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Chapter 1

Jungkook's pov:-

I fixed my glasses as I walked down the hallway towards my locker. it was 6:45 currently and school starts at 7:30. I just come early to protect my self from getting bullied by the bad boy Kim taehyung. But luck isn't with me every time and I always get bullied by him.

I always wonder why he bullies me cause in every fanfic people bully someone cause the victim would probably be ugly. Or wouldn't have parents. Or wouldn't look good or cute. Or wouldn't be strong. And my reason is I am not strong enough to protect myself so he always picks up on me.

I also don't know why it concerns him weather I'm weak or strong right?.

I walked up to my locker and took my textbook as per the schedule for the classes I have. As soon as I closed my locker I felt cold water run down from my head I didn't dare to move cause if I moved he would do the worst and soon the water stopped.

"Hey cute nerd" he said I sighed softly enough for me to feel he calls cute and nerd at the same time. (sorry kook🙂) "I said hey" he growled "h-hi" I said as he pulled me by his arm and his arms slided in my waist and I collided into his chest. "You are getting weaker day by day......I should bully you more shouldn't I ?" He said as his fingers were about to touch my cheeks....but..... I was yanked away by him and was collided into some soft chest not into a rock one like him.

"Stay away from him you asshole" hobi Hyung said as he hugged me and this time I didn't cried I was silent still processing over his words. "I am just making him strong......you should be thankful to me" taehyung said "thankful?...my ass you hoe" jimin said as he wrapped his jacket around me.

"Come on chim let's leave" hobi said as he walked away from taehyung and Yoongi and jimin followed us.

Taehyung's pov:-

I watched as they left and went away from my sight yess i am badboy but I have soft spot for jungkook...cause......I like him....I don't know weather he is gay or not....but I don't care....as long as he is mine.

And the reason why I bully him is....

I want him to be strong as me or atleast as hobi and jimin he can't even fight the nerd of our school so I thought about bulling him atleast from he can be strong......right?

I still remember how I had met on his first day.


Taehyung's pov:

I sighed as I walked out of my car. I saw people drooling over me but I kept straight face and kept walking.

As I was walking and scrolling through my phone someone bumped into me I was about to yelled at him but, then I stopped as I saw a bunny standing their I mean a bunny looking boy standing thier he was holding my phone in his hand. "I-I a-am s-s-sorry" he shutters "watch were you walk" I said softly before taking my phone back. And was about to start walking but he stopped me by asking about his class cause he was new here I looked at his schedule and got to know that he is younger than I told him the way and he walked away.

I was standing their like a fool watching him disappear and a soft smile on my face and that's when I thought about making jungkook strong like me.

Flashback end

Jungkook's pov:-

I was in the washroom on one the toilet seats and thinking...

Why am I weak?
Is it bad to be weak?
Why does he bullies?
Am I causing trouble to him?
Hobi and chim always come to rescue me and I can't do the same....why?

All the thought were roaming in my head as tears brimmed out of my eyes. I am so weak I can't even protect myself my Hyung is so strong after having everything I am nothing.

I was cutted out of my thoughts as my phone buzzed.

I looked at the caller ID


"Hello baby kookie"

"Hello ggukie"

"How are you doing?"

"I am fine what about you?....when are you coming"

"Aww my kookie misses me don't worry I will be coming this weekend"

"Ofc I miss you ggukie cause you are my twin"

"Aigoo so cute"


"Okay so how are eomma and appa"

"They are fine"

"Okay kook I'll call you later"

"Okay bye"



I ended the call and putted the phone in my pocket before making my way out. As soon as I stepped out I was pinned to the wall and I opened my eyes to see who it was and it was Nayul was standing their and his lustful eyes were on me.

"Hey babyboy long time no see" he said "leave m-m-me" I whimpered as he didn't listened to me "why you let that bastard Kim touch you but not me" he yelled as his fingers digged in cheeks depper. He soon started to kiss my neck and started to open my shirt I wanted to scream but he didn't let me I wanted to moved but he didn't let me he soon started to remove his clothes to and I started to struggle more "stay still you slut" he yelled as he dropped me to his knees but I didn't give up this some curtain words were roaming in my head.

'you are getting weaker day by day'

And in rage I kicked him in his balls "shit..." He curses as he fell down. I hurriedly grabbed my clothes that were on ground. I took my ripped shirt and worked it tears were following but I didn't cried this time I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked awfull swollen lips with blood at the end tored shirt dirty pants messy hair and sweaty face I soon made out of the washroom and I ran ran ran and ran towards library where chim and hobi sits usually.

Authors pov:-

Jungkook ran and ran and he made it till library and soon he started to limp towards jimin and hobi no body in library seem to notice the poor boy as everyone were busy in reading with headphones on.

Jungkook stumbled towards jimin and the both the boy were immersed in thier talk not until jimin saw jungkook and his state.

"JUNGKKOOOOKKK"jimin screamed and hobi quickly looked towards the boy who was looking like a mess "Ohhh myy goddd" hobi said as he walked towards the jungkook who was still breathing heavily

"H-hobi let's go to hospital"jimin cried as hobi soon lifted the boy and carried him.

But one name that slipped out of jungkook's mouth made hobi and jimin frown.

"K-k-ki-m t-t-ae-h-y-ung"

And jungkook passed away...


Hello tacos 😄
So this is the first chp hope u like please comment your thoughts and vote please 🌺
Hope u like it 🤠
Bye tacos 🤩
I am still confused on how to upload chapters on this app 🙃🙃.

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