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chapter 6

The next morning , I woke up and saw Draco next to me as I smiled .

“you two had fun then ” nora spoke just as she gave you a jump and giggled

“Nora , get out ” i said joking around

as i got up and shoved on a pair of grey joggers and a crop top . ” your so hot you know ” a boy whispered as he rubbed his eyes ``come on , get up draco , were gonna miss breakfast ” i spoke and throwing him his shirt “your always hungry ” he with his croaky voice

“excuse me !” you shouted putting both of your hands on your waist . “but i guess that’s true” you said convinced

--- time skip--

you were in the great hall , you sat on the end of the slytherin table on ur left was nora and in front of you was theo then blaise and draco .

" party tonight girls ?” theo spoke looking at both you and nora

“im in” you shouted with excitement

“If she’s in, I am, ” Nora said, smiling at the boys and looking at you .

" hey guys did i hear one of you is having party” a voice behind you said you turned your head to see adam , nora rolled her eyes and sighed

“yes we are adam wanna come you can be my escort ” you said winking at him

" I would love to be gorgeous, ” Adam spoke as he sat next to u and put his arm around your shoulders pulling you in .

“get a room ” draco jokes. He looked very annoyed for some unknown reason . you laughed and turned to nora ” nora lets go buy some new dresses i have none ” you asked smiling “okay , see you boys later ”

" i’ll pick you up at 8 then y/n ” adam spoke looking into ur eyes as you winked and walked off

(btw you and nora had changed before going out )

---time skip---


A/N : just to say y/n has always grown up in a very wealthy environment her mother was a very successful and rich lady her family was always very rich but was never a person who asked for money she always wanted to earn her own wealth. this is my fanfic so i would like to put some muggle designer clothes / shops so pretend that it is part of the magic world . If you are wondering if she has a dad, well here’s a >> SPOILER ALERT y/n has a father who is yet to find out !!!!

You and nora walked into the shop YSL and saw so many beautiful dresses you were stunned then out of nowhere a lady came up to you “hello ladies what can i get you ”

“dresses we need dresses ” Nora said to the lady standing in front of us ” what kinds could we get you ?” she asked, smiling ” green and black , and also a new bag ” you spoke as she quickly said ” right this way ” she showed you two to the dress and saw a beautiful green dress you practically fell in love with .

as you turned your head to the shelfs 0f bags you knew which one to pick !the dress looked like this ( it’s so gorgeous )

” that’s the one , oh my god i love it ” you shouted running over to it . “its gonna fit you so well y/n ” nora spoke before walking off to find her dress ” ill buy it ” you said loudly with a huge smile on your face . “is there anything else i can get you ” the lady asked you before taking your dresses to be wrapped up .

" oo i would love a new bag ”

“right over their ill be with you in a sec ill just go wrap your dress up at the counter for you” the lady spoke and walked over to the counter

“okay lovely thankyou ”

the bag looked like this .

you brought the dress and the bag , nora brought a beautiful black dress with lace thrilling at the bottom.

-----Time skip----

your at home now and you and nora sat out both of your dresses on ur beds and looked at them and threw some heels with it the heels you picked where a platform black heels you and nora had matching they looked like these >>>>>>>>>>


wow they’re so cute .

later on you and nora both had two nail artists coming over to redo your nails as the ones you had on where nearly breaking the nails you and nora went for was these

(you do also love to wear lots of rings so does nora )

you and nora are quite alike so u kinda went for something similar

(A/N: all these pictures i find either on chrome or pinterest so they have their own right full owner xxxx)

__time skip___


After you and Nora got your nails done , you both got ready.

y/n applied a bit of eyeliner and curled her lashes so they looked long , she also applied some mascara . she got her curlers out of her draw and curled her Y/C/H so it looked pretty .


“your early” she spoke faceing adam holding out his arm


Heyyy how did you like this chapter? It seems quite short. I think let me know what you think down below . sorry i haven’t posted in awhile but ive just finished school for christmas break so i will hopefully be posting regular updates.

Also, I had a bit of a writer’s block not long ago , but now I have lots of ideas. I’m so excited to write all these chapters for you guys .

here’s some questions you are welcome to answer. I really like to know your thoughts on my book so please do !!

. Are you enjoying my book ??

. Any suggestions you want to happen in the next future chapters ?

. who’s your favorite character? I know u dont see much of them so i will be putting more effort with them ?! stay tuned !!!

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