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This is a Neville long bottom smut/story it get better and better um Neville let his inner freak out 🙂

Nevaeh Black
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Chapter one

"Y / N WAKE UP, ITS TIME TO GO TO HOGWARTS, AND WAKE UP YOURE BROTHERS WITH YOU !!!" my aunt shouted from downstairs waking me up. "OKAY .." (your thought are a bit sideways just so you know) why am I always the one who wakes them up ... last time I woke them up I got 2 bruises out of Michael .. and 1 out of Alex .. they hated me since I had my Hogwarts letter because there muggle and I'm not I'm a half-blood, I was adopted by my aunt and uncle who knew about magic because of my mom and dad .. about my mom and dad they died because you-know-who killed them with a unforgiven curse .. now let me wake my brothers up. your pov: while walking to Alex's room I almost tripped by the carpet, * knock, knock * "Alex. Wake up." "I'm awake, now piss off!" rude much- oh no now I have to wake up Michael, I was about to knock on Michael's door to wake him up when he said. "I'm awake." I think there's something wrong there never this nice. I went back to my room and I changed to some black jeans and a red hoodie. (you can change it if you want) I went downstairs and sat at the table ready to eat breakfast when my brothers came and sat opposite of me, after 2 minutes of waiting Mrs. jones and Mr. jones (my aunt and uncle) came and sat down at the table aunt rose started talking, "me and your father have news ... y / n your Hogwarts letter came as you know, so now we have to go and buy your stuff but of course our family wont step a foot in a place with magic so we have called a man named Hagrid to go and buy your books and bring you to the train to go to Hogwarts. " oh my god, today was the day how could I forget, oh my .. "okay aunt .." she fake smiled to me, so I fake smiled back. * time skip from deadric * here I am standing in front of the Hogwarts train, "bye Hagrid, see you later !!" I shouted as he went away and waved. I entered the train and started looking for a empty compartment, I found an empty compartment and went inside after a bit a brown haired boy called Neville asked if he could sit because everywhere else is full and I accepted because we might get to know each other and be friends but Neville wasn't so talkative so I started the conversation. "hey I'm y / n and you?" I said starting the conversation. "II-I'm Neville .." the brunet boy called Neville replied, to be honest I didn't think that he will reply. "well, nice to meet you Neville, I hope we can be good friends." I told Neville. "y-yea, I hope s-so too" he said giving a weak smile and I just smiled. we sat in a comfortable silence until a blonde girl entered the compartment just right before the train started going, she took a seat next to Neville and introduced herself as "hello I'm Luna and you guys" she said in an absolute quiet voice. Neville turned his head to her and just looked at her. "hello Luna, I'm y / n and this is Neville" I said smiling to her "nice to meet you y / n and Neville." she said smiling in return. (another time skip from the sorting hat) we are now waiting outside this massive door leading to the hall of Hogwarts, and in that hall is a sorting hat waiting to sort new students into Hogwarts. professor McGonagall just came back from the great hall and welcomed all of us, but before we went in, Neville ran upfront and took his toad and said sorry and came back in the large group of new students. (sorting time) "y / n L / n!" called professor McGonagall. I went out of the small crowd that was left and I then sat on the chair in front of professor McGonagall, she put the hat on my head and the sorting hat started talking. "hmmm, al / n? from my descriptions she's a lupine!" everything went quite so did all the teachers I just gasped but before I could say something the sorting hat called "GRYFFINDOR!" the table started clapping and I went to sit at my table, I just clapped every time someone was sorted in our table. every thing was finished so its time to go to our common room, while our prefect was walking us to our common room me and Hermione started talking and formed a friendship. we still had time before we had to sleep so me and Hermione unpacked really fast and she decided to introduce me to her friends. we walked up to two boys one brunet and one ginger. "hello boys!" "hello Hermione." the boys said in sync. "this is y / n, y / n this is Harry and Ron." Hermione introduced us to each other. "Hello." is the only thing I said because I got cut off by a pair of ginger twins. "hello Hermione, Harry, Ron and?" one of the twins said. "y / n, my name is y / n." "well, hello dear y / n." I just gave them a smile and said. "well guys, lets go to bed before our prefect comes." I said making everyone go upstairs. but before you went to bed I checked my schedule of tomorrow, at least I only have magic against dark arts once. "ugh .. I'm so tired." I said walking to my bed, and I stood back up to change from my robe into my pajamas. I changed and and went to sleep. my eyes steadily closed and here I am sleeping in peace away from my muggle 'family'. ________________________________________________________________________________ okay guys this is my first story so please don't hate and I will try and post three times a week and I will do my best to post as much as I can. could you please comment how you think my first story's going. to support me can you please add this to your library for further notifications about my new chapters and please give me Starr it would really help me out and share it with friends who have Wattpad and are looking for fan-fictions about harry potter characters. 986 - word count of the story 1105 - word count of my text
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