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Betrayed (Anakin x Reader)


This is reposted from WattPad as my backup ♥️ You are the apprentice of Count Dooku, he has assigned you to go undercover in the Jedi temple as a housekeeper to do his bidding and destroy the order from the inside. But when you meet Anakin Skywalker, the chosen one, and he shows you a different side to life. Will you be able to find the happiness you've always craved to have? Or will there be a constant battle between the light and the dark? This is my first story so it might be a little rough around the edges but once it's finished I will be doing a full edit! I would love if you would give my story a chance, it won't follow the the movies or the shows. I DO NOT OWN STAR WARS OR ANY CHARACTERS Started: Dec 15th 2020 Ended: Edited:

Romance / Scifi
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1-The Face of an Angel

"You have been training well my young apprentice." Dooku spoke to me through a hologram, "I believe you are ready for the mission."

"Of course I'm ready Master." I have been ready for weeks but Dooku has taken so much time in planning this mission, that he insisted I took more time to practice clouding my force signature.

"I do not need to remind you of the importance of this mission young one." He glared into my eyes and spoke with a threatening tone, "I trust you will not fail me."

I shook my head, "I will not fail you Master."

"I should hope not, for your sake." He disappeared from the hologram.

I turned around to face the battle droids standing behind me, "You two, I will begin my descent to Coruscant. Once I am gone you will take this ship to Geonosis where Count Dooku will be waiting for you."

"Roger Roger." They both responded simultaneously before turning to the front of the ship.

I walked to my 'room', if that's even what you could call it, it was more like a small storage space with just a bed in the middle. I changed out of my dark clothing and put on light colored civilian clothes.

I walked to the Naboo ship inside the hangar that I stole for myself a few weeks ago

I can't exactly show up to Coruscant in a separatist ship now can I?

The plan is for me to go to the Jedi Temple where Dooku has told me that I have a job there waiting for me as a housekeeper I think. I have no idea how he was able to pull this off. Whenever I asked him he always told me to stop asking questions and do as I'm told.

I landed on Coruscant and made my way to the Jedi Temple. The closer I got, the more nervous I became. I know this is something I've been preparing for, but from what I've heard about the Jedi, I know it will not be easy.

I learned to cloud my force connection so they wouldn't be able to sense me when I'm inside, just as long as I maintain focus and not let my guard down.

"Name?" The cherry haired woman at the desk inside the Jedi Temple asked me.

"(y/n) (y/l/n)." No one knows my true name, they have only heard stories of Darth Izdaja. (IZZ-DIE-YAH)

"Oh yes, we have been expecting you!" She smiles at me and I give her the best smile I can come up with back, "You have been assigned as the housekeeper for the 3rd floor. Wait here while I go get Lida, she will be the one giving you the tour and letting you know exactly what your duties will be." Not that I will need a tour, I studied plans of the building for weeks. I know every vent and crack in this place.

I stood there for a few minutes and to pass the time I looked around the large room that was filled with Jedi, my eye caught one who was looking towards me until he bumped into the man in front of him. I looked away with a chuckle. When the woman came back. she had another woman with her, "Hi (y/n) I'm Lida it's nice to meet you." She held her hand out to me.

"(y/n)." I accepted her hand and we gave a little shake.

"Follow me." She gestured for me to come with her. We walked down a narrow hallway and got into an elevator. She started rambling on to me about all the duties I'll have which really wasn't much. I needed to clean the sheets and do the laundry, etc.

Normal things I was already expecting.,

She walked me through the 3rd floor. She was still talking but I'm not sure what she was saying. I tuned her out and had my eyes fixated on the doors where the Jedis names were. I froze in my place when I saw the one I was looking for.

Anakin Skywalker

A smirk appeared on my face and I felt a hint of excitement.

Lida noticed me staring at the door, "Oh yes that is Master Skywalkers room, the chosen one! He is a big deal around here and a handsome one too." She said with a blush clearly forming on her cheeks.

I looked over to her with a grin and chuckled, "Sounds like someone has a crush."

She chuckled, "Oh (y/n) you will too when you meet him, trust me. Everyone does, even a happily married woman like myself."

I gave her a small smile to hide my disgust.

I highly doubt that.


I'm in the quarters that they gave me to live in, it's sort of small but definitely bigger than anything Dooku has given me. The best part is, it's on the 3rd floor, right near Skywalker.

My duties don't start till tomorrow morning and I can hardly wait.

The plan is coming together perfectly I was able to get into the temple without being detected and now all I needed to do is get into Anakin's room and then find out where this Obi-Wan Kenobi might be. Although if I stick around Anakin, like Dooku told me, Obi-Wan was sure to pop up eventually.

I have my lightsabers hidden in the back of my closet and I was told that no one was allowed in this room. So I'm confident nobody will come in and find them.

I lied on my bed, that was much more comfortable than anything I've ever slept it. I usually got rock hard mattresses or the cold floor of a cell, if the Count was upset with me. I closed my eyes and fell asleep easily.

I awoke with an alarm beeping into my ears and I used the force to throw it against the wall and it shattered.

"Crap." I mumbled to myself. I mentally scolded myself, I needed to be careful not to use the force, they'll be able to sense me if I do. I just hope that small amount wasn't enough to alert anyone.

I got up and threw on some clothes to start my day. There was a cart waiting outside of my room and I put the bugs inside of the towels that I needed to plant into the rooms. Dooku wants to learn anything he can about the Jedis plans. So the first thing I was asked to do was to plant the bugs in the rooms I have access too, especially Skywalker's.

I went into each room and planted the bugs in places I knew they wouldn't be easily found.

I entered Anakin Skywalker's room and it's a mess compared to the other rooms.

There's a workbench in the far corner that has loose parts sprawled all over, jedi robes thrown over the bed and chair, and loose mechanical parts on the floor that would definitely hurt if stepped on.

This place was a death trap.

I sighed and began throwing the dirty robes inside of the basket and picking up the loose parts from the floor. I walked over to the workbench and set the parts there so I wouldn't step on them. As I do this, I place the bug under his workbench.

"Who are you?"

I quickly turned to see a man standing in the doorway, a man with the face of an angel.
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