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chapter 25

‘Apologies are never enough’

“Shouldn’t you be with your girl-” before I could finish that sentence, his hand roughly wrapped around my neck ,then his lips smashed into mine. our heads colliding,he licked the bottom of my lip indicating entrance for his tongue, i opened my mouth slightly as our tongues were fighting. It was rough like always . I knew where this was going. I know I shouldn’t but I’m very forgiving but I won’t forget what happened . i haven’t forgiven him, and don’t for a while.

Our feet were wandering over to my bed, unbuttoned my top and threw it on the floor. And threw me oh the bed on my back.i moaned my way through the back pain. He reached to his back and pulled off his shirt and threw it with mine. He kissed my neck and slowly moved his head lower and lower. Across my chest,down passed my stomach giving small kisses. And sucking on my skin to make small dark purple marks . He pulled my skirt down slowly while looking at me and as I looked at him . He was already making me wet. I could feel it.

He tugged at my lacy underwear, he pulled it slowly down my legs. I was extremely turned on and wanted him so bad!. He took his hand and started to rub my aching spot. I signed out of relief down there.”Does that make you feel good?” he asked as I nodded as My eyes flutter-ing shut due to the pleasure. He climbed on top of me kissing me , still pleasuring me down there. In the meantime letting out soft moans.

“You dirty little whore” he whispered in my ear. He moved his body off me and unbuckled his belt pulling down his trousers and boxers revealing his huge erection.

“Dont make a fucking noise.” he said shoving his fingers in my mouth. He moved his body, sliding his tip up and down my entrance before pushing it inside of me. He pushed inside of me as it made my back arch up slightly. I moaned as he removed his fingers and kissed me. It was rough and passionate. Our tongues are fighting. The real our kiss as.

He started to pick up the pace while grabbing my thighs to pull me closer to me. He slapped my thighs. Made me jump.


I woke up.

I realised i had just had a sex dream about draco. But some part of me wanted that to happen but it didn’t. I wish it did.

I got up and got into the shower , I stepped in and turned my back to the water as blood flowed down my back.. The spell must have ran out.he hurt me. I hate him. But i also love him.

I made my way to class.Tears were still rolling. I had professor flitwick again today and had to sit next to George and pansy.

I was trying to hide my face. I had my robe hood up and my head down crying.

I got into class with everyone looking at me. I took my hood down and looked around and went and sat down.

“What’s up with you” a familiar voice whispered in my ear.george

“Dont worry about it” I sniffed. “Was it draco?” he asked i nodded.”did he hurt you?” I nodded. “Why do you care?” i asked as i turned my head to his.

“Cause- i don’t know i just do” he said ,i let out a small chuckle.

I was now at the end of class. I walked out and was half way down the hall when I was stopped by Fred and george. Why?

“Can I help you?”I asked , looking up as they were so tall.

“Draco hurt you so we will hurt him! Well, make him more miserable!” Fred said .”I don’t get why you want to help me, what’s the catch?” i said confused “no catch” george said “thanks for the thought but no” i said as they huffed.”fine just come to us when u need our help”

“Okay I will just don’t keep your hopes up” I walked past them going to my dorm room.on my way I saw Draco pushing pansy up against the walk,he looked at my watery eyes but turned his head back to pansy. I shook my head and walked passed. I fucking hate that man.

I got into my dorm not long after a knock. I knew it was him.

I opened it.

“What do you want?” I asked him to give me a devilish smile.”you obviously”he said trying to convince. I was gonna let him hurt me again and again so i shook my head. “Just go draco,” I said . I couldn’t even look at him in the eyes. He grabbed my chin and forced me to look up at him. He saw the tears gathering in my eyes. “I’m sorry,” he said. “You think sorry is enough, Apologies are never enough!! for the pain you have caused me,my back is bloody scratch, when i say bloody i mean bloody!“.

Hey guys i’m really sorry i haven posted this chapter for so long. I have been trying to get most of my school work and other stuff done. And just took a small break. I will be trying my best to get more chapters up more often. I hope you all are doing well,I go back to school next week so they might be slower updates but I will try my hardest.

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