The Legend of Zelda: The Battle For Hyrule

Chapter 10: The Strength of a Hero

The Battle For Hyrule:

By: Hugo Reed

Chapter 10: The Strength of a Hero

Link stabbed one Redead killing it instantly, retracted the blade and slashed another across the chest. Even armed with just his blade, Link was a impossibly dangerous enemy.

Suddenly a voice called out, "Down you vile thing! Back to the shadows from whence you came."

It was the voice of someone Link knew well. But it couldn't be... he had died. Link looked to his left towards the voice. Xilic stood there sword in hand.

Link ran to him, "Xilic it is you, but, how?"

Xilic smiled.

"Chance really. A red fairy managed to find me."

Link simply smiled too. His brother, the only man Link would not have been happier to have here, was back. The two stood in a back-to-back formation. A crowd of Redead and troll alike stood around them in a deadly wave. Link slammed one's head down and stabbed it in the back. Xilic shot a troll in the neck with a deadly accuracy. Then Xilic and Link hooked arms spun, and Link landed high upon the troll's back. He twirled the blade, and stabbed it in the back of the head.

Meanwhile, Xilic was fighting off two Redead at once. Grabbing one's sword, he thrust the evil blade into the second Redead and beheaded the first. The troll Link was on toppled to the ground, throwing him off and rolling towards Xilic. The dirt tasted like it had been burnt somehow.

Link leapt up and kicked a beast in the face, then stabbed it hard. He retracted the Master Sword, concentrated his power into his legs, and jumped. His leap carried to the middle of the group of enemies. Link focused and charged up his magic energy. Then he released a spin attack. Link flipped in the middle of a different part of this army, and released a ring of a fire that was so blazing hot, it burned anything that got near it.

Xilic was currently battling with a man who was battle with a long fire-red blade. Link ran forward but a wave of vile Re-deads stood between him and Xilic. Link ran forward slashing into two people, friends or foes, he neither knew nor cared. All that mattered was he save Xilic.

He ran forward and screamed, "Foul man! Have you a wish to meet the Gods' judgment?"

Waiting for no reply Link stabbed the man in the gut, grabbed the black blade again and beheaded the man. A pain surged thorough his left hand. Link ran forward, and saw that Xilic had been skimmed across the hip, but he'd be ok. Link looked at his hand. The pain had subsided, and Link ripped off his glove and saw with dismay that the Triforce signal that was given to the Hero of Time had disappeared.

Link grabbed Xilic and raised his forehead to his brother's.

"Xilic it is over they have lost their commander. I have won us the battle. I have saved Hyrule." Link said.

"Yes, but at what price brother? You are going to die because your task has been finished. I will die one day from causes from battle and my sprit will go to the warrior's hall of fame to rest forever, but you being never truly a man of a chosen destiny, it is not possible to tell where you will end up."

"Then I will fight until the Goddesses take me away from this land!" Link said.

Then he whistled for Snowfire and picked up Xilic. As Snowfire stopped Link hoisted his spirit brother on her back and climbed up afterwards. Snowfire rode away from the battle and Link made her stop. He lifted Xilic off and set him down in the cold dirt. It was certainty quickly turning into deep night. He hadn't the time to heal his wounds, and Xilic would heal fine. Link hopped onto Snowfire and rode into the fight. One monster fell to the Master Sword shortly followed by three more. Link jumped off his horse and sent her out of the battle while slashing through a troll's foot.

Link felt pain stab him again and looked down and saw that he had become slightly transparent. The power that was taking Link from this earth must be working double time. Link split a Redead in half and slashed through two archers. He could just barely see through the brown glove on his hand.

Then Link overheard a horseman talking to Zelda, "Do you really think we can win, your highness?"

"As long as we have Link, I don't think we can lose." Zelda responded.

The pain spreading through Link's semi-transparent body seemed to double. Link snarled and fought on, killing several more enemies. His will and determination was spurring him on, leaving him set on not losing this battle. The pain within his body steadily increased until Link had to double over from the sheer pain of it. Link dropped his sword and grabbed his head. He looked at his right hand and saw that it was barely noticeable. He was almost dead.

Grabbing his sword he killed two fiends. As the blood fell his thought about what he was fighting for. Link fought for Hyrule's freedom, and for Malon. To protect her, Link knew if he killed enough of the monsters that Malon would be safe. So, Link smashed one archers' face in before stabbing him. Pain shot through him again. Link tried to keep fighting but suddenly the Master Sword clattered to the ground. A light, brighter then the sun flashed, and Link was no longer upon the battlefield.

Lights flashed through his mind. Link had no idea what was going on. He opened his eyes and looked at his body. It was no longer transparent, but he was wearing white clothing, not his normal green tunic. He then realized he was lying down on the ground. Sitting up, Link also was missing the weight of the Master sword on his back. He stood and surveyed his surroundings. He was standing on a gigantic pillar in what he assumed was the sky, considering all the clouds were around him. More of these pillars stood next to each other, as though they were begging him to jump to the next one.

Link took a deep breath and jumped to the nearest pillar. To his surprise he managed the jump with ease, though it was no less then fifteen feet away. Link gasped a little.

"What new magic is this?" he whispered.

Link then caught sight of a man on one of the giant sticks of stone not far away. Link leapt from pillar to pillar until he was on the one next to the man. Crouching down, then springing, Link jumped to the man's pillar and saw that the man was lying on his side apparently sleeping. But something was wrong, the man's side didn't rise and fall as it does when one inhales and exhales. Link pulled him onto his back a glimpsed the man's face. It was covered in blood, and horribly disfigured as though someone had smashed it in with a hammer.

Then Link realized that the man hadn't been on another pillar but what looked like a crude battlefield. Swords and arrows lay strewn everywhere. This place seemed so odd and yet familiar. Of course, this was Hyrule field in front of the castle. Link hadn't recognized it with out the drawbridge. Link looked at the dead faces and saw that they were of the townspeople, Redead and other fiends. Among them lay the man Link had beheaded to save Xilic. Link looked over the edge of the mock field and saw the real battlefield. The fight was going well enough, well enough so that they were winning anyway.

Link spotted Xilic, Malon and Zelda in the mass of people.

"What do you mean to tell me?" he asked the gods. "Did I actually die? I suppose I must have."

Suddenly a voice broke through to him, "Link, you have been brought here by the three goddesses. You are needed here, for there is new and saddening things happening in the after world. You must pass your father's challenge."

Link didn't speak from fear and indignation. Angrily he looked around and a large whirlwind broke out creating a whirling vortex of power and magic. Link stood at the opening of the vortex with the winds picking up.

"Do you accept the task that has been laid before you?" asked the voice.

"Yes," Link spoke scared.

Link had never experienced fear like this. Even facing Gannondorf had not brought this fear. After all, how could you respond to being told you were going to have to save the after world, a place that is supposed to be the goal of life?

"Being given your life again is an honor that has never been given to anyone else. You will go to Hyrule until you pass your father's challenge, and not a moment longer."

Link took a deep breath and ran into the entrance of the hell facing him. The first thing he noticed was that everything was a different color. The effect however, wasn't that of a rainbow. It was as though he were looking at the world through a distortion glass as the sun set. Nothing was even remotely clear, and in the end everything just turned into a never ending blur of color.

Then Link noticed several things in very quick succession. First and foremost, he was falling down this tube like vortex. Secondly, his heart was pumping a lot faster then normal and his blood seemed to hurt. It suddenly jerked him and the pain grew at an unbelievable rate.His very being suddenly felt as though it were aflame. He yelled and screamed. How could he still be in such pain? Was he not dead? Should he no longer have the body to feel pain? Link cast the questions aside and continued trying to break the pain. It was no simple task and even Link didn't know how to do it, let alone if he had the energy left to do so.

The time began to meld together. Days seemed to become one with the night, and became the forsaken hours of twilight. After what felt like an eternity, Link stopped yelling. He was too tired. His remaining voice was dry and scratchy. Furthermore, it did him no good to yell and he knew it. Link instead focused and thought through the searing pain.

This is all a test set up by my father. So what do I have to use? Gods! My heart feels as though it's bleeding from the inside out! How long has it been in here!? I can't tell because there is no day or night here! It's always the hour of twilight. Time means nothing here. Time… Time…

Link stopped, and it clicked.

Am I the Hero of Time or not?!

Hold up his left hand, Link began to focus he magical ability. A small rip appeared in the never-ending vortex. Link grinned and used was remaining physical energy he had and dove through the extremely narrow rip within the vortex. For a little while, Link was falling through pure, dark blackness. The only real difference aside from color, and Link was grateful for it was that he was no longer in pain. Either his body had gone numb or the unexplained source of pain had decided to leave him alone for a while. Then through all the blackness came a shape.

It was a large entrance to an even larger cavern. Link looked at it and realized that the brown floating mass meant that he would have solid feet beneath his feet. It was extremely likely that falling from such a long height would seem to kill him. He also knew that he didn't care, for within this moment, he just wanted to stop the hell he was in. Using was magic power he still had, he forced himself unto the rock and ran into the entrance to the large cave.

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