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lust. // zayn malik vampire a.u.

-chapter 1-

Somerset 20xx

-Freya's POV-

It was a warm day in Somerset. The water as blue as the sky, I bet it was warm too. I could feel the cool breeze on my skin; giving me goosebumps. I rubbed my hand on my upper arm to rid myself of the chill. "How strange.", I mumbled to myself. I sat in the grass against a tree, the grass around me was filled with dandelions, there was so many that I could see the tiny specks flowing in the air. I sat there sketching in my journal. I always loved this time of day, a few hours before sunset, the day was coming to an end and the night was beginning. I always loved the night. Most people were more cautious at night, like the saying goes, freaks come out at night. But that wasn't the case for me. The night always calmed me, maybe it was since everyone was in their homes and I could hear the sounds of the birds in the trees, but I loved the night. I was snapped out of my daydream by a butterfly landing on my pencil. It was a beautiful blue, I would just love to paint it, an artist's dream. I kept staring at the butterfly as I just sat there.

"Freya! We gotta get going! You're gonna be late!"

I jumped, and I watched as the butterfly flew away into the distance. Oh how I wish I could just fly away from my life sometimes.

My father walked over to me. He had his nice clothing on so I knew I was really late. I got up, closing my journal and putting my pencil in the loop.

"Sorry Pa, I didn't realize how late it had gotten.", I said quickly trying to calm him.

He just looked at me. His ice blue eyes always scared me, it felt like he was looking through me. Thank the universe I had brown eyes. "It's alright but get goin'. You can't be late to your own event doll.", he motioned towards the cottage. I nodded and started walking towards the back door. "Oh and get changed will ya?!", he shouted as I was opening the door. I looked back at him, "You got some mud on ya arse dear.", he said laughing. I turned red and reached down to touch my trousers. It was damp, "Thanks Pa, will do.", I walked through the door and went to my bedroom.

I opened the door to my room and shut it right away. I took off my trousers and placed them in my hamper. I then threw myself on my bed, "I hope the state of my trousers isn't foreshadowing the way my night is gonna go", I rolled my eyes. I closed my eyes, "Please let tonight go well, I swear if tonight goes well i'll put all my effort into my art and i'll quit uni", I mumbled to myself, and whoever was listening. My eyes jolted open, my eyes drawn to the mural I had painted a few summers ago on my ceiling. I painted it after my Mum died, she was my best friend, she taught me everything I know about art. She focused mainly on ceramics, Mum would sell her wares every Saturday at the market. Pa always tried to force her to get a normal job, a "steady" job, but Mum was an artist, she would have rather died than give up her art. And she did.

My face felt wet, I reached my hand to my face and I felt the warm tears on my fingertips. I couldn't look away though, I was mesmerized by the sky I had painted. It was a beautiful purple, with brown, almost gold hue to it. The color was comforting, when I would look at it, it felt almost as if Mum was still here with me. I was still dazed when I heard scratching on my door. I sat up and wiped my eyes, grabbing my robe off the back of my door and quickly putting it on, since I was still in my panties. I opened the door and saw my cat Hera looking back at me with her big green eyes. I giggled. "Hera I was looking for you everywhere girl.", she walked right in and jumped up on my bed. I shut the door. "I wanted to drawn you today in the meadow but I guess I can always do it another day right?", I said in a baby voice while petting her. She purred and started grooming herself. "Guess that's my sign to start getting ready myself", I giggled.


"That's what you're gonna wear to you're own showcase girl?", my Pa looked at me in disgust as he locked the door to the cottage.

I looked down at my shoes, "I thought I looked cute.", I mumbled to my Pa.

My face felt hot, and my left hand was starting to shake. He laughed, "Cute? No woman wants to look cute. A woman should dress to please men.", he put the keys in his pocket and we began walking to the café. "Ya know girl, maybe if you thought about that you wouldn't be 22 and without a husband."

I didn't respond. I didn't know how. I don't know why he acts like this. I don't need a husband to be successful, i'm still young, the only reason i'm still staying in that cottage is because Mum left it to me. I just stared at my feet, focusing on my shoes clacking against the cobblestone. Making a little song to calm myself as I walked.

"You always do that.", he shot at me. I looked up. He staring at me again, or looking through me I should say.

"What do you mean?", I managed to spit out.

"That. You always go into your own little world whenever I say anything, you never defend yourself.", he seemed annoyed.

The sun was beginning to set, and I sighed, it was beautiful. "Well what am I supposed to say to that? Okay Pa.", I stammered.

I could see the sign of the café, thank gods we were close. "Stand up for yourself for fucks sake!", he shouted at me. I was startled but I tried not to show it. My eyes were feeling watery and I had a lump in my throat I was trying hard to swallow. I started to bite my lip, tasting the vanilla lipgloss I had put on before I left.

"Just like your mother are you.", he sighed looking away from me and towards the café. "Maybe a good thing she died, so you don't have her to enable your stupid dreams.", I bit my lip so hard I could taste the blood. The tears started running down my face I couldn't hold it back anymore. "Don't bother staying till the end Pa.", I said while walking faster towards the café, I could see Nixie waiting for me in front, she had her phone in hand looking anxious. "Fine. I won't even go how about it!", I heard my Pa shout at me from a ways behind, but I didn't turn back. I shook my head and jogged over to Nixie.


"Ah you look great! So glad the dress fit ya! I was way too tight on me, could've even get it over my thigh.", she laughed.

"Yeah it's cute, thanks.", I huffed. She must have noticed the look on my face because her expression quickly changed from amusement to concern.

"What happened babe?", she said pushing my hair out of my face and smoothing out my hair. "Just my Pa.", I looked towards the inside of the café, it wasn't as many people as I had hoped, but it's alright for a small village. Nixie grabbed her powder compact out of her bag and starting pressing the sponge under my eyes.

"Gotta cover up the evidence doll.", she winked. I giggled, this is why she's my best friend, she always know how to make me smile even when i'm at my lowest, so glad I met her since grade school. I looked at her and smiled, "Love you". She closed her compact and put it back in her bag, "Love you too girly now go! Go sell some art!", she opened the door for me and smacked my arse as I walked through. I turned back to look at her in surprise and she just laughed.


It was night now. I only sold three pieces. I mean I guess three is better than nothing. I looked around the café now. Nixie was in the corner on her laptop writing another draft of the novel she's been working on, I also just so happened to catch her as she was drinking out of her flask nonchalantly. That's Nixie alright. The only other person in here besides Gary the barista was a old woman sitting in a booth by herself with a tea and a Jane Austen novel. I was getting antsy, and being that it was night I doubt anyone else was gonna come in. I looked at the time and it was almost midnight. I huffed and ran my hands through my hair while I walked over to Nixie.

"I'm gonna go get some fresh air.", I whispered to her, trying to to disturb Gary and the old woman. She nodded towards me, she was typing at what seemed to be over 100 words per minute. I didn't want to bug her anymore than I already was so I turned around to walk away. But before I walked off I felt something cool in my hand. I looked down and saw Nixie's silver flask. I turned to look back at her and she smiled with all her teeth at me. I just laughed and walked out the back door.

I didn't want my Pa to come bug me so I asked Gary to lend me the keys so I could get some peace and quiet in the back. I shut the door and sighed. It was chilly, but I didn't mind, the cold air against my hot skin is exactly what I needed right now. I sat on a crate that was by the door but a little ways away. I looked at the flask Nixie gave me and I saw my reflection in it. My curls were beginning to fall, and my lipgloss was now gone. My eyes looked tired, but not from lack of sleep. I sighed and opened the flask, placing it on my lips and taking a swig. I closed my eyes and made some weird noises like I always did when drinking liquor. My nose felt like it was burning, I hated vodka, tequila is way better. I felt my cheeks getting hot and my body was tingling. I was such a lightweight but I didn't mind. It was fun. Sometimes.

I sat looking up at the stars. They were so bright, one of the perks of living in the country. I felt a strange sense of calm just sitting in an alley in the back of a café by myself. I closed my eyes and just let everything sink in. The earth was beautiful and I wanted to let her know. There was a noise that sounded like a bird but I ignored it. Knowing that animals were nearby only added to my euphoria.

"They weren't lying when they said you were beautiful.", my eyes shot open as I looked at the figure in front of me. My vision was blurry since my eyes were closed for a while, it was night, and i'm drunk. I couldn't make out the figure, I just saw, black clothing?

"Who's there? I can't see.", I squealed.

The figure now started walking closer to me. I suddenly felt cold, not just a random chill but literal cold. My heart started beating faster and my breathing quickened. My hands were starting to shake as I was still trying to make out the figure. All of a sudden I saw a hand reach for my face. And then, I saw the color again. His eyes were purple, with brown, just like my mural. I was mesmerized again by the color. He looked down at my lip,

"You're bleeding." , he dragged his thumb along my bottom lip slowly, pressing into my lip, it stung a bit but I couldn't react. I could only stare into his beautiful eyes. He took his thumb from my lip and examined the blood, his eyes seemed to sparkle with excitement and he took his thumb and placed it in his mouth. He closed his eyes and popped his thumb out of his mouth.

His eyes flashed open and made eye contact with mine, "How delightful." he smirked. He was so beautiful. This felt like a dream. He crouched down to meet my eye level, and that's when I felt his lips on mine. He kissed me with such lust, such desire, that I never even knew could exist. I moaned into his mouth. I felt him smirk and then he shoved his tongue in my mouth. I felt him lick my bottom lip and tug on it. It hurt and I felt like stopping but I couldn't. I wanted him. He grabbed my face with his hands and took his lips off of mine. He looked at me and was almost breathless.

"I'm Zayn, nice to meet you finally. Freya.", he stood me up and licked my neck. I moaned, I don't know what was taking over me. Was it the vodka, or was it him? The last thing I remember is a feeling him kiss my neck as he held me in his arms, then the pain. The stabbing sensation in my neck, followed by the warm liquid running down my body. I couldn't even scream, then it went black.
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