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chapter 7

"your early ″ she spoke faceing Adam holding out his arm . you smiled and wrapped your around his and shut the door and shouted “nora i’ll see you in a bit ”

“shall we , you look so pretty you know ” adam looked at you with his gorgeous brown eyes and gave him a little smile .

as you walked down the corridors you and Adam were bringing up old memories . as you reached outside of the common room ” adam go ahead in , ill meet you in their ″ you told him standing on the side by the door “you sure ?” he asked you nodded in resurement , he went on and you waited a few mins before walking in for some reason you felt like you should walk in by yourself .

a few mins you walked in your heels were clicking on the tiled floor as you walked in you saw everyone danceing and downing shots , i saw blaise oviously smokeing joints with theo and adam speeking to them fuck !

“hey y/n you look so hot ” a tall ginger boy spoke towering you “thank you” you told him

“You’re fred right ?” you asked

" of course ” he chuckled “i think you need a drink ”

" how do i know ur not gonna spike it ?” you joked while gigiling

“i wouldn’t do such a thing ” he spoke pouring you a cup of sours and lemonade

( a/n : sorry but sours and lemonade is my fav alcohol beverage if you’re american and don’t know what that is search it lol and sorry about the tiles i couldn’t find good words forgive me !)


“oi weaselbee , piss off from y/n” a platinum blonde boy walked over placing his left hand around my waist and looking at Fred .

"Draco, it’s okay, he’s my friend, ” you told him, pushing his hand off your waist and walking away .

I walked over to Theo and Blaise who were obviously ” always smokin ” . I tried to shout over the loud music . ” here ” theo handed you a joint , as you took it i lighted it and took a puff and let out a little cough before going for another and this time i let the smoke flow in the air before handing it back to theo “imma get another drink you want ?” i questioned them but they shook their heads .

you walked off to the drinks and grab a drink and wondered to the dance floor where everyone was dancing i joined them i was very much enjoying myself before i felt someone’s hand touch my waist and spin me around into their chest and it was fred.

“hey , dancing alone ” he asked smileing at me “no one want to fucking dance with me ” i siad drunkly

“You’re drunk, ” he said laughing at you . I said while still dancing with Fred the music started to get louder and it was my favorite song so I obviously convinced Fred to dance by jumping . “come on fred this is my favorite song ” i said he looked confused. I pulled his head to my mouth and whispered “dance with me ” before I kissed him on the lips , his lips were so soft and his kiss was so passionate I loved it. It was different from any other boy’s kisses .

me and fred danced for a bit before i left him and went outside to get some fresh air and looked to the side and saw draco and astoria greengrass eating each other’s faces off . my eyes opened wide in shock “y/n″ draco release himself from the kiss and spoke before i walked back inside and i felt upset and confused i didn’t know why me and draco aren’t together he can do what he wants , why do i feel weird , it probably cause i’m drunk . i thought to myself .

“Hey Fred, ” I said before he could speak. I wrapped my hands around his neck and pulled him into a kiss. It was a very long kiss .

Draco looked at them kissing and felt weird that he couldn’t explain it cause he doesn’t really know how to express his feelings , i have got to blame his father for that sorry .

i let loose my lips ” i’m going to the bathroom won’t be long ” i said to him before i walked out and......

down the corridors before i step into the bathroom i felt someone grab my two arms back shoving a black bag on my head !

“let go off me ” i shouted out loud kicking my legs around before you felt a hard pounch hit my face and i felt blood dripping down my nose , as my eyes started to tear up i wondered who it was as i dont think anyone hates me “fucking let me go ” “you will regret it ”

they punched me in the face again making me pass out .

---time skip----

I woke up, I was tied up to a wooden chair and my eyes struggled to open from bruises and my nose had dried blood that had run down . I looked around and I was in a dark room with a little window light . i had mixed thoughts ‘who’ ‘why’ i have no clue who or why that’s what i wanna know , a few seconds later i hear the door burst open to see a man with a black suit on and a mask on .

“who are you and why am i here ?” i asked calmly trying to show i wasn’t scared


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