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chapter 3

It was now after class and everyone waited for everyone to leave “right clean up and make this place spotless no using wands , in that case hand me all ur wands ” professor snape demanded as you all passed him all your wands “when i come back it should be clean ” he spoke before leaving

After a few minutes Theo speaks “I’m bored, let’s play like a game or something ?”

“im in ” you said two seconds later everyone said “okay im in”

“what game ” you asked “what about seven minutes” theo replied “ok sure” draco said

they all agreed and sat in front of a bottle “nora go first” blaise said “okay ” she’s said while spinning the bottle as it slowed down it landed on theo as it did he winked at nora she blushed theo took her hand and went to the nearest closet as they did u and draco and blaise chatted until they came out . “finally that was like 8 minutes ” you joked she giggled “DRACO , your turn , spinnnn” nora shouted “okay chill nora ” he spun the bottle really fast it took awhile to slow down but when it did it landed on..... ME it landed on me “oh wow wasn’t expecting that ” you did while u chuckled to ur self as u walked over to him he wrapped his arm around your shoulders and winked as u looked at his face

as you shut the closets door you pushed draco up against the side of the closet causing to make a loud noise you heard nora shout “everything okay in their ” as she laughs you giggled as you smashed your lips against each others , blaise came over and knocked one the door ” it’s been seven mins come on ” you looked at draco and laugh before walking out seeing nora,theo chuckling at you two as u turned ur head professor snape walked in ” well done its clean you all can go now ” he said even know we didn’t do anything you all walked to ur and nora’s room and there was a letter on the floor it was addressed to you


you looked at the others and said”i never get mail only ones from my mum” but u havent had any recently and ur mum gives u blue colour paper letters you opened it and it said


Dear Y/N

we are so sorry to inform you this that your mother / mrs rosier has sadly passed away and

The people in our village are hosting a funeral service in our local town. If you will be attending you may bring so few people it will be hosted on the 10th this week we think ur mother would love u to be there .


the people of your village

as soon as you read the letter u handed it to draco and fell on the floor with your head in your hands and your eyes filled up with tears , a few seconds later nora and draco came over to u and comforted you while u cried . you stood up and ran out outside for some fresh air when u got out their u ran down the hill to the lake and looked up to the sky and you felt like she was their watching over you while your eyes filled with tears as you collapsed to the floor putting your knees to your chest before u looked back up and said “i love you mum ,i miss you ”

Authors note: im sorry this is really deep but we needed something to happen, this was really hard to write im like crying

You got up and walked along the lake before being joined but a brown haired boy u looked up and saw cedric “cedric ” you looked up at him ” hey what’s up ” he said while cupping your face and wiped the tear from ur face with his thumb “my mu-” you where cut off by cedric “shh come here ” opening his arms as you hugged him and cried into his chest he wrapped his arm around your shoulders and walked u back up to the school and walked you back to your room . “Do you want me to stay with you ?” he asked as he hugged you again as you nodded and he got into our bed and you laid next to him with your hand on his chest while crying. He kissed you on the forehead as you both fell asleep .

while you were asleep Draco came into your room to see if you were okay but he saw you in bed with Cedric and scoffed and walked out and slammed the door.

As he slammed the door you both woke up and looked at each other and got up and said “you should go″ referring to cedric ``see you around rosier″ cedric said before kissing you on the head and walked out the door . you tried to clear up ur face with a tissue and went for a shower and cried in the shower when you got out , you put on some black joggers and a crop top and went to the library and picked out a book and sat in the corner and read your book while tears rolled down your face and little droplets fell on the pages (no one was in the library )

The funeral was in two days and you wasn’t ready to face your mothers funeral and see all her friends and your village friends


tomorrow was the funeral. You had been crying for a whole three days you haven’t spoken to any of your friends because you didn’t want to but today was the day you would ask them all if they will go will you .

Knocks on dracos door to blaise “hey Y/N how you doing ” you shook your head ” i need to speak to draco , you , theo ” you asked ” come in ” blaise opened the door “Y/N” draco came running over to u and gave you a big hug and a kiss on the cheek “i missed you Y/N” he said still hugging you “i missed you two ” you told him ” okay i need to ask you all a question i know its late but its hard for me to talk about ” you told to them “sure what is it ” theo looked at you

“will you all come with me to my mu- ” you paused as you couldn’t say it “funeral” you said while a tear rolled down your face ” of course we will ” its tomorrow meet outside ” you said before leaving to ask nora

" Nora ” you said knocking on her door “Y/N come in” she spoke “how you doing ” when you open the door “urm will you go to a funeral with me tomorrow please with the boys its for my mu-” she cut you off by saying ” i was gonna anyway , i love you ” she said opening her arms to you “i love you two ” you replied by accepting her hug ...



hi this is the end off chapter 3 this was really hard to write if you didn’t like this im sorry it will get better and some tea will be spilled

if theirs any questions u would like to ask me please do

issy xoxoxox

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