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their fates are intertwined; their destiny is set in stone; the only thing stopping them from coming together is lust. *TW: story contains mature topics such as abuse, drug usage, sexual content, blood, gore, and murder.*

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London 1817

-Leah's POV-

I woke up to the sound of a door being slammed shut. I instantly sat up. Mummy wasn't next to me by the fire anymore, and i couldn't hear Daddy's whistling either. Fear washed over me, but I knew I had to go check. I got up from the cot I shared with my Mummy and Daddy, it was so dark, I could barely see my hands, let alone my feet. I reached down to my left to try to find the lantern, it must have burned out by now, hopefully it hasn't. I grabbed the lantern and thank the gods Daddy must have turned off the lantern after Mummy and I fell asleep, I still have to light it though. I turned back around to the fire that was barely still lit, I got on my knees with the lantern on my side and tried to find a stick. I burned myself a few times but i managed to find a way to light the lantern in pitch blackness.


As I walked to the front of my home, I saw our front door wide open. The beautiful moonlight shining in where the door wasn't and it lit up the whole room. While the moonlight was beautiful, the fact that the door was open and Daddy wasn't here frightened me to the point I just wanted to get back in the cot and hide until daylight. But I knew I couldn't. I took a deep breath and started walking out the open door, slowly. I knew what I would find wouldn't be good, but I had to find my family.

I knew I would be right, but oh how I hoped I was wrong. When I stepped outside I saw my Daddy holding my Mummy in his arms. And when I looked at what was standing in front of them, I almost thought I was dreaming. There was a man and a women, young, tall, slender, and in some strange way, beautiful. They were the most beautiful people I had ever seen in my whole life. The woman had hair as dark as the night, and it was so long it grew down past her behind, and her gown as white as an angel was so exquisite it must have been custom made. The man was tall, muscular, and very rugged yet seemed so charming. He also had a very expensive looking cloak on, but his stubble made him look unkempt.

But the strangeness of this couple had to be mainly because of their eyes. Their eyes seemed to glow, they were extremely easy to be drawn to, especially in the dark of night. The color of their eyes was a color I have never seen on any living creature before, it was a mix of brown and purple, blended together in the most breathtaking way, an extraordinary color that any artist would die to see. But no matter their beauty, I was still instilled with fear the moment I saw those two. By the time I finished examining them, it was too late. I felt their beautiful yet horrifying eyes on me.


"Come here girl.", she called to me while looking into my eyes. I tried to fight it but my body was out of my control, I was walking right towards them.

"No! Please don't! Leave my girl alone! She's only a child!", my Daddy was crying, all while holding my Mummy in his arms. As I walked closer I was finally able to see why he wad holding her, she was covered in dark red blood, the blood stained her white nightgown, which was now red. Her neck, had two wounds, it looked a lot like a bite, but I don't know what could have bit her that hard.

"Child? How old?", said the strange man. His voice was so tough yet calm, like the knew he was untouchable.

My father looked at me then back at his feet, sighing before he answered, "15. She's 15, 16 next week."

I looked at him, he just sat there, on his knees, Mummy limp in his lap, his head looking down not at Mummy, but he was crying. I finally made in right in front of the strange couple. The man approached me first, looking me up and down, which made me want to run, but I couldn't, I was frozen, I was paralyzed. All I could do was look at them in fear. When the man was done the woman winked at me, then smiled. I knew something bad was going to happen but I didn't know it would change my whole life.

"I can make a deal with you Ambrose, but it's a one time offer, if you say no, then I can't help you.", the man explained while walked past me and towards my poor father. My father looked up, his eyes were bloodshot and tears and snot were dripping off of his face, he has lost his love, my Mum.

"Anything. Please. Just help me get Grace back. Please!", my father stammered then went back to crying over my Mum. The strange man looked at me, then looked towards the woman and nodded. As soon as he nodded I felt myself being turned around to face my father, she came up behind my and grabbed my arms so tight i could feel my pulse in my arms.

"Give us your daughter.", the man said to my father. I could only see the back of the man's head but I could tell he said it with a smirk.

My father looked up, he looked right at me, I could see the heartbreak and the desperation in his eyes. I knew what he was about to do.

"Daddy please don't do this! Please Daddy! I love you!", I screamed at him, I tried to move and hug him but my body wouldn't let me, I felt like i was squirming and fighting my own body but from the outside all you could see was me crying and screaming. I was screaming so loud the neighborhood dogs and cats started crying with me. My father had finally stopped crying, when he looked at me, it felt so cold, like I didn't recognize his eyes anymore, my Daddy was gone. He turned from me, to the strange man, he closed his eyes and sighed, when he opened his eyes again he said,

"Deal.", my father just started the the strange man. The man was staring at my father, when he heard my father agree, he had a wicked grin on his face.

"Wonderful. Well a deal is a deal, you'll have your Grace back to normal by daylight.", the man said while looking towards my mom and sprinkling some iridescent powder into the wound on her throat. My father looked so happy. The color was coming back to my Mum's cheeks, and the wound was closing. It was happening so fast I couldn't believe my eyes. The man was walking back towards me when he turned back around to face my father.

"You know you're an awful father right?", the man said while staring at my father.

My father looked up, shocked, "What?", he stammered.

"You didn't think I would actually let you get off with no punishment right?", he laughed.

My father looked at him confused. I had no more power left in me, I was simply giving up at this point, just staring at the events happening before me, my arms had gone numb from the grip of the woman.

The man bent down to be eye level with my father, "One day, one of your granddaughters will be cursed to become one of us, she will be apart of my family and she will become our Queen. It doesn't matter if it's in 5 years of 500 years. But when the timing is right and when the stars align perfectly she will be ours, and she will give birth the heir of our King. She will join the vampires.", he said with a stern snd frightening tone. He stood up to look at my father, then he turned around to face me.

"Vampires? Daddy? Am I going to die?", I asked begging my father to save me. Begging my father to be my Daddy again. But he didn't look up, he was just staring at my Mummy, she was breathing again, he was holding her to his chest and whispering to her, he didn't try to save me. The man looked at his wife and nodded. I yelled in pain. I felt a sharp dulling pain in my neck, and everything started to fade away. The last thing I saw was his face, and his purple-brown eyes staring back at me.
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