The Legend of Zelda: The Battle For Hyrule

Chapter 13: Link's Choice

The Battle for Hyrule:

By: Hugo Reed

Chapter 13: Link's choice

Link prepared for the worst that could be delivered by this man. After all, this man seemed to radiate the very essence of power and magic. Even so, the man appeared to do nothing but stand there. Link didn't understand why the man would not attack. He could've had a thousand thoughts going on in his head: to frighten, size up or throw off his foe, or none of these.

Suddenly a cut, about two inches in width and five centimeters in depth, appeared on his off arm. Link stared it in shock. This was a spell he didn't know of, nor had he ever thought magic was capable of such feats. The man wasn't even forming signal or signs. Nor had he give a worded command.

"What devilry is this?" Link cried aloud.

"You are a fool; it is surprising you killed one of my best men. I am using no spell on you Hero, I don't need to. Even without the power to blast you, my speed could destroy you."

Another cut appeared in his right leg. It burn as though it were aflame.

He's doing it. He's fast too fast to see even. I'm going to have to watch for his moves closely and try to see if he hesitates anywhere. It's… insane. He's using magic to boast his power, he must be, but the magical power that would require… It would be unhuman. Even I, being blessed by the Gods, can't master a move like that.

The Master moved again. This time, ready for it, Link saw the shift in the man's weight, but no more before a slash grew across his chest. It tore the tunic and covering underneath it. Link gasped and held his cry of pain inside. He wouldn't allow this man to see his pain. Then he prepared for the man to strike again.

Link swung as the man paused between blows again. However, the Master sword seemed to cut nothing but air and go straight through the man. Link righted himself as blows landed on his back. Then Link focused his magic and performed a spin attack, unleashing a temporary, small ring of blue fire from the tip of his blade. Link dug his heel into the ground to stop his rotation and saw, to his shock, that he had hit the master. The master was knocked clean off his feet.

Link didn't pause; he ran up and flipped to sword plant the man in the face. To Link's surprise, the attack missed by feet as the master moved to his old spot. Link back flipped as far as he could twice. Then he switched his blade to steadier grip. He watched the man for the shift in the weight again. The man only moved an inch but when he did Link swung as fast as he could and the blow landed on the man's upper arm, not, however without the prick of the golden blade in his shoulder. The man looked at the two marks Link had left upon his body with anger.

"It seems I underestimated you Hero of Time. However, you've never faced a wizard with my magic abilities before. Now you will die."

The man twitched his hand a Link's clothes caught fire and burned him. The red flames seemed to spread throughout his very veins. It boiled his blood red-hot and made his bitterly curse all heat, wanting nothing but the ice cold of death's embrace. Link threw off his tunic in a flash, and put the fire on his pants out. The man twitched his right hand again and lighting came down and struck at Link several times. With each strike, Link was sure his very lifeline wavered. The pain was beyond reason, beyond his will to live. Link didn't know how he was still alive, but he was.

The master moved an inch and suddenly his sword was at Link's neck. The opposing blade niked him in the shoulder before the man spoke again.

"Goodbye Hero!"

Link rolled to his right while the golden blade left a trail of blood on his neck. Link managed to pick his tunic up and throw it on the man's face. He could feel the flames begin to melt the leather gauntlets he always wore. He tossed them off before they could singe his skin. The tunic was dispatched of by the master, but it gave Link the time he so desperately needed. Link used the distraction to run, full sprint, out of the castle and used Faeroe's wind to go to the Hylian Rider cave. Link stared at the many swords in the ground and sat down weeping from failure and for the end.

A light started to glow around a Triforce symbol on a shield. Link didn't hesitate and placed his hand upon it. He felt the same swipe of wind and opened his eyes to find himself back in the room with strange symbols. Link looked around, what else did he have to do?

He walked around touching several interesting symbols, but nothing happened. He walked around the cavern again trying to see a way out. However, no matter how hard he looked around, nothing seemed to appear or become more apparent. Then he stopped and felt around for any magical energy.

He saw that a tile on the floor bore a strange tint. Link pressed his hand on it and nothing happened. He stood on it and nothing happened. Link tried to whistle at the tile, still nothing happened. He prayed at it and nothing happened. Link even tried smashing it and nothing happened. Now thoroughly annoyed with the tile he kicked it. To his surprise, it shifted a little bit. Link placed his hands in the grove in the floor that separated every tile, and pulled it up. He saw that it was a hole that he could fit into with an amount of difficulty.

He didn't start floating as normal, but he fell straight to the hard soil and saw that he was again on the battlefield that he had been on when he'd fought with Grehadel. Link tried to move forward to make his vision a little clearer but he couldn't. He tried to move his leg but it was stuck as though it were frozen. Link looked ahead and saw the battle as it had been just before he had left. He was not transparent anymore though. He saw the Master walk unto the field and saw several people fall. Zelda was trapped behind no less than fifty Redead and four trolls.

He looked over and saw Xilic, not yet Grehadel, kneeling in front of the Master, looking as though he was trying to escape a great pain. Link saw a battling version of himself run up and kill several of the Redead around Zelda and three of the trolls. Zelda broke through the lines and used magic to escape. Link then saw himself rise and run fast towards Xilic.

But then Link heard, "Rise Grehadel, do what you must!"

Link saw himself shouting something, however, Xilic turned around and stabbed the other Link. He felt the rush of wind again and flew back to the strange symbol room.

If I'd saved Xilic, Zelda would've died, so I couldn't save both of them. That means when it comes down to it whom do I prefer to keep alive Xilic or Zelda? Link thought.

He wondered around the room for a little while and ran back to the entrance; he ran as fast as he could back towards Hyrule field. The sounds of hate, murder and death reached his keen ears.

It came into sight in about five minutes but Link wouldn't reach it for hours. He tried to use Faeroe's wind but his magic was far too low and if he ever would successfully warp it would practically kill him again. Link played a tune on his ocarina and was warped to the Temple of Time. It was farther then he would've liked, but it was close enough. He leapt across the drawbridge towards the battle that was almost the same as when he'd left it. He killed five Redead and was trying to reach Xilic quickly.

Xilic was on top of a troll and shooting down several Redead. Link leapt up on the troll too and told Xilic to be careful and that he needed to remember what he was fighting for. Link sword planted through a skull of a Redead. Then he went to find Zelda. He saw her in the mass of several foes. Link slashed through two of the trolls that were nearby and pain entered his hip he looked down and saw it bleeding. The red blood was so deep that one could've gotten quite lost in it.

Link was suddenly blasted far out towards the borders of the battle, and he saw the figure at the gate fighting with Xilic. Link started fighting his way towards his long time friend but then saw that Zelda was being attacked with far too many Redead. It was time to choose. Link looked over between Xilic and Zelda and dashed as hard as he could towards his friend. He saw Xilic kneel down in front of the Master and Link threw his blade so hard that the muscles in his entire right arm screamed in protest.

The blade entered the Master's chest point first. Link then sprinted faster then he'd ever done before in his life towards Zelda's location. He reached her and held up his hands pulling on his essence to use what power of magic protection he could still make and used it to shield himself and Zelda. The creatures were hammering on Link's last defense. Link could feel his magic draining his body as he tried to keep the shield up, but the pressure was too overwhelming for him to keep it up. Link's magic was fully depleted, as he fell to the ground.

The world slipped from him as he fell into the blackness. The last thing he saw was Zelda, getting beaten in by the club of a large troll.

Link awoke to the sound of a crackling fire and voices in the background. Xilic spoke to him in a slow, careful voice.

"We won… Link? It was incredible. As soon as their commander that Master fell and fled. The clans turned on each other and started fighting. Much wasn't hurt much, well at least she wasn't injured after you showed up. But not everything I have to say is good news. The Master still lives and even though he is wounded, he is a very big threat. And along with that the battle included far too many casualties. The worst of that is that…"

"Zelda is dead."


Link looked all around at the bodies laying around everywhere.

"Go find the Gorons and gear up for your final march."

"Why," asked Xilic. "What are you doing?"

"I can't command anymore. I'm not good. People die under my lead. I'm going to go into the master's halls, on my own, and slaughter the sorry excuse for a man. When I am done with that army, you'll have no more trouble saving Hyrule. You'll have to command the army though."

"But you'll die."

"That's small sacrifice at this point… If I do die, I'll have at least have tried to avenge Zelda."

Malon ran up and hugged him as hard as she could.

"Link," she sobbed into his shirt. "Don't go. Don't die on me. I love you, so much."

"Then you love a failure, and a fool."

Link kissed her lightly on the head and walked away. She fell to the ground in absolute despair. Link walked over to where his repaired armor and blade waited for him. He slipped on the chainlink armor and cap. Then he put on the chestplate, leg pieces, shoulder and metal arms. Then Link slowly dawned himself with a wonderful helm. To top it all off, Link put his shield on his arm and belted on his blade, ready for death. He whistled for Snowfire and climbed slowly upon her back. Even the animal seemed slightly upset. It was as though the horse knew this would be their last march. However, the hooves pounded on through the night. Link looked at the castle. The last fight of the Hero of Time.

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