The Apocalypse


WARNING: 14+ readers only! -> (story contains smut, drugs, and smoking) ~( AU: five not going to the apocalypse, as a certain someone has stoped him from making the biggest mistake of his life, as so, the apocalypse doesn’t happen. )~ Aria and five have become best friends ever since they first layed their eyes on each other, aria though, has had a crush on five since they were 13, but she hasn’t had the guts to tell him for 5 years, until the death. The death of Reginald Hargreaves. DISCLAIMER: These characters are not mine, neither is the umbrella academy

Romance / Other
Kaylie ✨🪐
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The death

•Aria pov•

I was sitting on my bed, my legs in a criss cross position, reading a book. Until I heard screaming coming from downstairs. I threw my book onto my messy made bed, as my toes reached the floor, when my feet were fully on the floor, I ran to my door and opened it, once it was fully opened, I looked out and saw all my siblings at their doors, having a worried expression on their faces.

As worried I was, I was confused on why they looked as if they were traumatized. I turned my head, as my gaze lands on fives face. We locked eyes for a second, until he turned his attention to the stairs. I slowly turned my gaze to the stairs, as I saw dad. Just lying there. Mom and pogo were trying their best to pick him up, but even they weren’t strong enough.

Luther was in the background, trying to convince mom to let him help them. And once they did, he picked Reginald up so easily, as if he were a pillow, and started his way down the stairs.

I looked at everyone once it quieted down. Diego’s legs were shaking, Allison had tears forming in her eyes, klaus was high, worried but high, vanya was full on crying, and five. His face was relaxed. He looked unbothered.

It looked like he couldn’t give a fat fuckin’ shit.

•Fives pov•

I can’t give a shit about that old man.

He never cared for us anyways. We were always experiments to him. Nothing else. So why should I care? I know I sound very selfish, but you wouldn’t think I were selfish if you knew what stuff he was putting us all through. Especially ari.


Shit, is she ok?

I looked over to her, seeing her biting her lip looking at all our siblings. The only person there that I cared about, was probably vanya. Of course I care about ari, she’s my favorite person in the whole world. She’s my best friend. Vanya though...

I’ve had a crush on vanya ever since we were little. Probably 8?

Who cares if she’s powerless? It’s the thought that counts.

I began walking to vanya room, but before I made it halfway there, she shut the door. I then looked towards ari, she had a broken expression as we locked eyes. Probably because of dad.

I made my way over to her.

“Are you ok?”

Really five? ‘Are you ok?’ What the fuck, you sound like a pussy five, knock it off.

“I’m fine.” She spoke out, her voice cracking in the middle of talking.

I frowned as I walking into her room, picking out a book from her bookshelf, as I made my way to her bed and started reading.

“What are you doing?”

“Reading. Duh.”

“I know that.” She said matter of factly.

“Just, why in here?”

“To make you feel better?” I spoke out in a question, mocking her.

“Ok.” She chuckled out.

•Arias pov•





Five came in my room to make me feel better!
Ew. Aria knock it off. Stop fan girling for a cute boy with soft brown hair, green eyes you could get lost in, soft lips, perfect cheekbones...

Oh shit.

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