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Safe with Me- Ron Weasley (ONGOING STORY)


When her Dad tries to turn her in to Voldemort she runs away not wanting to go down that path. She finds her safe place at Hogwarts where she meets Ron Weasley. After spending time getting to know who he really is, she realizes her feelings for him. Includes Mature Content Authors Note: I do not own any of the characters of this story. All rights go to J.K. Rowling. I only own my characters I created!

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: Diagon Alley

It was snowing, the streets were dim and lonely. As I walked slowly trying to fit in I could feel my body trembling. I had not stopped walking since the morning, when everything went to shit. I was looking for someplace to stay, someplace safe. Today was supposed to be good, but knowing my family nothing can ever be good. As I looked around the street I could see people inside their houses gathering around their Christmas tree opening presents or singing songs. Everyone had a smile on their face, they looked content. I shed a tear wishing that was me.

Time flew as I stumbled over old memories before you know it I found myself in Diagon Alley. My mother use to bring me to Diagon Alley on my birthday every year as a kid so I could pick out 1 toy. Although we were not very well off with money, she always tried her best to bring me every year. I always admired her for that.

Diagon Alley was popular in the daytime but when the sun went down it turned into a place with thieves. I walked with my head down trying not to bring attention to myself.

"Hey kid you got any spare change?" A voice yelled at me as I walked past.

"No, I'm sorry" My voice cracked.

The voice got closer to me, "Then what else do you got on you?"

I felt the persons breath tickle my neck as I realized they were standing right behind me. As I turned to face them I see a tall man holding a knife to my stomach.

"Hm? Go on then" The man threatened.

My body started to go into shock, I didn't know what to say. I didn't have anything on me other than what I was wearing. I left with nothing. I felt my heart pound and my throat close as I was scared to death. The man stared at me waiting for an answer. I started to close my eyes waiting to feel his knife stab into me.

"She said she doesn't have anything, now leave"

The man walked off with his hands in the air and disappeared into the shadows.

"Now, where are you off to"

I turned around to see a woman standing in front of Madam Malkin's. She had bags in her hands as if she had just finished shopping.

"I don't have anywhere to go, I'm actually just gonna find a place to sleep. Ma'am thank you for helping me I appreciate it, but I better get going before anything else happens" I sighed with relief.

I was thankful she helped me, If it wasn't for the mysterious lady I probably wouldn't have been alive. Now a days you can never walk alone at night. Night time is scary and full of thieves.

"No, you shouldn't be walking alone this late at night, do you know how dangerous this is?"

She walked up to me and grabbed my arm, "You can stay with me tonight, I won't leave you alone out here."

"Okay, thank you again. I'm sorry but may I ask your name?" I turn to face her, I know she can tell I'm worried because she rubs my arm trying to comfort me.

"Minerva McGonagall, and who shall you be?" She said while smiling.

"Zorina Moonstone, nice to meet you"

Authors Note:

I apologize this chapter is short! I just wanted to do the introduction for the story.
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