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chapter 8

A/N: sorry this maybe a bit triggering to someone people so please don’t read the bottom half if you get triggered and if u need someone to talk to him here for you xxx


After I saw Draco laying on his hospital bed peacefully sleeping .

I was so tired I couldn’t keep my eyes open much , I was so worried for Draco , he still had cuts on his face and bruises , I felt my eyes filling with tears , I looked at my self I touched my face with one hand and still blood slowly dripping out of my face cuts . I didn’t care I just wanted Draco to heal so I could give him a hug .

— time skip——

5 days passed

Few hours passed I laid on my bed looking up to the celling , my thoughts were everywhere I just needed to clear my mind and focus on one thing. Draco.

The nurse came over too Draco to check up on him . I noticed her and got up and turned to her

“Is he gonna be okay?” I said in a worry tone

(A/N: I’ve decided to give u a last name as it will be much easier and make more sense . It will be rosier , sorry if u don’t like it u can change it if u want enjoy xxx Issy )

“Miss rosier , your awake”

She ignored my question

“Yes I am but is Draco going to be okay” I asked

“Yes he’s starting to breath by his self but possibly won’t wake up for another few days ,sorry” she spoke to me and I was really upset about hearing what she said

“You can go ur more than well enough, just ur bruises and cuts will take a few days to heal” she said with a small smile . Why she smile ing

“I’m fine here thanks”

“Very well my dear” she said and walked out thankfully .

“Y/n” I heard someone shout it was a girls voice and I recognised it

“King” I replied seeing Nora open the curtain smiling

“I’m missed you girl” she said

“I missed you two” she pulled me into a hug as I let out a ‘ouch’ under my breath

“Nora he’s not gonna - wake up” I cried into noras arms “he’s gonna be find” she whispered into my ear

“How are the boys” I asked

“Fucking pricks” she said

“As usual than” we both let out a little chuckle “come on u need to freshen up , you smell” she said laughing

“I agree”

—- time skip—

I was now in my dorm, I turned the tap running my self a bath and pouring in some bubble bath soap , I was about to get into bath before Theo came in mining I was in a towel .

“How u doing beautiful” he asked with a small smile I smiled back “do u ever knock” I chuckled he ignored me still glaring at me

“Do u want me to help you” he asked walking over to me I nodded and walked into my bathroom and took off my towel then stepped into the bath and sat down Theo came in

he kneeled down on the floor and got my loofa and gently swiped it over my back I could feel the warm water over my cuts it was a tiny bit painful but I coped . It was nice to have Theo helping me not worry .

Later after I got out the bath and got into my other grey joggers they were quite baggy as I hadn’t eaten in a few days and put on a v crop top . I walked into my room and saw Theo laying on my bed with a book in his hands . Thankfully it wasn’t my diary . It was my book of potions that I took from home it was my mother’s

“Wow you look great” he told me looking me up and down

“Be quite Theo” I said sarcastically as I crawled over to him . He plopped the book my the night stand and I snuggled my head into his chest and my hand rested on him .

I fell asleep on him .


I woke up in the morning and realised we were practically spooning it was cute he had his hand around my waist . I felt movement he had woken up .he moved his head to my ear and whispered “morning sunshine” made me smile as he moved his head to my neck giving me small kisses it gave me shivers down my spine . I love neck kisses .

“We should get up and get some breakfast” he got up and sat on the side of my bed wipe ing his eyes turning to me.

“I’m not hungry” I got up to walked over to my dresser and pulled out one of decos hoodies he had gave me ages ago . I smelled it and it smelt just like peppermint it gave me he chills

“Come on will you eat something” he said persuading me

“I’ll try I- just don’t wanna eat anything”

——Time skip ——

I was now at the breakfast table with Nora and Theo and Blaise , I looked over to where Draco normally sits and felt a tear fall down , I looked back down to my lap , everyone else was all stuffing their faces , Theo handed me a croissant “please try and eat this” “for me , please”

I gave him a small smile as I lifted the croissant up to my mouth and took a small bite and a few seconds later , I stood up and ran to the girls bathroom when I got their a pulled my hair back and throw up in the toilet bowl . I turned away from the toilet and lent my self up against the side of the toilets wall .

“Y/n” a soft girls voice echoed the room

“Here” I spoke speek ing as loud as I could

It was Hermione I looked at her face and turned to the toilet and threw up agin .

“Well that’s mean” she joked sitting next to me

“Sorry” I apologised , I gave her a smile she pulled me in for a hug I hugged her back .

“I’m sorry my friends are mean to you , your acherly a really nice person”

“i know” we both giggled . “we should talk more” she spoke “that would be nice” i smiled and she smiled back .

later on i went for my daily visit to draco , he had been taken off the breathing mechine and now breathing on his own . i was happy and a little sad as he still wouldnt wake up for some time . it was comeing up to christmas and i just wanted him to awake . i prayed for him . i talked to him for some time i held his hand while i look at him untill i felt his index finger rap around my hand and his fingers slowly wrapping around mine . “draco!!” i said in shock

his eyes opened and looked at me as he let out some words “who are you” he questioned i thought he had forgotten me untill he let out a chuckle . prick.

“dont be silly” i said as i climbed over him and gave him a peck on his soft lips .

i let out the kiss and looked at him right into his blue oceon eyes their so precious, hes so precious i think i- .......

“draco” i spoke as i laided next to him

“yes” he spoke back in a quite tone

“i missed you”

he smiled at me i smiled back .

“right i better go” i joked

“dont go, stay , y/n” he spoke looking at me

i stayed how could i leave him hes so precious i love being beside him .


A/N heyyy guys hope u enjoyed this chapter

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