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chaapter 5

This morning i was woken up to draco coming up the stairs with a slice of toast and a cup of tea , as he put it on the night stand and jumped into bed and cuddled up to you “morning beautiful” he said while leaning over and giving me a kiss on the cheek ” you made me breakfast ” i asked looking back at him ” yes i did and its ur plan favourite ” he said while he chuckled ” oi dont judge me cheeky ” i replied while grabbing my tea and taking a sip it was hot “i think theo likes your sister ” draco said smiling “oh is that so , do u like her ” i asked with a serious face “well i mean she’s hot ” he smirked ” she looks the same as me , prick ” i scoffed as i pushed his arm didn’t do much as he was so strong he just laughs “im getting up ,come on, lets go for a walk ” he asked me ” alright then ” i answered as i quickly got changed into

i wore this and tyed my hair into a messy bun and pulled down two strands and i put on some mascara , some nude lip liner and some lip gloss and headed down stairs and draco was waiting for me at the stairs ” you ready ” he asked as i nodded “you look stunning ” he told me i smiled at him ” morning Y/N ” arabella smiled “morning bells ” you spoke back “let’s go draco ” i told him as he opened the door and held it open for me “bye everyone ” you shouted looking up as everyone was asleep except bella


you and Draco where now taking a walk in my town we went to this small cute cafe where i used to go to everyday with your mum and where u used to go with adam on your dates . a few seconds later draco took your hand as you both walked in the cafe and saw adam who was looking handsome as ever .i walked over to him and said

“hey adam ” i said while i walked up to him with draco hand still in mine

“Y/N , i need to tell you something ” he explained

“okay what is it , i haven’t got all day ” you joked and smiled

" i’m moving ” he said while looking at you

“where you moving ”

“hogwarts ” he said with a sad face and turned it into a huge smile

" That’s amazing !! ,” you reached over to him and gave him a huge hug “well see eachother all the time again ” he exsplained while grinning at draco , draco scoffed and said ” fucking brilliant” . ” did she tell you ” adam asked you “who asked me what ?” i looked at him “arabella’s coming too ” adam spoke ” omg really i can’t wait ” i said with complete shock on my face and looked at draco as he put his hand on ur thigh smiling ” so adam are u coming with us later when we leave to go back ?” i asked with excitement “of course i am ”

“i’ll meet you at our house at 3:00 pm , come on draco i need to pack my things ” you said as you stood up and draco put his hand around your waist and walked you home

----time skip----

you got back and everyone was there looking at you and draco “what ” i questioned ” were all going hogwarts !!” bella spoke with happiness ” i know ” i said before i ran up to her with a huge smile on both of our faces


it was now time for all of us to go to hogwarts together we got all our bags and packed up the car as adam walked over to us and hugged me “i’m excited to go to hogwarts with you ” he explained with a huge smile before jumping in to the car blaise drove and nora sat in the front, theo sat in the middle of draco and adam i however me and arabella hat to sit on someone’s lap as there was no seats left so i sat on theos and bella sat on adams lap .” hey Y/N your looking gorgeous as always ” theo said while putting is hand on the side on your upper leg . before i pushed his leg off me “don’t be cheeky now theo ” i said as i chuckled .

it was an hour drive back to hogwarts and none of us really spoke whitch was very strange it was like we had a fall out which we didnt


we finally arrived at hogwarts and unpacked our bags , draco kindly grabbed my bags and took them up to my room . ” adam would u like me to help you take your bags up ” i offered ” you can if you want beautiful ” he said while smiling and i blushed a little

---time skip---

after you helped adam he asked you a question “Y/N are you and draco a ‘thing’ ?” “no were just really close friends ” i explained myself “anyways lets go get dinner think everyones-” i was cut off as adam walked closer and kissed you on the lips before you pushed him away .

“adam what was that for ” you asked confused but tried to hide a small smile

“I missed you ” he smiled “you can’t tell me you didn’t miss me Y/N ?”

“Adam, I miss you too , but I got over it ” you paused for a second “but i’m happy your back ” I spoke, putting my right hand on his cheek moving my thumb up and down slowly .

“let’s go for food. I’m hungry, ” you said as he nodded and you walked down to the table . i took a seat next to nora and draco ” hey guys ” you shouted “why did you take so long Y/N” nora winked “i just helped with his bags ” i told her ” i bet you did ” she looked at you smirking “nora it’s not like that ” i said as i tensed up

---time skip---

after dinner i got up and walked up and didn’t talk to anyone and walked up to my room and got changed into my small white waisted shorts and a lace crop top and sat on my bed and wrote in my diary for a bit and writing about my mum and all the good times , i slipped in the letters my mum was gonna give me before passing i didn’t want to open them yet i cant believe shes gone .

I got up and placed my diary on my dresser after I heard a knock on the door . i walked over to the door and i saw draco standing their “hey sexy ” he said as he looked at me up and down and walked in and came up to me and smashed his lips against mine and pushing u onto your bed and shutting the door behind him taking off his top and throwing it on the floor . I just sat there with a smile on my face as I bit my lip as he walked over to me .

he lent down to my ear “do you wanna ” he whispered “yes draco” i whispered back before he started to pull down my shorts he threw the off me

he saw that i was already wet for him ,he was so sexy .

" already wet for me ” he smirked while he unbuckled his belt and with no hesitation he widened my legs and pounded himself inside of me .

he crawled his head up to my face and kissed me as we moaned into eachothers mouths , he grabbed my wrists and put them above my head and held them there .

as he releast his lips from mine “Fuck ” i said looking into eachothers eyes

“fuck princess ” he said taking his hands off mine and placing one on the bed board he held it tight the other one on the bed sheets gripping it as he was still moveing his body up and down

“Mmmmm draco” he started to go faster and harder as you both were near your climaxes you both moaned and groans as you both release at the same time

it felt sensational . before he collapses next to you “you’re the best Y/N” he told you as he reached in for a kiss “i know ” you said as you pulled away from him and reached back to him before you both fell asleep .


HEYY , well that was a long chapter ? (1583 words that may not be long to u but it took so longgggg

what would you like to happen next leave in comments !!! >>>

More spicy stuff coming and drama.

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