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A Fred and George love story: 18+ While Eleanor prepares for her life after the battle of Hogwarts. She finds herself back in Diagon alley, starting up her own business, until she bumps into a certain familiar red head... The same red head she has been in love with since 3rd year... But will things be as easy as they seem? Read on to find out.... ( A SMUTTY STORY)

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1. Welcome To Diagon Alley

It had now been 5 years since the battle of Hogwarts took place and it was safe to say that it did not often come to Eleanor’s mind.

Ever since she had graduated from Hogwarts, She busied herself with studying wand law and saving up all her money to afford a shop of her own.
She spent her time working weekends at a small pub that laid just around the corner from her school, it was easy money and helped a lot in being able to afford her basic things as well as putting some aside for savings.

Ever since her parents passed away 2 years previous, she did not have much time for social gatherings or for seeing anyone, she spent most of her time cooped up studying for her tests or working down at the pub. Things had much changed from her times at Hogwarts where she spent her breaks at the burrow or conducting pranks at Hogwarts with Fred and George.

Unfortunately she didn't stay in touch with any of her fellow class mates. It had seemed that everyone went on to do their own thing as life took its toll on the bunch.
She often wondered what they might be up to nowadays, especially George.
After all this time, she still thought about them and sometimes even wished that things could back to the way they were. Life seemed easier back then, even with everything going on.

It had all majorly changed for Eleanor and now that she had completed her degree in wand law. It was finally time for her to go and fulfil her dreams.


"Ahhh" Eleanor sighed as she stepped out of the floo chimney inside the leaky cauldron. The familiar scent of butter beer began floating around her and the sight of scattered witches and wizards sat at different tables fell into her vision.

The leaky cauldron had not changed one bit since she had last set foot in here. It held the same rustic feel to it and the fact that the people in there still held a grumpy expression on their face confirmed to her that she was most definitely in the right place.

Eleanor made her way through the small closed in pub, darting her way through tables until she found her way out into the Main Street of Diagon alley.

Anything to get out of that pub. Nobody ever seemed overly friendly in there.

Eleanor’s face beamed at the sight that welcomed her into the very different but familiar street. Every shop that was once destroyed after the battle was now brand spanking new, packed with people and gaining loads of business.
She hadn't been here since her last year of school so she couldn't help but feel nostalgic about it.

Diagon alley had obviously restored back to its former glory and Eleanor could not wait to be a proud owner of one of the shops there.

She began making her way up the cobbled street, looking in every shop as she passed.

Wow, even Florean Fortescues ice cream parlour is still open Eleanor thought.

Her parents first introduced her to this shop at the age of 11 and every time they visited, they came and got an ice cream together. It had somewhat become a tradition for her and her family and even on her school breaks, she often found herself coming here with Fred and George.
but those memories seemed distant now.

She continued to make her way up to the far end of the street where she found the small abandoned shop that she was looking for.
It laid quietly in the corner where the blinds were closed in either window and was the only shop in the street that remained completely in the dark.
The structure of the shop seemed completely worn as the original paint that laid upon it was streaking off and the previous letters that were once on the sign lay stained into the entrance.

"This must be it" Eleanor said to herself as she ruffled her hands inside her pockets in search for the key that she had been given.
She dug her hand in deep and at last pulled out a small slender golden key.

She placed the key firmly in between her fingers and slid it into the keyhole. A quick turn to the left allowed the door to spring open, only to find that the inside was in complete darkness and covered in dust.

Eleanor pulled her wand out from her trouser pocket and extended it just in front of her.

"Lumos" she whispered, stepping into the shop to get a better look of the insides.

The floor was made of some sort of wood and the walls were painted a creme kind of colour which she supposed must of been white some time ago.
The general layout of the shop was huge, it panned all the way back allowing a large space for Eleanor to have shelves stacked full of wands as well as the fact that it had a wooden reception already left from the previous owner.
There was even a small cupboard at the back, allowing her to have storage for any spare stock she may acquire.

"This is going to take a lot of work" Eleanor sighed

She surveyed her surroundings as she imagined what the shop would look like once she was done decorating and the thought of it being that way made her even more excited to get started.

Eleanor had dreamt of having large rugs spread across the shop floor with bright welcoming colours painted across the walls. She loved the shabby chic idea of things and that is what she intended to do with her interior.

"I guess a small cleanse wouldn't hurt." Eleanor smirked as she waved her wand around her.


A small white burst of light flickered from out the end of her wand and within seconds everything began to change.
The dust that laid across the floor rose up into the air and vanished into nothingness, whilst the walls began to change to the white colour that they had once been, almost as if they were repainting themselves all over again.
The hole in the ceiling mended itself over and the lanterns that hung from the roof lit up, finally brightening the room around her.

Everything looked like brand new again.

Eleanor made her way inside, closing the door behind her.

At the back of the shop was a wooden staircase that led upstairs to another room above. The second floor was going to be Eleanor’s flat, so she could stay here and support her business at the same time.

She dragged her hand along the wooden bannister as she made her way up the oak coloured stairs.
The apartment above was cosy and small.

The first room she arrived in was a open plan living room that connected straight onto the kitchen. There was even a large fireplace bolted against the wall.

It was way bigger than Eleanor imagined.

In the corner of the living room was a bay window which would be perfect for Eleanor to read her books and draw up designs of different wands.
There was also a door to the right which she believed to be her bedroom.

She made her way over to the door and twisted the knob. Her bedroom was a medium size with an en suite bathroom connected to it.
There was also a main bathroom nextdoor for any visitors she may have.

"This is absolutely perfect" Eleanor sighed to herself as she spun around happily at her new found home.

She had approximately one week to get her store up and running, ready for its grand reveal and she would stop at nothing to make sure that it would be ready.

There was obviously a lot of preparation that she had to be ready for. Eleanor still needed to make her wands, choose the packaging, design a label for them as well as come up with a store name, not to mention the fact she had to decorate it all as well.
There was much to be done and would not be completed quickly if she didn't get a move on, considering she is the only one here to do it.

Eleanor checked her watch, reading the time to be 7:15pm in the evening.

"I should probably get some things out that I had packed" Eleanor thought to herself as she pulled down her small purse from off her shoulder.

She pulled the bag open and pointed her wand directly into it. "Accio sofa" Eleanor chanted, allowing a large light grey corner sofa to appear just to the side of her.

What would you do without extendable enchantments, Eleanor thought.

She placed her wand down next to her legs as she shoved her arm deep into the bag once more, pulling out two large blankets that she sprawled out over the sofa.

"That should do for my first night." Eleanor said proudly to herself as she dusted her hands off.

Ever since Eleanor had finished wand school, she sold all of her furniture to allow herself to afford the last bit of pay towards her shop.
She had a small amount left over from her sales so that would help her get a few more bits for her apartment and from then on she would go to Gringotts in the hopes to acquire a loan.

Now that was sorted, Eleanor made her way back downstairs where she decided to finally head out into Diagon alley and find herself something to eat for the night.
She wasn't overly hungry as having previously eaten before she travelled, so she made her way back down to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour.
It had been long since she last visited there and was more than eager to return to see what had came of it since it closed down due to Florean's disappearance.

The soft glow of the street lamps flickered on as the alley became increasingly darker over time. Their shop lights reflecting out onto the path whilst the last few remaining customers got their final orders in.

Eleanor arrived outside the ice cream parlour, only to find that what was once packed full of customers was now completely empty.
She looked up at the beautiful design of the shop, a yellow border surrounding the outside of it and a bright green lettered sign hanging above.
It definitely stood out.

She took a step inside and the sweet scent of varied flavours of ice cream hit her.
It was instant nostalgia for Eleanor as she recalled the memories of coming here from when she was a child.
They even had the small table in the corner where her and her family used to sit every time they came into the parlour.

Eleanor smiled to herself deeply, before making her way over to the counter.

"Hello my dear, what can I get you for you on this fine evening?" An elderly woman's voice sounded out from across the counter.

She had grey hair that was tied up in a low bun with red lipstick on and a yellow and white stripy apron covering her clothes.

Eleanor studied around at the menu above the woman's head, observing the numerous amount of flavours they had on offer.
But she already knew that she had to have her favourite flavour...

"Could I get a-"

Eleanor began to say until she was rudely interrupted by a manly voice behind her.

"Let me guess, butter pecan" the voice sounded out, a smile evident in his tone.

Eleanor chuckled to herself, "how did you know?" She continued as she spun around to face the unknown source.

And there she stood, eyes wide, body frozen at the sight she had just encountered.

All the feelings that she once felt came rushing back to her at the sight of him. Butterflies began racing into her stomach, her mind fading into a blur and her legs turning into jelly.

She couldn't believe who she was seeing...

The red haired joker that got away.

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