The Legend of Zelda: The Battle For Hyrule

Chapter 11: Link's test

The Battle For Hyrule:

By: Hugo Reed

Chapter 11: Link's test

Link stared around the big cavern. He didn't find any monsters within it, but instead he found several inscriptions along the wall and stone tile floor. They symbols were strange one that Link wasn't even remotely familiar with. He stared at them, trying to understand what they meant. Occasionally there was a picture lying along the scripture. One of these showed the Triforce. This one seemed to glow strangely to Link. He put his hand up next to it, upon the hard stonewall, hesitated, and touched it. A burst of light came along and carried Link off, just a he could've done with his magic.

Link landed, rather roughly, in the middle of a field.

Hyrule field, he thought.

However something was wrong. Something was most deeply, drastically, wrong. The battle that was supposed to be raging on around him, was not taking place. There was no one, save one man. He was a blonde youth that looked to be around eighteen to nineteen, or somewhere around there. This man stood sword drawn, and tall, proud to be there. He was watching the gates, and waiting.

For what? What is supposed to happen? Link wondered.

A figure came out of the lowered drawbridge. The man suddenly gasped as a dagger stuck in his gut, then he died. In fright, Link examined the man's face as the dark red blood pooled around him. Link couldn't see or recognize the person's face, but the feeling that the black robed figure gave him was oddly familiar. The figure raised it's arms, holding a long blade, blue as the sky, and the cloak fell to the ground.

And, with a sudden pang Link found he did know the figure. It was one that he had seen many times, and was used to seeing after all the battle. However, now the expression that was upon the said person's face made Link want to be sick. It wasn't the treacherous Gerudo woman, it wasn't Gannondorf, it wasn't even the man who had no name from his old squad.

It was Xilic, but he didn't look like Link's memory of him. In Link's mind Xilic was a proud man who stood tall brave and righteous. He had been someone who was strong, and ready to battle against all odds for what he believed in. But now... now Xilic eyes glowed with a burning passion for what was unmistakably death, and he stood hunched over, as though he were an old man. Bags lay underneath the once proud eyes. They were in pain, and lustful, oh so lustful and unhappy. Instead of the normal dark brown he knew, the eyes were blood red.

Finally he spoke to Link, "You betrayed us. You left us all. You got sucked away from the battle all those years ago and left us to be taken over. You destroyed Hyrule my brother."

Link shivered at the oily despicable tone of his voice; then he looked around the land and saw that it was all burned down.

The battle, they had lost? How did that happen? They were winning when I last checked.

"When you left, we put up our best fight. But then the Master showed up and we were helpless. You could've saved us… but you left. Then the Master took over. You betrayed us all my bother."

Xilic spat the last word, then his sword straight out in front of him, and pointed it at Link. Link knew what the upraise in magical ability meant and yelled out to his brother.

"Xilic stop! I don't want to fight you!" Link cried out.

Xilic smirked and raised his blade's handle to eye level.

"Pitiful, the Chosen Hero doesn't even want to fight back." Xilic said.

Link didn't know why, but he knew that Xilic fully intended to kill him. Xilic continued building up his power.

"Xilic please, I can help you!" Link called out.

"It's too late for that now. You're too late! You left! You never stayed to defend us before! You aren't looking at the young pitiful, commander of the sad group of the rebels. You are gazing upon the four star general of the Master's personal Hyrule assassins. I am ten times as powerful as before."

"Assassins for who?" Link asked.

"Your kind of filth, that threatens the perfect empire that Hyrule has now become!" Xilic answered.

With that Xilic swung his mighty blade. An energy beam, greener then the most beautiful grass sprang from it's tip, and came rushing at Link. Link rolled to his left to dodge the fatal blow. Xilic angrily returned the blade to his side, sticking it in the ground. Link eyed him carefully.

"Xilic don't make me do this!" Link pleaded.

Xilic raised his hand and a dark blast of energy flew towards Link. Link used Faeroe's wind to transport himself to a spot just behind Xilic. The angry youth wheeled around in a flash, a little shocked.

"That one's new... Looks like you were always holding out on us. Guess I slightly underestimated you. No matter I can still destroy you." Xilic said.

Link looked to his right and saw the Master Sword and it had an odd light around it. Link knew enough of magic to know it was a protective spell. It was probably an enhanced version of it's incantation, for no actual evil could ever wield the blade of evil's bane, as was common knowledge.

"Yeah that's your old blade," Xilic said bitterly. "The Master could never remove it after Zelda's spell, curse her. But I found her in the end. Gave that girl what she had coming to her."

Xilic smirked now, and his face was darker and almost hollow as Link examined it.

Zelda is gone, and Xilic killed her, I have to get the sword back.

Link ran towards the sword, but Xilic jumped in his way with an amazing speed and grace.

"Think I'll let you take it back? Think again."

Xilic lunged at Link, bringing the sky blue blade up and over his shoulder. Link used Faeroe's wind again. He landed right next to his old blade. He grasped the handle and pulled the sword up. It was so good and so familiar in his hand. He quickly turned to block Xilic's strike. Xilic struck again and again. Link blocked every strike, and moved back smoothly without any trouble.

"Xilic you need to wake up remember everything you did for justice!"

Xilic didn't respond, except to kick Link in the face. Link quickly ran backwards and away from Xilic's swinging attacks. Link knew that this anger of Xilic's couldn't be stopped by mere words. He used his magic abilities to unleash Din's fire and created a ring of flame around him to block his brother. Xilic chanted a quick spell and rain started pouring down exterminating Link's fire. Xilic's attacks started to become more aggressive. He had changed his stance and his fighting was much more brute strength as opposed to speed or improvisation.

"Xilic please, don't do this! Come back, I can help you!"

Link called trying to reach his friend with the words.

"It's too late now!" Xilic yelled back. "You should have helped me before, when we were brothers in the war! You failed us all. Your an enemy to Hyrule and must be killed."

"Perhaps I did fail you but I won't abandon you to your Master's side without trying to get back your freedom." Link said.

"That's not your decision to make." called Xilic.


"That name is no longer used brother!" Grehadel yelled in anguish. "My name is Grehadel! And I'm an assassin for the Master. His word is my law."

"Then you are lost," Link yelled.

Link took his fighting stance.

"The man who was Xilic is dead!"

Grehadel swung at Link horizontally, but Link back flipped over the assault.

"Fight you coward!" Grehadel yelled angrily.

Link used Faeroe's wind once more. He was a good thirty yards away from his opponent. He prepared himself. If it was necessary that Link kill his own brother to save Hyrule then he would do it. Grehadel turned and snarled. He held his blade vertically in front of himself.

"This is the end for you my new enemy!"

Link looked at him, tears spilling out from under his eyes.

"You don't mean that. You can not, do not mean it."

"I assure I can, and do."

"You were my brother."

"Please," said Xilic. "Let us not dwell in the past."

Link felt the rain hit his head, hair, and body. Then he looked over at Xilic. He knew he had but one choice, to kill him. However, to kill his friend, his brother no less, did that not make him far more monsterous then his foe? He shook his head and set the Master Sword in front of himself at an angle. He spoke, with no more tears or sorrow.

"Goodbye, my old friend."

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