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chapter 2

“truth” blaise said smiling “who was the last person u slept with ” you asked turning your head to see nora laughing “urh nora ” he laughed and so did everyone else “okay nora ur turn ” u turned to her and smiled ” okay Y/N truth or dare ” nora replied “dare ” “i dare u to get whipped cream and put it onto dracos body and lick it off ” nora chuckled with laughter “ dirty ” you grinned while looking over to him “i’ll get the cream ” draco replied while taking off his shirt and winked at u . draco came back and layed down with its arms behind his back while squirting the cream all over his abs as u crawled over to him and everyone screamed with laughter . as u licked up and down his abs making a strong eye contact while he was grinning . as u finished licking his body u slowly crawled back over to your seat and as u sat down you and draco couldn’t take each other’s eyes off each other . “draco ” theo said “truth or dare ”

“truth” draco replied “if u could sleep with anyone in this room right now who would it be ” theo asked “easy” draco replied “Y/N” he smiled and winked at you and u looked back and biting ur lip “feel free to leave u know ” theo joked and laughed you got up to get a drink and nora pulled you in the circle and everyone started to dance and jump in the air

draco came up to u and lifted up in the air and u screamed with laughter

the party was still poppin u were really drunk and couldn’t walk properly at this point u where still downing shots as draco picked up and flung u over his shoulder you were kicking your legs in the air

he took u to his room and undressed u and put u in one of his shirts and leaving u in ur underwear and got into bed and u move ur head and snuggled into his chest and his hand around ur waist . and drifted to sleep

-------TIME SKIP---------

it was now the morning and u woke up not knowing where u where u saw a boy in the bed u where a bit worried as u couldnt remember much from the night before . as you rubbed your eyes and pulled the sheets down a little and saw blonde hair and thought to yourself thank god . cause u knew it was draco you laid on the side of his back tickling him with circles on his back he shortly woke up and laid on his side so did u .

“morning beautiful” he looked into your eyes

" was i bad last night ” you looked at him with a very serious look on your face

“u where pissed , do u remember anything ” draco reassured u

" did we ” you said

“we could of , as u wouldn’t of known anyways it wouldn’t be bad if we did anyway ” he said being cocky and laughing

you groaned rolling ur eyes while getting up

“where u going ” draco smiled at you

“for a shower is that alright ?” u said while taking off ur shirt and throwing it on the floor and took ur underwear of walking into the shower room making your hip move slightly trying to tease draco

draco was looking u up and down before taking off his boxers and joining you

he walked in the shower and wrapped his arms around ur waist and kissing your neck giveing u small hickeys as u turned around u wrapped ur hands around his neck before he lent in and ur lips smashed into eachothers , he pushed u into the wall of the shower and lifted ur right leg up and moved close to u and forced him inside you, you let out a loud moan , he smerked at you and gently put his hand around ur neck and kissed u passionately and wispered in ur ear ” i wanna hear you ” “shout my name ” he wispered you shouted his name as he went rough you liked it as you could feel the pleasure and the sensation ” Fuck Y/N” he said throwing his head back as you both came u both made a moan and kissed eachother passionately ” that was amazing Y/N ” he wispered to you you just winked

“shit where late ” you shouted to draco . you kissed him before leaveing to go to ur dorm to get changed “Y/N, where the fuck were you ?” Nora said before she noticed the hickeys on ur neck “uh , i was at dracos don’t worry ” you said smirking “im guessing those are from him too then ” nora replied pointing to ur hickeys you laugh and smiled ” get changed , hurry ” nora said pushing ur shoulder .

you quickly got changed into ur robes and u both ran into potions class and everyone stared at you as you where late . ” why you two so late , SIT DOWN″ professor snape speaking quietly - shouting “slept in″ you shoved your shoulders the boys behind you were laughing at you two you turned around and put ur middle finger up at them

“Girls detention after class till end off day ” professor snape said while the boys were still laughing at u two “boys u can have a detention two ” “you all will be tidying the classroom and organizing the classroom ” he said before walking away with his robe flowing behind him .

“fucking pricks ” Nora said refering to draco ,theo,blaise,



if there’s any questions u would like to ask please message me or comment? issy xoxoxox

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