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Sweet As Strawberry’s


Y/n and Neville have liked eachother for years now, but are scared to admit it. It's finally their 6th year, and if they don't confess soon, they could end up alone. Their love could be as sweet as strawberry's, or as sour as limes

Drama / Romance
Age Rating:

I Just, Like You

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Note: Hi! This is my first time making a story, so it's not the best! I hope you like it! If I get anything wrong, please let me know! Thank you, enjoy this chapter! (Also i think i'll be posting new chapters every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.)

I wake up in a fright. Someone is banging on my door

"Y/n! Get up! You'll be late for class!" Hermione yells.

"Yeah yeah, I'll be out in a minute!"

I get up quickly and start to come out my hair. I throw on some jeans and a sweater, and then put on my robes. I grab my books and move swiftly to the gryfindor common room.

"Finally the beauty queen is awake" Ron says while rolling his eyes

"Hey cut me some slack. I've gotten no sleep with hermione snoring all night!" I say

"It's a breathing issue" Hermione says with a sigh.

Just then, I hear someone trip and fall. one of their books lands towards me. I pick it up without hesitating, and hand it to the person who dropped them. I look up at there face to realize it's none other than neville longbottom

"Oh- uh- hi there. uh thank you so much" Neville says

I feel my face get hot. I don't know what to say. I've been practically in love with him since first year, and it's already our sixth year.

"Oh no problem" I say, trying not to blush even harder.

"Ooo look at the love bugs" Fred snickers.

"Wait no that's not uh" We say at the same time

Everyone around us laughs. We just stare at eachother and laugh a little

Everyone starts to leave the room to get to class.
I start to leave when someone grabs my arm.

"Uh wait one second" Neville says. I look up at him and just stare

"I've wanted to tell you this for so long. I really have. just wasn't sure when I should. I just, I like you."

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