The Roommate


"She never talks to us, we never talk to her. That's just how it is." ---------- Felix moves in with one of his friends and their roommates. Mia is one of those roommates, she never spoke a word to her roommates before, she leaves early in the morning and comes late at night.

Romance / Drama
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New roommate
Felix POV

"Felix! You finally decided to live with us!" Seungmin stated while inviting me in his apartment "Technically, Not live. But close enough " I shrugged.

I decided to stay with Seungmin and his roommates for a while. I needed a place to stay while I was Visiting Korea.

I'm originally from Australia, But Seungmin really wanted me to visit and I had no reason to say no... so... here I am

"Well, you should live here."

"Yep, I knew you were going to say that"

Me and Seungmin met 4 years ago, My dad had work abroad Korea and I begged to come with him since I never went out of the country before.

He was going to stay in Korea for 6 Months and if I went I would have to go to high School there for those 6 months, But I didn't care and wanted to go anyway. My dad finally gave in and took me with him. Then while I was there I met some people Including Seungmin and a few others.

"Since you are here! Now I can finally introduce my roommates!" He happily said.

"Let me guess first! The guy that Kind of looks depressed is Changbin, and..."

"Hey! I do not looked depressed!"He pouted. "He's right you do look depressed."

"And the guy who just said that is Jeongin! Am I right?" I asked smiling.

"He's good." Jeongin and Changbin said at the same time.

"I'm not good, It's just Seungmin talks about you guys 24'7" I stated. "Well, What else am I suppose to talk about?" Seungmin asked

"Food, School, Assignments, Family, Drama...." Changbin stopped to think of more. "TV shows, Movies, Clothes, Shopping, dogs" Jeongin continued Changbins list.

"Okay Okay! I get it!" Seungmin gave up.


"Felix!" A girly voice shouted

That's Sun, She is one of the people I met at high school. But, we were never friends. She liked me a lot, last time I visited Korea I tried to reject her but than she started crying like a maniac. So I told her it was joke and that we should date (that was stupid decision)

"Sun! We are in a coffee shop can you be a little quieter.." I whispered to her. "Okay" She smiled whispering back.

we both started waiting in line to order with silence between us .

"What are you doing tonight?" She asked breaking the silence. "Unpacking, I guess. Why?"

"I was going to ask for dinner." She stated annoyed. "Or maybe I can help you and we can get dinner after?" She said having hope I would say yes.

"I don't know if I have time for dinner But you can help me unpack" I shrugged. I knew if I said No completely she would've been crying or be yelling at me for not having time for our relationship.

"what can I get for you guys today?" The barista asked. "I would like a latte," Sun started.

"And you Sir?" The Barista asked.

"I'll have a iced coffee," I told her "Name for the order, Please"


"Okay Take a seat your order will be ready soon."

Sun and I took a seat in the back near the window. It was dead silent between me and sun until a notification from her phone Interrupted the silence.

She looked at her phone and her eyes grew in excitement. "What is it?" I asked. "No time to explain I have to go!" She said super quickly and basically ran to the door. "What abo-"

"I was going to say 'what about the drink?' But whatever.." I talked to myself.

I should probably tell Seungmin that Sun is coming over....


"Seungmin, I wanted to let you know Sun is coming over to help me unpack"

"Okay, Also have you heard from Lee know, yet?"

"No, He hasn't talked to me for a while. Why?"

"He's also coming tonight. Apparently he's dating someone now"

"I honestly don't care but good for him, I guess" "Felix!" The barista yelled.

"I have to go."

"Alright. Bye."
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