.

“Professor im not sitting next to her”an annoying squeaky voice came from a pug face.

“Tough!, you will learn to get along” he said pointing to the row of seats indicating we sit. We went over and sat down. I also had a very awkward person on my left, who I knew didn’t like me. George weasley!.

“Hey George,” I said as i sat comfortably next to him. He didn’t say anything just opened his book.

“Look George, we were fake dating” I just blurted out turning my head to him.

“Mhm-” what is his problem? We were fake dating and he wasn’t the person who I was fake dating with?.

“Why do you hate me so much?” i asked looking at professor flitwick but i knew he could hear me.

“Maybe because you’re a slut” the annoying voice again turned her head to mine . took me a few mins to speak.

“Maybe?” I said, giving her a devilish smile.

“Dracos taking me out later, to the river bet he never took you anywhere”she said as I grabbed the back of hair and pulled it so her head was back. She yelped in pain. Her hand grabbed my wrist pulling it away but I was stronger.

“Girls no violence in my classroom,” the professor shouted. But i didn’t listen.

“Draco may not have taken me out but at least he can tell me he loves me- bitch!” i leaned and whispered in her ear.”i bet he hasn’t told you he loves you-

And i bet he won’t”i said as i gave her head a small tug before i pushed her head forwards and grabbed my books and walked out of the classroom.

After I walked out I needed a break, a long one so I headed to one of the balconies the school had in a corner. I stood there holding onto the rails.

I felt a small cold breeze hitting my cold skin. My thoughts once again everywhere.

I heard someone open the door leading out onto the balcony. I didn’t turn my head, I wanted a surprise. I hoped it would be him but if it wasn’t i would be fine with that.

“What is a beautiful girl doing alone on a cold night?” the male voice spoke into the cold air as i turned around.

“Thoug- hts” i said as i turned around to see not him. An emotion inside of me told me it would be him and the others weren’t him.

“Adam?” i said as he walked closer, giving me his robe and wrapping it around me.

“thankyou - what brings you out here,” I said , shivering.

“I miss you” What?

“Cut the bullshit Adam, why are you out here? I thought you were dating my sister” what is up with this man.

“I’m not bullshitting you i’ve always loved you” he said as our eyes connected, looking up as he was taller than everyone is.

“Adam i’m sorry but you know who i love”

“I know but it can’t stop me from doing this”he reached in and kissed me, I couldn’t help but kiss him back. His lips were very soft. I haven’t kissed anyone since that party with Draco 3 weeks ago. It felt good to have touch. As he started to kiss my neck leaving small kisses. As he kissed my neck I looked up and saw someone in the door frame looking at me straight in the eyes.


“Stop , please stop. I have to go ″ I pushed him off me and threw his jacket on the floor as I was left in my skirt and my polo shirt. as i ran off, through the doors and down the corridors i wanted to chase after him. But I knew it would break me. However I did it anyways.i love him.

I lost him until I was pushed into the wall as my back scraped against the wall. I yelped in pain as he stood there looking at me. I gave him a seductive smile as he looked at me with confusion. Holding back the pain trying not to show I was in pain.

“Long time no see” I said playfully. He looked mad, more mad than usual. I walked up to him from the wall and he didn’t allow it. He forcefully pushed me back into the wall, I was still in pain and hurt even more. My eyes started to tear up as I looked at him. What is wrong with him.

“What’s gotten into you?” i asked as i reached my arm ,to touch my back and as i pulled it back i looked at it it was bleeding, from a cut. My shirt felt wet with blood. He hurt me. He looked at it and looked at me . his angry face dropped to a ‘im sorry face’.

He walked over to me and I pushed him.

I wiped my tears as they kept falling from pain.

“Im so sorry- i- don’t know what has gotten into me” he finally spoke

“Let me help you y/n” he said, coming closer as I walked back.

“No why would i- you know what i missed you and you just-” i started but didn’t want to finish it.

“I did miss you”

“I fucking hate you if you missed me why hurt me” i screamed my tears running down.

“I-” he started

“Save it! You like that slut pansy” i shouted ,he shook his head i could see he was crying just they fell slower than mine. I tried to walk away but he grabbed my arm.

“Let fucking go of me” i spat in his face he let go gently.

“I hate you so fucking much” i shouted as i ran away from him into my dorm but i didnt make it , i collapsed and passed out.

I woke up, as I looked like the hospital wing once again. Hermione sat next to me.

“Hermione?” my voice was croaky.

“y/n i’m here, the school wants to know what happened. They heeled you but they wanted to know ″ Hermione said as I thought about what happened but there was no chance I couldn’t tell them. They would be expelling Draco. I mean he hurt me but with that on his record he wouldn’t get into another school. I still love him but i cant tell them he did it. I will be trying to keep my distance from him, that’s if I can?.

Later that day I was released , they had heeled me with magic so the blood would stop coming out and it wouldn’t hurt just to leave marks.

It wasn’t the best to start my first day back, it never is and never has!.

There was a knock at my door, I opened it slowly. As I saw his precious face. I signed. As I looked up to him.

“Draco, please leave me alone,” I asked slowly .

“I’m here to say sorry for what happened. I don’t know what came over me” he explained , why was he acting so soft.

“Come in but just to let you know I haven’t forgiven you” I said he nodded as I stood aside as he walked in.

“Shouldn’t you be with your girl-” before I could finish that sentence, his hand roughly wrapped around my neck ,then his lips smashed into mine.our heads colliding,he licked the bottom of my lip indicating entrance for his tongue, i opened my mouth slightly as our tongues were fighting. It felt passionate. I knew where this was going. I know I shouldn’t but I’m very forgiving but I won’t forget it.

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