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Chapter 28


[put your seatbelt on please this is a bumpy ride ;)]

"Draco?" I questioned as he shrugged his shoulders, as he walked up to my face.

Used a thumb and swiped it slowly over my lips. He lifted my chin up with his finger and kissed them. It felt nice, draco was my sort of addiction,I couldn't stay away. He pulled me away and picked me up bridal style. I hope one day he will pick me up like this with a wedding dress on and him wearing a clean suite.

"Draco, where are you taking me?"I asked as I looked up to him.

"Well i haven't been the nicest man to you,and i want to apologize to you ,i love you and i won't ever do anything to hurt you ever again."

"Put me down!" i said forcefully ,he carefully put me down as i asked.

"Draco,how do I know you're not lying? Cause all I get from you is pain and lies and I'm fed up with your bullshit. All I do for you is care and love you ,and all you do is disrespect me and hurt me. And you don't even show emotion or affection.when will i ever get what i give. My mother once said to treat people how you want to be treated and that's what I stand by that!.I keep telling myself to give you a chance over and over again and i've had enough"

"I'm really sorry.. I don't know what i can do to make you forgive me?" he said ,he had water eyes finally some fucking emotion.

"Prove to me you can be a better man or some toxic twat" I said wiping my tears with a soft giggle. "Fine but am i allowed to come to your 17th birthday party?" he questioned "well see if u can be the better man" i said as i walked away from him. "No more secrets or lies, agreed?"i said making a pack , "no more lies or secrets" he said promising.

"Oh and probably best you stay away from pansy" I shouted down the hill. "I will, don't worry" he said smiling. "You better, else I'll put you both in hospital"I shouted back down again. "Wouldn't want that would we" he shouted back up as he saw me run up to the castle.

[draco pov]

I will try my best to be the best man she wants. I do love her and feel so bad for the way I treated her and I regret so much. I do love her so much and I want to prove a lot to her. If there's gonna be anything in my way i will do harm! I reached into my pocket and grabbed a pill and put it in my mouth and swallowed and sat down. I was seeing all kinds of rainbows. It was a mix of emotion. Anger,sadness,happiness.

[end of his pov]

Draco wandered into the forest and picked up the shovel he had recently dropped after he found chase kissing y/n , he saw chase had risen , chase was rubbing the back of his neck as he was in agony . Draco looked at him and didn't think of any good in him. He was so angry because of what he did to y/n ,y/n was special to him and he loved her even though he mistreated her. And chase however camse slightly between them earlier.he had mixed emotion for him especially anger ,he wanted to kill him. So he did......

He hit him multiple times, blood splashing everywhere, even on Draco's face. Draco enjoyed it.chase yelping and screaming as the pain was killing him. then it all went silent.. He was dead, on the floor laying their soul less. Draco looked up to the sky and smiled as he saw more rainbows as it looked like a reward to him .

A few minutes after draco started digging a hole bigger enough for chase to rot in and get eaten by maggots ,that's what draco thought.

[the next day]

y/n ,draco,nora,blaise,theo were sitting at the breakfast table in the hall. When all of sudden the big doors were busted open mr filch running down the gaps of the tables.

"DEAD BODY! DEAD BODY!" the crowd instantly confused and scared. The teachers looked shocked and not sure what to do but ran and went and saw.

y/n quickly turned her head to draco with an instinct that maybe it was him or he was something to do with it?

y/n grabbed draco's arm and pulled him out the hall down the dungeons to the slytherin dorms ,to his.

"Draco, do you have anything to do with this?" she said freaking out.

"No, why would i" he lied , completely nervous. He didn't remember it all but he remembers he killed him. He was overthinking everything ,like if he hid the shovel or cleaned all his clothes or had no blood on him or if he put handprints on him.

"You better not be lying to me,this is your last straw, don't make me regret that" she said she knew something was going on that he wasn't telling her.

"I wonder who it is?" she questioned herself over and over again. In her head and outside her head on repeat.

"Come on draco let's go back to breakfast" she said and he nervously stood still. "Come on, draco whats up?"she said, trying to figure him out.

"Nothing ,I'm fine!" he shouted ,"okay then let's go"

They got up to outside of hall draco and y/n pushed their way to the front of the crowd. Seeing the teachers standing around about to speak. Everyone was shouting random names of who it could be. Until dumbledore shouted "SILENCE!" everyone went silent.

"We are going to inform you who it was and if it's true,about the dead body ,yes there was a dead body. He doesnt go here anymore but he used to before he was kicked out for other reasons i won't get into right now. I'm sorry if you knew this person, his name was chase.."

As soon as y/n heard the word chase she knew exactly who that was and who did it, she had a burst of tears run down but she still stood their strength trying not to show the tears. She ran away from the crowd in shock and anger,sad!.

"Robins"dumbledore finished and nodded and headed away from the crowd to talk to the other teachers about the tragedy.

There were other people crying and people crying because someone had died.

Draco ran after y/n "y/n wait" he said, chasing her down the corridors until she got into her room and shut the door behind her,quickly before drao got there.

Draco knocked on the door gently asking to come in. "come on y/n please let me in"

She opened the door slowly letting him in .

"Can't believe you," she said, crying once again.

"What you mean?" he asked her to put her head forward to see how clueless he can be.

"What do i mean seriously!" she shouted

"Im dating a fucking murderer"she shouted then relised that she didnt want to dob him in.

"Im dating a fucking murderer draco!!" she whispered

"Im really sorry,i took something and i wasn't thinking straight"

"Of course you weren't draco you never think straight,and you lied to me earlier thought we said no lies ,your such a coward"


OH SHIT .....That's a bit violent. tehe.

Oh dear what's gonna happen next loves guess you will have to wait and see.

Love you.

what do u think is gonna happen???

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