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Hello! First imagine if many drafts, apologies if it's a bit basic I'm trying to warm up to this style of writing, hope you enjoy!

Overview- you're a guard from Alderaan at a path celebrating the end of the war. During the party certain events lead into you realising how little of life you've actually experienced and that perhaps pushing others away in the name of duty is not the best plan.


It was another party on Coruscant, the soft smell of fine wine and delightful dishes filling the senate balls humming atmosphere. Of course this was a common occurrence these days after the republics triumph over the separatists in the recent weeks, Jedi and senators alike celebrating the victory. However you weren't best pleased with all the noise-if course you found the attention and stray states flattering but it was nothing you weren't used to in your line of work. Well actually your work had nothing to do with it, in fact your job was body guard to the Alderian senatorial family, a task that you and you alone handled with great success for the past ten years. In all your time as a body guard you'd still nearly every trick and outsmarted a good number of 'high rank' assassins creating quite the name for yourself even with the Jedi. In fact you'd even been asked to teach a you lung class self defence once...however you had to decline since training kids really wasn't your style.

Anyway here at the party you stood there to the side in some little red dress with black heels taking full advantage of the free bar as you kept an eye on things. Knowing basically everyone from their profiles you board my tried to find a face that hadn't been at last nights party or the celebratory lunch earlier that day..,seriously they were going over board with the balls and banquets!

"Excuse me miss but may I have the pleasure-

"Move along junior and better luck with the next chic." You i interrupted before yet another stranger could ask you for a dance, sun play continuing to stare ahead and finishing your drink.

"Damm didn't see that coming," you heard the same deep voice chuckle in amusement from beside you as a drink was poured out. There was something familiar about that tone, something arrogant yet charming about it you felt you'd heard before. Now curious you looked round and we're a little baffled to see none other than Anakin Skywalker should beside you leant back on the same wall taking a drink. The rep voice precious hero Anakin was rarely ever seen at these parties, and being honest that disappointed you.

You'd always wanted to meet the man purely out of intrigue of his skill..,actually you'd always wanted to dual him to see who came out on top...

"You know half the girls in this hall are literally begging me for a dance?" He remarked while raising a brow your way with a cocky over confident smirk. You snorted out a laugh and looked back out across the hall with a shake of your head.

"Half the girls in here couldn't tell mos Eisley from Mos Espa." You scoffed with a small eye roll o match.

"Funny, hear I was thinking all politicians were reserved and respectful." He mocked in response before taking another sip of his drink as your eyes slid round his way in untreated of his ignorance to your role. If it was a battle of wits the young Jedi would as after you sure give him one to remember.

"And I that all Jedi were modest and wise." You said with a sigh as if he disappointed you, just trying to provoke a reaction by the insinuation that he was neither. He frowned and furrowed his brows, blue eyes fixed on you.

Bingo, you had him.

A smirk crept across your lips as you celebrated you victory with a fresh drink while awaiting his protests.

"Me unwise? I mean the modesty I get but seriously? Do you even realise who you're talking to senator..?" He spoke up, and even in question he seemed to be trying to find out more about you.

"Mm I know exactly who you are, general Skywalker, but that doesn't change my opinion of you." You replied back while looking at him over your shoulder, fluttering your lashes in false sweetness as you completely ignored his question. He stepped closer so he could as right beside you at the bar, and of course you had to take a look over his body. Actually that was the first thing tonight to impress you, his hard earned muscles tightly bound in those smart black Jedi robes. Sometimes you wished you were a Jedi just for the robes, it would make smuggling weapons so much easier than in these tiny dress...but you made it work.

"...and your name?"he persisted while gazing down at you with those sharp blue eyes. Oh the strength you saw in them, it made you want to see how bright they'd light with fire in battle, how the colour may glow when running on adrenaline. Giving another side smirk at his question you placed your glass down and tucked your hair behind your ear to reveal a gold earring stamped with the crest of Alderaan. It was something you were known for personally using as an emergency earpiece for the senators to alert you on.

"Take a guess fly boy, who do you think I am?" You questioned while watching his face as waiting for the satisfying moment realisation hit. Slowly his eyebrows raised and his eyes moved between the gold stud and your face, studying you with a little surprise and curiosity.

" you're (y/n) (y/l/n), I did wonder if our paths would ever cross, my masters a great fan of your work." Anakin replied while looking back to your eyes in a more casual manner, evidently still trying to get close. But despite his good looks you weren't particularly in the mood for light flirting, these parties had just completely worn you out. You needed some action, something to get the blood pumping and feel alive again. So poor Anakin was trying in vain to gain your favour right now. You turned back to look across the bar and shrugged.

"Your master has good taste," you hummed in response with a bored expression as your eyes drifted across the top shelf liquor. Then you heard the young man go to speak again and you sighed. It wasn't you didn't like the attention, but you were working and as such had a date with a top quality prepaid for bottle of liquor, not a man.

Men could get in the way of work, alcohol? Well with your tolerance it was unlikely unless you hit the shots.

"Look junior don't waste your time here, I believe you said there's a whole hall of girls throwing themselves at you so go hit of one of those floozies 'cause I'm working." You spoke up while looking over towards him one last time, and you could see the spark of disappointment in his eyes. You weren't sorry though, a hot guy like him would have no problem chatting up any chic at the party. Just not you.

"Aww come on, can't you just give me a chance, I promise-

You put one finger to his lips in a ssh motion before patting his cheek as he just watched you intently with longing while you sipped your drink.

"Keep walking fly-boy I'm not your damsel in distress." You spoke up while making eye contact before looking back across the bar.

"You're not wrong there..." you heard him sigh while taking his glass and leaving into the sea of people beyond.

A couple of hours past and it was probably fair to say you needed to start thinking about moving away from the bar. Even the barman was trying to get you to slow it down but you wouldn't listen. Actually you kept cursing yourself over letting Anakin walk away like that, and the more you drank the hotter he appeared in your memory. Not to mention you were itching for that dual with him...or really anyone....

But then you suddenly got your wish.

"(Y/l/n), we need you right away." You heard your bosses voice say through your earpiece with a sense of urgency as in the background you heard a window smashing and people crying out in fear. On instinct you shot up from your seat and ran like a hunters dog straight into the fleeing crowds. You didn't have to respond, they knew you were coming just as fast as you could. While running and weaving you reached down and pulled your blaster from its holster under the red skirt of your dress, flicking it on and holding it ready as you heard shots fire up ahead. In a flurry of movement you leapt onto one of the tables and narrower you eyes and the hooded intruders, fire their way while continuing to remain on the move. It appeared the Jedi were forming a defensive line between the politicians and three seen assailants, which gave you all the space you needed. Crossing eyes with your employer for a moment before immersing yourself in the fight nothing was going to distract you now.

Three attackers were caught by surprise in the presence of your nimble skills and despite appearing to be force users couldn't seem to land a hit on you as you farted from place to place. For the first time in weeks you were having fun and it was a bit going to get better.

Out the corner of your eye you caught sight of a blue saber, it's owner more than a little familiar.


Watching him out the corner of your eye a smirk grew across your lips. He looked even hotter while fighting, barely a drop of sweat on his brow as he fought wildly. Giving a chuckle you swept behind him and started firing once again.

"Skywalker drop!" You shouted across the hall after jumping in a near table. He spun and did as you said allowing you clean shots of two of the attackers. Just stun balata but enough to make them drop down to the floor with a couple of thuds.

"(Y/l/n) the service corridor!" Anakin called while pointing behind you with his saber lowered to his side. Your head snapped round to the small passage, eyes narrowing at the assassin trying to make a get away.

"I'll take care of it." You responded without looking back, taking a leap towards the exit and pursuing after the masked man. Your feet clattered along the hallway after the attacker, ducking this way and that until you came out upon the roof top.

"You stop right there!" You yelled across while priming your hand gun and aiming directly towards the mans back. "Stop, or I will kill you." You growled in another warning while taking a single step closer. The man stayed perfectly still at the edge of the rooftop.

"Foolish, little, girl."

Before you could react the gun was pulled from your hand as your face raised from the floor as an invisible hand wrapped around your throat. Your heart picked up in speed as you realised what was going on. He'd exploited your one weakness. You couldn't fight the force.

"You e caused enough trouble, now, you shall die." The man spoke gravely through its vocoder while pulling you closer as you continued to choke on thin air.

No alcohol could cloud your mind now, the reality had hit you like ice cold water. It had been a while since you felt this close to death. This close because you could actually see your life flash before you.

A lonely, isolated live of service.

"Let her go!" I deep voice called from across the room followed by the igniting of a saber. Seems you were the damsel now, but not willingly. The man being momentarily distracted you lurched a leg out and kicked him in the gut.

"Gah! Why you-

"Save it!" You growled while snatching your spare pistol free and slapping it across his face for good measure before aiming it to his head.

"Damm, and I here I thought I'd finally be saving you." You heard Anakin chuckle while jogging over to join your side. Looking over your shoulder aim still upon the man you gave the Jedi a smirk.

"Sorry junior, no help needed her it seems-

"For the empire!" The attacker suddenly called out, but before you could look round he'd grabbed your wrist, pulling you with all his weight off the edge of the building. A stifled gasp left you lips as your eyes widened, watching as time slowed all around while you fell back, desperately reaching a hand out towards the equally startled Jedi.

"I've got you." Anakins voice broke through to you, making you realise how he had caught your arm. Breathing a little rapid you looked round started as the wind harshly blue by around you. There was still a weight dragging down your other arm as your eyes finally came to meet Anakins firm gaze. His hands slipped and readjusted around your wrist causing your breath to hitch and your eyes to cast down towards the enemy still pulling you towards your death.

"Let me go." You spoke without thinking while looking down at the man, your tone blank and formal. This was your duty as a guard, to be willing to sacrifice yourself for the better of others.

"Are you crazy, I can save you-

"Skywalker, this is my job-

"And this is mine." He countered while narrowing his eyes towards you and his blue eyes narrowed towards yours and his jaw clenched.

You dropped your eyes with a sigh.

"Then save me," you spoke lowly, for the first time in your life questioning wether your time had been wasted in this life. You'd never loved...only lost.

Your eyes moved up to his again. "Save me fly boy and I'll let you buy me that drink." You spoke with more confidence though there was an underlying uncertainty.

"Oh it's a date," The Jedi replied with a smirk towards you before looking down towards the attacker. "Now, trust me." He spoke, eyes remaining locked with your for the short moment.

You then gasped again as the Jedi did something quite unexpected. He dropped you, your body plumeria towards the streets below. You barely even noticed as the attackers hands was pulled from yours. But you did notice as you stopped falling.

A laugh slipped from your lips as you found yourself being pulled back up towards the roof top. More specifically towards Anakins outstretched arms.

"You incredible, handsome, genius." You spoke still laughing lightly as he arms finally wrapped round your waist giving you the assurance you where safe.

"Hm? Well that's better than fly-boy." Anakin joked while brushing your hair behind your ear, face mere millimetres from yours, lips, right there before yours.

"Oh shut up." You chuckle in response, cupping his face in your hand and bringing your lips to his, smashing them to his and closing your eyes. A chuckle resonated from Anakins throat as his hands gripped at your waist and he pulled you close, lips moving perfectly against yours. After I moment you patted for air, opening your eyes to meet his once again, and you didn't regret a thing.

"So, shall we go for that drink?" Anakin asked while raising a brow, still holding you close.

"Yes we shall." You replied while reaching up to your in, and foe the first time in years pushing aside that sense of duty. As you turned to leave back to the party Anakins arm wrapped round your shoulders.

"Seems you were my damsel after all." He joked lightheartedly while glancing your way with a bit of a grin.

"Oh only for you."
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