The Fate Of Claudia


Sixteen year old Claudia just experienced her first transition, something she's been looking forward to since she was little. Unfortunately she had to do it alone. A tragic even left her an orphan and she's been constantly looking over her shoulder ever since. Even though her house is cloaked so no hunters may find her she still needs to figure out her next step. Shay, her wolf, wants to find her mate but Claudia would rather focus on the danger that is around them first then on a man who may or may not even want her. It's not really up to her though... This is my first try of writing a story and I would love to make it a series but we shall see! Also I am not sure if this falls under fanfic or original work sense I am going by certain werewolf terms but besides that everything written is coming from my mind (characters, plots, etc!). I put it under fanfic since it is about werewolves but if anyone reads this and is like "oh yea this isn't fanfic" PLEASE tell me!!! **I am also uploading this story to Wattpad but under a different cover (due to Inkitt not letting me add the original cover I was using! I just didn't want anyone thinking this was a stolen story!! Same author!**

Fantasy / Romance
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Claudia POV

I open my eyes to find darkness, I reach over to my nightstand to locate my phone, it’s about five in the morning, the sun should be rising in a couple of hours. I stretch my arms out and roll on my side to find the floor.


“Ugh I really need to purchase a new bed or something”

You could always sleep in the master bedroom but noooo you chose this twin size mattress every night! Shay, my wolf yells at me. I guess were both starting this morning off on the wrong side of the bed. Ha.

“No it’s not my bed to sleep on, also a little morbid Shay”

Hmp. Whatever. It’s a perfectly good bed but continue to let our back suffer I suppose.

I shut her out in my mind, it’s too early for this banter.

I’ve lived in this house my whole life; It brings me peace but also sorrow still being here. It’s the only thing I have left of my family. Shay thinks we should leave this place and never come back and I don’t disagree but there’s a part of me that isn’t ready to walk away just yet. I know I need to consider how dangerous it is to still be here but I’m not as dumb as Shay thought. I located a witch a while ago who could cast a protectant charm over this house so no one but me could find it and actually enter. No one else but my mate, whom I believe just doesn’t exist at this point.

I locate the light switch in my room and dim the lights so they are not blinding me and so that my eyes can adjust. Even though I don’t really need to adjust them, I can see almost perfectly at night even in my human form, I am still getting used to it. I just turned sixteen two months ago, and I got to experience my first transition which was everything I had expected and more, except I had to go through it alone. I had been preparing for my transition and to meet my mate a couple of years ago. I was ready for it all until my life became complicated.

“Siri, play Taylor Swift, Long Story Short”

I start walking to my bathroom, going through my closet to get to it. My favorite part about my room/set up has to be that you would never know there was a bathroom connected to it if you didn’t go into the closet. It’s not a huge closet but it’s not small either. I set my phone on the bathroom counter and look in the mirror. I have some acne spots that are starting to develop on my pale skin which makes me groan in frustration. You would think being a able to transform into a wolf would have the benefit of cancelling out teenage hormones but nope. I look at my brown wavy hair and see it definitely needs a good wash. I turn on the shower, get out of my favorite pajamas, there plan but they feel so buttery soft it could make anyone melt when they are wearing them, and start getting in the shower.

Fifteen minutes later I am all clean. I wrap my hair in a towel, do my skincare routine, lotion up and head towards my closet. Today I plan on doing something out of the normal for me so I guess I should dress to the occasion..

Do you really want to do this?

What choice do we have, we kind of need to since were running low on like everything? Do you have a better idea Shay?

You know I don’t but what if we get caught.

It’s a risk we have to take..

Author’s Note:

Ahhhhh I cannot believe I am releasing this!! What do we think so far? Love? Hate? More details, less details? Constructive criticism is welcome but nasty comments are not! This is the first story I have ever written or released and I am loving everything I have written so far! I plan on posing every week but if I get ahead I may go ahead and release more!

I hope everyone has a good day, weekend, week, etc!

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