What if Joker and Harley had kids? This. This is probably what would happen. Why don'cha find out?

Action / Fantasy
Swedish Frog
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Prologue- The Origins

Currently doing a massive overhaul of writing this, so I thought I'd leave the prologue here for now


Although I liked to think of myself as against good, I would never have stooped so low so as to become evil.

People assumed that there were only two sides to humans: good and evil. But, what not many of them know is that there’s also a middle ground called ‘Bad’. Us wackadoodles go against the lawful for fun and no particular reason but the enjoyment of chaos.

‘Evil’ goes against good because they want to see worlds burn before their eyes, and feel like that the universe is their unworthy slave.

You couldn’t bribe them with anything to make them change their minds. The only way you could defeat them is to act like them.

I guessed that’s what drew me in initially. ‘Good’ was getting on my nerves, and eventually, I needed to blow off steam. But I swore I wasn’t evil.

Throughout my days of laughter and slaughter I became aware of the middle ground, and ya know something? ‘Bad’ had what ‘Good’ had. And some turned to ‘Evil’ when they lost what ‘Good’ had.

And my subconscious was screaming for it.

For him. For my little troublemaker held carefully in my arms. The voices that my family had stomped on so many times, resurfaced and it felt euphoric.

I woke up in haste to find myself laid on our silk sheets, the only thing crossing my mind was the whereabouts of my child. My panting steadied once I saw her laying beside me, J cradling the baby like a glass of his favourite drink.

I almost cackled.

A man who killed pathetic men with those hands could touch something with softness so delicately. It was heart-warming when he whispered great things to her, and telling her that she belonged to him first, forever.

From what I could tell, the sun had woken with me as it was becoming brighter rapidly in our bedroom.

I blindingly snatched the baby away from Joker’s clutch and he looked disappointed to not be able to hold her.

Well, he tried not to.

“You’re finally awake” he said flatly. “Ya dream up a middle name yet for little Ace?”

I thought to myself for a bit while looking down at Ace’s newborn wrinkly face.

‘Don’t she look like she'll be the ruler of Gotham’s crime world when she’s older and you’re gone?’ My favourite voice told me. That sparked a word to race through my mind. My Russian neighbour in my old apartment above the Indian takeaway often referred to his wife as his...

“Koroleva” I said. “I think Ace Koroleva Joker. What d’ya think, Puddin’?”

“Sounds like she’ll be an agent of chaos” his smile stretched to his temples, “I gotta go sort some things out with Frost.” He leaned over to stroke the baby’s cheek, then got up to walk over to the closet.

“Yeah baby,” I said to her, peering at her small face, how peaceful it looked in sleep. “My little Ace is gonna rule Gotham City. And ain’t no Batsy take you away from me, my dear.”

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