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Chapter 27


[FLASHBACK]It was now the party. Nora had got me a beautiful sparkly mini dress,and did my makeup, I didn't feel myself. I didn't want to go, but I only went because Nora wanted me to get out.

We got to the party. It had loud music and dancing. The songs were lighter songs than slytherins as usual.

I sat down at an empty table. Leg over one another,glass in hand swirling it in circles.

"Hey stranger," a common voice came from above."Fred ?" "Correct" he said as he sat next to me."Is erm dra-" i cut him off."Don't" I placed my lips on his soft plumped lips.

"Sorry y/n i didn't know it was that bad" "Very bad indeed" I said nodding , I poured my drink down my throat before getting up and left Fred sitting there. I wandered off. I wasn't drunk. I was just bored and not having fun."ADAM" i saw adam and shouted as i ran over to him and grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the common room to the stairs outside the common room.I pushed him against the wall and kissed him. He definitely liked it and he gave me a smile.]


Few weeks later...

I've been hanging out a lot with Adam,after the gryffindor party we hooked up and theirs where it hit off. We keep hooking up regularly. He's also been helping me with my mental health and catch up on my school work. I've seen Draco around. I just try to hold myself together but most of the time i'm with adam. I haven't seen my sister in a long time. I haven't told her I've been hanging around with Adam but the time will come someday.

I was walking alone in the corridors today when draco grabbed my arm and pulled me aside.into a classroom.

"Why are you ignoring me?" he asked as he looked at my confused look.

"Excuse you, did u not hear what i said and you said a few weeks ago?" i asked

"ah ,come on i didn't mean it and i'm sure you didn't either" he said grabbing my hands and holding them. I pushed his hands away.

"Draco i said what i said and i did mean it,so go fuck off to you own habbitat" i said chuckling.

He huffed and walked off. All i could think about is that i didn't break and cry. I was thriving.

I keep having these dreams that we have a perfect relationship and we get married and live in a small cottage in the woods . Which I don't understand why. It's like it's trying to tell me something.

It's my birthday in a few days so i wanna have a huge party,invite most of the year because why not but there's obviously a few i do not want their like ,pug face and daddy issues. But if he does come I shall slit my throat.


But i will have to kick him out or something cause i aint having some fuck up at my 17th.

Nora will be my party planner and everything will be fun! I think.

I zoned back ...

"Y/N!" a familiar voice came from down the corridor.arabella.

"Arabella long time no see" i was completely dreading this,i didn't know if she knew about me and adam messing around or anything.

"How have you been?"she asked being civil

"Good ,i've been a tad depressed but..,how about you?"

"Great thanks i've been hanging around with cedric because why not he's a nice guy and good in bed,except he's a bit of a softy but he's hot" she explained happily

"Girl,let me make one thing clear if it isn't rough it isn't fun" i said and we both laughed.

"Wow okay!!" she said shocked at my comment.

"Truth though,ha" i gave her a wink.

It was now hours later, I was on my floor with Nora going through decorations because she was such a planner. We discussed the colour theme and everything. When noras in her planning mood you can't stop her,she gets very serious. I keep yawning

"Nora, I'm tired, can we do this tomorrow?"I yawned and rubbed my eyes,she huffed and shook her head "fine" she gave me a smile and packed the plannings up and went into her room and closed the door behind her.


I was in Adam's room and I needed to tell him that I don't want these friends with benefits anymore. "Adam, I need to tell you something?"

He interrupted me

"Can u say your thing in a minute?" I did what he said. I said there and carelessly listened to him chatter about how his quidditch game was. I honestly didn't care. I just wanted to call this fling off,why was that so hard.

After half an hour,I knew it was long, right?

"You can say what you want to say now" he said he still didn't seem interested. This would happen everytime we would have a chat, he always got to speak ,I didn't get to. When me and Draco were together we would talk all the time and he would listen and be interested in what I was saying. I sat there thinking of old times with draco and felt a tear fall down my cheek. I got up and opened the door and slammed it and decided to go for a walk.minding it was getting dark outside.


I was taking a walk in the forest at night,i was crying before I heard crunching. like wood being crushed on the floor. Was someone behind me? i shined my touch and nothing was their?

"y/n?" i flinched ,a soft voice i haddent heard in a while.

I turned around and it was a face i hadden seen in ages. I knew I should be afraid but I wasn't. I was confused.

"Chase?" i looked at him confused, he nodded as he came closer.

"Why are you here?" i asked

"Well you are near the old place.. I kidnapped you at." chase said taking pauses i could see he regretted it.

I crossed my arms. "What a dick move" I chuckled and he joined.

"I've been watching you"he said

"Yeah.. that's not creepy at all" i said backing up.

He stepped a little closer. He was now inches apart from my face. he put his hands on my face and wiped my tears away.

"I'm not gonna hurt you.. Just wanted to tell you that you will find happiness ,with whoever they may be. Or maybe by yourself. i've seen all the pain you have been through and I understand you,I've been there with.. You know what i don't need to go into that" he opened up and i was shocked that he felt my pain.a thought did cross my mind what? But i don't wanna be nosey so i i didnt.

"Finally someone who really does get me,understands me" i said with a small smile.

Before I could take a breath he smashed his lips into mine,colideing mouths and I rather enjoyed ,he was so hot..hotter than fire.until he was pushed off me.they had knocked him out . His body threw off me revealing who did it. A tall platinum blonde hair,grey blue eyes.fuck off draco.

"Draco?" I questioned as he shrugged his shoulders, as he walked up to my face.


Yoo hey besties miss me.

Sorry i haven't been active i know i say this in every chapter lol i've been through some stuff so yeah. I'm not gonna make promises I can't keep. im ending this at 30 chapters btw. theirs sausy things coming dw. I don't think ur ready for chapter 28 lol. Prepare please!!

Thank you guys so much for 8.7k i love you all so much. You all are amazing and awesome.

Guess what? It's summer soon, who's excited? My summer personally happens after my birthday on the 23rd april,yay!! so I'm so excited!!Let me know your plans i would love to know so i can add to my list!!

Love you xx

-issy 🤍🖤
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