The Legend of Zelda: The Battle For Hyrule


Hugo Reed
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Chapter 1: The Legend is Link

The Battle For Hyrule:

By: Hugo Reed

Chapter 1:

The Legend is Link

It was in the early hours of the morning when one of Hyrule castle's occupants awoke. Link, age twenty-five, looked out the window and saw the sun was just rising and then sighed. He was always the first one up. He walked over to his clothing that was neatly folded. He pulled on his undershirt and chain mail shirt. Then he put on some leggings with chain-link pants over them. He walked over to his protective grieves and started to put them on, then stopped and took them off. At this early hour all they would do was clank around and annoy him.

It was several years after the fall of Gannon and yet nobody remembered the time of the dark ages. Link had chosen to lock his memories away with Gannon and his followers inside the realm of time. He didn't remember a large seven or eight years of his life. He often wondered what he'd been doing then. He knew his blade was often referred to as the 'Master Sword' but was unsure why, save that it never seemed to dull nor could he break it if he tried.

Link walked quickly up to the roof while tying a green bandana to his head. He saw several men up on to of the roof crouched down, fighting off sleep. They were the night guard and had not slept at all yet. Link was due to take over someone's shift in about one hour. He went to the man and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Any motion?" he asked.

"Nothing." responded the man.

Link smiled and patted the man's shoulder steadily.

"Don't worry, I'm here this time, we'll be fine."

"Yeah," said the man jokingly. "Link, war god of Hyrule."

"War god enough to kick your ass around the ring."

The man shook his head softly but didn't respond.

"I'm going to eat then finish getting suited up. I'll come relieve you then."

"Thanks Link." he said.

Link smiled and climbed down on the ladder. Hyrule was in a time of civil war. Rebels had come up to try and overthrow the king to replace everyone's government. Link was slightly stunned that when it was like this it could be called war. The men usually didn't attack at night as it was to their disadvantage. However, once the sun was properly in the sky the battle would rage on again. He had been in this war right out of his training for about a two months. He didn't mind the war when it was like this.

It was kind of quiet. He went back to his room, passing two or three men. He got in his room and put on his leather, chain backed gloves. Then, he put on his chest-plate and armbands. He put on his shoulder armor and then belted on his armored belt. It protected the hips mostly. Then he put on his grieves and helm. The only things his actual chain mail blocked were his armpits, neck, upper arms and upper legs. Link belted the blade he'd been given to his right hip and put the shield on his right arm.

Lastly, he placed the small bag of war tools, like knives and smoke bombs, on his left hip and walked down to the stables. Epona was already suited and ready for war. Link hopped up on her and went trotting around the area to get them both warmed up. She was a skilled horse and a true one-of-a-kind animal. Link pulled back on the reins to stop her and then leaned forward and patted her on the neck lovingly. Link reached in his pouch and gave Epona a carrot from the garden, which she enjoyed a lot.

Then Link walked up to the roof in order to take over his shift of watching. The man thanked him and went down the ladder to pass out on his cot. Link smiled and looked over the vast lands. When the sun rose they were always wonderful no matter how many times he looked at them. He turned his attention to the enemy as an arrow whizzed past his head and he ducked down and gave a loud call. It was a yell so loud that the whole castle was up and clanking. Then, Link returned fire calling out again and again.


Arrows came in huge waves to go right through the rebels and mow down their horses. Link ran down to where Epona waited and put his left foot in the stirrup before hoisting himself up. He adjusted his shield and a young boy handed him a lance. Link thanked him and charged right at the enemy. The sound of the thundering hooves echoed brilliantly inside his brain as he held his lance with a vice grip. The two sides collided with a hammering blow. Link's weapon ripped through two men while several weapons just bounced off his shield.

He felt a blow glance off his shoulder and turned to stab the man. Another person came up behind him and Link knew he'd never get the lance there in time. Link dropped the long pole and pulled out the Master Sword. He stabbed the man clear through to the other side and he fell off the horse screaming, blood gushing out of the wound. Link leapt off his horse and signaled her to go back to the stables with the others. Horsemen flashed on the left and right of Link as he cut them down.

Then, gigantic, pig-link animals came charging at him and he leapt on top of one, slaying it's fellows with his blade. Then, he stabbed the beast in the head. The animal fell down, instantly dead. Link sheathed the blade and ran back to the cover of the castle, letting arrows cover his retreat. When he got back to safety he turned to an aging man.

"How many did you see?"

"Several," said the man. "No more then fifty, no less then thirty. Either number is troublesome."

"Call for five good men to follow me," ordered Link.

"Five sir? Wouldn't you prefer more?"

"You'd do well to follow your orders."

The man left and returned quickly with five young men. All were strong and fast. They stood at full attention before Link. Link signaled for them to separate and move out. One followed Link while the other four went off on the other side of a large hill. Link caught their eyes and made a quick hand motion. They sprang up quickly and each had a kill before the targets knew what had happened. Then they stood in a solid formation. Using the empty area to their advantage.

The five kicked, stabbed and fought the enemy, and it wasn't overly taxing. Link himself had killed several and was only a little worn. He smashed another man clean off his feet with his hylian shield then stabbed him in the face. Then, another man swung at Link's exposed back, only to be stabbed by one of the boys. They worked as a good team, as all soldiers were trained to do. It was mostly very quick hit and run. You would run up stab two or three men, then leap back to get cover and nurse small wounds, then repeat.

Link gave one quick wave in a propeller motion and the men retreated into the dark forest of secrets. Link peered carefully around a tree and saw two men glancing around. They were actually looking for Link's men, but in the pitch black darkness of the forest there was no way that Link and his boys would be found. Link signaled the men to hold their ground and ran out against the men himself. The two reacted on instinct and ran right at him. Link raised his right hand and smirked.

"You two really want to die that badly?"

He threw his hand forward and arrows flew from the trees to bring the two men down. Link sighed and did a quick count of the men left. There were few remaining. While Link and his boys had been killing the men from behind, Hyrule had charged them from the front and ripped them apart. Link signaled for them to go back to the castle. That night, Link was hailed as a brilliant man with true leadership abilities. The promoted him to lead of the Special Forces.

Link was shocked. This position was reserved for some of the very best. Hyrule's army was large, but the Special Forces were a small group of forty men broken up into five groups of eight. The Special Forces were all fast, deadly, strong and willing to obey any order from their commander. The commander himself was supposed to be smart, and as good as any of his men. He had always wanted to be in the Special Forces, but had never thought he'd command his own group.

"Link," said Mugarti, his old drill sergeant. "Your group will be group E. They are a little new to their job, but with a firm hand they will do fine. They are mostly a stealth group, but have a good punch too. They mostly work on taking out big commanders or the important group of people that run everything. Good Luck, commander."

Link smiled at the word commander. It was a work the held power and ability. He walked over to a small tent that the older gentleman had indicated. It was small for eight men to sleep in, but that hardly surprised him. They were used to very cruel conditions. Link walked in with authority and opened the flap of the tent to peer inside. As soon as he did the soldiers all snapped to attention. Link walked up to each one of the men individually and asked them their names, ages and best abilities.

"Sir!" said the nearest man. "My name is Grehadel, #1 sir, I am 23 and my abilities lay heavily in explosions and distractions sir!"

Link nodded and pointed the next man in line, "You."

"Sir! I am #2, Marth of 19! My best ability is my speed."

Now they went on without being prompted.

"My name is Hunder, #3 sir! I am 21 and am best at quiet assassinations."

"I am called Bedurt, #4 sir! I am 23 as well. I am best scouting!"

"Sir, I am Yutan #5! I am 20 and best used in teamwork situations, sir!"

"Sir," said the next man in an oily voice, though respectfully. "I am #6, called Darwin. I work best in the shadows and the darkness of night for any job that needs to get done without them knowing I'm doing it. I also am very good at getting into places that I am not wanted."

"I have no real name sir," said one youth. "I am known just as #7 and I'm 17 I think. I am best teamwork as well."

"I am #8, Lars, sir. I'm 22 and best at flanking an opponent."

Link nodded, happy with the men.

"Well," Link spoke to them now. "I am Link, as you may know. I am 25 now, and I am equal in almost everything, although I'm probably tops in hand-to-hand combat. Very well men, that is all for the day, we will have our orders again around midnight, so rest up because I want no one trying to sleep on the journey there."

They all saluted him and leapt onto the cots. Link walked up to his own room and saw the small scroll lying on the floor. His first set of battle orders as a commander. He opened them and read, and then he quickly walked over to his desk and began to draw battle plans. He wrote hard and until the sun was setting over the hills. He knew he would regret it, but he couldn't stop. Finally as the sun disappeared, Link passed out on the bed. It wasn't even one hour before the messenger boy woke him.

Link groaned and got up. He didn't don his armor this time. He put on his green tunic without any undershirt, so as to let air circulate beneath his arms. Then he put on a set of black pants and tied the green bandana around his head then dashed down to his men's tent, belting on his blade and quiver. He smiled a little. He was nervous yes, but it was his first battle where he would control everything. It was a chance for commander Link to show his ability to the King of Hyrule.

As he reached the men, they were finishing getting dress and Hunder tossed him a long black cloak. Link caught it and thanked him, then slipped it on. He could've kicked himself. It was a night run mission, of course. Why hadn't he thought to bring his own black cloak? He dismissed the thought and grabbed Epona's reigns.

"Let's move, when he get within three hundred meters, dismount and use only hand signs. 1, 2, 5 and 7 are with me. 3, 4, 6 and 8 you loop around the other side of the outer wall we'll meet in the middle of the camp. From there, just follow my orders. Any questions? Good, move."

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