The Legend of Zelda: The Battle For Hyrule

Chapter 12: Fate's Move

The Battle for Hyrule:

By: Hugo Reed

Chapter 12: Fate's Move

"This is the end for you my new enemy!" Grehadel said. "I wish that this didn't have to happen."

"As do I Xilic, as do I." Link responded.

"I told you not to call me by that. I'm Grehadel!" yelled Link's new foe. "I'm the four star general of the Master's assassins!"

"Of course, sorry but I'm afraid I'll never get used to screaming that name." Link responded.

Grehadel swung at Link who blocked the blow, and could feel his arm stinging from the power of the attack. Link flipped over Grehadel and stabbed at the exposed flesh. The blue blade intercepted the attack. Link used to force behind Xilic's blow to skid backwards across the field. Grehadel tried to hit Link with a thrown dagger, but Link rolled out of the way and struck this blade out the air with his own. Grehadel pulled out a bow fitted with a poison arrow and shot at Link. Link swung his blade to knock the arrow astray and into the darkness that was night.

Grehadel ran at link swinging his blade in a confusing series of chops and swipes. Link barely managed to use Faeroe's wind to escape. He readied himself in a new style, the expert fencing style that was perfect for any one on one type of fight. Link was a master of all styles of the blade, but perfection of style couldn't replace unnatural help.

"You magic tricks can't keep you alive forever!" Grehadel called.

Link ran forward to strike him, but Grehadel moved out of the way and attacked in turn. Raising his blade faster then lightning, Link blocked the blow and back flipped far enough to give himself a slight second to recuperate. Grehadel was on him in the blink of an eye. Link strived with his opponent for higher ground for merely a few seconds, and his keen sight caught a figure that was walking through the gates.

What now? Link thought angrily.

The new figure raised it arms and a ring of fire about a liege in diameter sprung up. Link tried to use Faeroe's wind to escape but he found that he couldn't work the spell anymore. The fire was a strange one, for even Xilic's rain didn't put it out. Grehadel took advantage of the distraction and kicked Link hard in the head. Link coughed and some blood fell out. He steadied himself, and then Link wiped his mouth. Link grabbed the fallen dagger, and ran at his opponent, stopping the attack of the blue blade and trying to stab Grehadel with the dagger.

However, Grehadel grabbed the dagger and flicked it out of Link's hand. Link bashed the blue blade with the Master Sword so hard that it escaped Grehadel's grasp, but Link's enemy didn't stand for that. He kicked the Master Sword clear out of Link's own hand, and Link felt as though his very life were torn away from his with the leather grip of his blade. As his past brother reached down to pull up his blade, Link tackled him. Grehadel the used a magic spell, and fire danced a dance of the stars upon his hands. He then grabbed Link's face.

Link could feel the very fires of hell attack and burn his face, scarred from battle. The pain nearly blinded him. For some reason, most of Link's world was blacking out, but Link caught a look at the figure that was now standing, arms crossed, looking rather amused. Then he spoke in a voice, as oily as darkness itself.

"The boy has spirit General Grehadel you must give him that."

Grehadel smiled grimly.

"He won't for long Master I assure you."

Link kicked Grehadel in the neck, which made him release Link's face. Grehadel picked up the fallen sword as Link ran for the Master Sword. As he grabbed the handle a pain entered his back, continued through his left lung, and ended at his chest. He looked down and saw Grehadel's blue blade extending from his bosom. Grehadel had stabbed him in the back and ran him through. Link turned to face this man and saw that he was grinning and laughing. Link touched the wound in strange astonishment. If this was dying, actually dying, shouldn't it hurt him a lot more?

"It's over Brother, You have lost Commander."

Grehadel gasped several times, tired from the battle.

"It's not over until either you, I, or both are gone and can't breathe anymore," Link responded and ran Grehadel through with his blade.

The figure at the gates started, but then seemed to reconsider something and resumed his previous position. Link could easily see Grehadel was still more then alive and still breathing to top everything off. He gritted his teeth and pushed the Master sword a hard with what power he had left, but the sword didn't budge. Grehadel grabbed the metal and pulled himself closer to Link, and laughed at him, pushing the blade in deeper in the process.

Link gathered what remaining strength he had and pulled the blue blade out of his own back, and cut Grehadel's left arm off, and now Link saw that Grehadel did bare a striking resemblance to the man without a name. Link made a decision he didn't know about until he acted upon. Link knew he had killed Xilic's likeness, and Grehadel would die as his predecessor had.

Link tried to stay up as he pulled a red potion out of his pack and started to drink it. However, before he had drank more then half, Grehadel grabbed the bottle and drank the healing medicine. Grehadel flung Link from him, causing Link to drop the red blade. The man who had been Link's brother came running as quickly and hard as he had at the beginning of the battle. Link backpedaled quickly, fighting off and blocking every strike. Suddenly, he used a split second opening to grab Grehadel's arm and behead him. It had been quick and sudden, and something no one had expected of the Hero of Time.

Staring at Xilic's blood on his hands, Link thought, It may have been Grehadel's spirit I killed but it was Xilic's body.

Link didn't have long to morn his spirit brother. The man who was Grehadel's master was more then a little annoyed at having one of his best assassins assassinated.

The man drew a golden blade and tried to stab Link, but doing so required him to release his hold on Link's magical abilities. Link quickly transported himself to Koriki Forest with Faeroe's wind. Automatically, Link was forced to stop a blow to the head from a Redead blade. Link flipped over the thing and beheaded it. He then knocked two arrows that were heading for him astray. Link looked to his right and saw what had been several Koriki children but were now several bodies laying in pools of their own, dark, red, deep, hurting blood.

A pain stabbed at Link's heart, all those children from his past were destroyed. The Koriki were a peaceful bunch, and didn't like to fight. He had a feeling that they'd been killed in their sleep. Knowing that it wouldn't have mattered either way didn't change the fact that it felt good to blame the beasts. Link didn't have long to brew. He soon was forced to flee from a legion of Redead both sword wielders and archers.

Link went to Zora's domain and Death mountain. All over Hyrule, it was the same. Everyone was slaughtered. Natives, visitors, guests, foes were all covered from head to foot in dark, red, deep, hurting blood. To make it all even better, the homes were burned to the ground, and the town was covered with enemies. Not all were Redead though, several were human, and Link figured they were the assassins that "Grehadel" had lead.

Every place he'd been forced to flee to made him leave instantly before he suffered and paid for the information with his untimely death. Link did manage to steal a red fairy from one of the men, and used it to heal himself. He thought long but eventually came to one steady conclusion .

Xilic had said that they were all controlled by a sort of spell that the Master placed on them. So, if I destroy him then everyone will be free... hopefully.

He knew he would have to act, but not just yet. He also knew something else. For there to be no one left from the riders, Malon must've… No, he mustn't be aloud to think it. He couldn't accept it. If he did accept it, if he allowed it to even become a thought, then he had no reason to live anymore, let alone fight. He shook himself.

"You're being stupid. She isn't dead… She can't be dead! She isn't, can't be, wouldn't be dead! Right! She's just… just… just being held… prisoner… That has to be it… because… if she's dead, then there really isn't any justice in the world! Right! The goddesses wouldn't let it happen!"

So, as soon as the sun rose, Link ran towards the gates of Hyrule castle to see that the gates were open. Link wasn't stupid, and knew that an ambush could be waiting. So, he drew his sword and stuck it into the wall, pulled himself up with it, stuck into a higher position, and pulled himself up until he could grab the castle wall top. He pulled himself onto the roof and sheathed the Master Sword.

He took one moment to prepare himself, then Link ran forward hopping from roof to roof until he saw the castle that Zelda was supposed to have run one day. Now, it was all black and dark lightning came from the heavens to strike the ground in angry paths. Several of them struck together to form a circle and several beings came from it. Redead and trolls, dragons and demons flew into the castle. It was a spell, a true one. It was not like Din's fire, but a summoning of the dead or undead from other worlds. The very sight could make one want to die quick and painlessly.

Link ran into the door of the castle and saw that it was guarded by hundreds upon hundreds of enemies. Link drew his sword, and prepared, knowing that he couldn't win but that he would die with the satisfaction that he had tried. However, suddenly the Redead and trolls, and demons and dragons, all stood with their backs to the wall and stood respectfully. A figure came walking down the long hallway which acted as a proceed to the throne. It was one that Link knew, Grehadel's Master, and the figure he had seen at the gates.

"Ah, The Hero of Time, I find it unique that you managed to live after you were swept away and even more surprised you came back. Tell me how was it done?"

Link didn't want to tell him but knew that it would be found out eventually, so he told him everything about the afterlife he'd had. After all, just telling this man the truth would be much less painful then having every drop of knowledge drained from him by magical means, and Link did want some energy left to kill this man. After all, every death he was suffering from could be traced back to this, "master".

"So you didn't do it? You used no magic to bring yourself back? I'm sorry to hear that, I thought that you'd managed to drag yourself back here epically."

The figure drew a sword that was golden as the sun with a black handle and a red crystal set into the palm of the handle. It was a weapon of elegence, and Link didn't yet know he would grow to hate that blade and everything about it.

"I have no more to say to you, Hero of Time meet your fate."

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