World of Despair


Hate. Love. Death. Mystery. Murder. After fourth year, everything changed. Everything had gone to shit. Everything. With the Dark Lord on the rise again, things were different now. With her parents, she was destined to be another one of Voldemort's followers. Stella needed the one thing to make her speak again. What will it be? Another death? An accident? The special blonde-haired boy? With the Horcrux Stella wore, and her prophecy - things can get complicated.

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

000. welcome

Before this story starts, I would just like to say that there is a huge trigger warning. Many different things.
Violence, blood, eating disorders, sexual assault, and more. This is not for certain people and that's completely okay!


one. take me to church - hozier
two. atlantis - seafret
three. apocalypse - cigarettes after sex
four. seven devils - florence + the machine
five. yellow - coldplay
six. sparks - coldplay
seven. look after you - the fray
eight. o children - nick cave & the bad seeds
nine. everybody wants to rule the world - lorde
ten. safe & sound - taylor swift
eleven. arcade - duncan laurence
twelve. as the world caves in - matt maltese

Hello! Welcome to World of Despair. I want to say that I do not own any of the contents in this story besides the OC's. Everything else I give credit to J.K Rowling for. Thank you for choosing this story.
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