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arsonist's lullaby ── daryl dixon


they were each their own devil; and they made this world their hell. ━━━━ t. walking dead Β© 2020 hauntedheII

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this is the way the world ends.

in less than a day, the world became filled with famine and infected. all the green that was once nature had turned into nothing but death and ash.

the world she thought she knew came crashing down and the same word played through her mind like a broken record.


she ran, and she killed. but the moment she got out of the city and into the woods, spencer valentine was alone once again.

odette annable as spencer valentine.

warning !
character deaths, violence
blood&gore, explicit language
and phrases, murder, violence,
torture & graphic scenes.

season four β€” ?
the walking sead

started january twenty-eight , 2021
ended n/a
edited n/a

authors note.

this book might be the hardest book i'll write for the fact that the i think daryl can be a hard character to write for, but i'm challenging myself. this is a slow burn so don't be suprised if daryl & spencer aren't together by the end of book one.
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