The Legend of Zelda: The Battle For Hyrule

Chapter 14: Link, War God of Hyrule

The Battle For Hyrule

By: Hugo Reed

Chapter 14: Link, War God of Hyrule

Within the stone castle walls, the master sat upon his high throne and began to heal his wound from Link's blade. It was indeed a might attack, and the master knew he was terribly weakened from it. It may have even been worth it if he'd been successful in turning the young townsman's mind. However, now the master had lost most of his forces and was weakened from battle.

"Damn you, hero of time," he said. "May death find you in the most swift and painful fashion!"

Meanwhile, the Hero of Time moved slowly, on his own, towards the castle. There was no army. There wasn't even a shield upon his back, nor was he upon his horse anymore. He had his clothes, his blade and magic. Other then that, the Hero was helpless, or as helpess as a hero ever was. As Link approached the bridge, two redead came out from either side of the opening to attack him.

Link grinned and spun on the sole of his boot. Pulling out his blade, he flung out his right arm in a straight angle so that it parted the redead heads from their bodies. Then Link continued through the main town. During the Master's rule, all the shops had gone to hell. Not a single shop even looked like it'd been entered from almost a decade. Many walls were half-torn down, but there was no time to worry about the lack of business. redead roamed everywhere, desperate for something to suck the life out of, and Link was a walking feast.

Four of them came at him, trying to paralyze him with fear. However, Link was a hero of courage, and fear wasn't a word in his vocabulary. He leapt to the left and rolled, dodging two slicing claws of the would-be rapists. Then he lounged forward and caught one beast in the chest with the blade. Then he ripped it out and kicked the creature down upon the ground. Two more leapt at him from the left, but he held up at hand and a moment later they burst into flames.

Another redead struck at his back and Link spun around quickly, slicing through the zombie-like creature. The blood splattered across him and Link heard thunder boom above him. Looking up his noticed that it had begun to rain. This light sprinkle quickly turned into a terrible tidal wave of power in the form of water. Then Link felt another attack actually hit him and the redead began sucking the life out of his chest. Link cut down with the Master Sword. Then he dodged to the left, cutting through another foe. He spun to the left and kicked another hard in the chest.

Then the ground rumbled angrily and Link tore his attention from the creatures to view this new threat. Then he saw something that almost made his heart stop. A giant, fire-breathing, three-headed dragon was waging its tail back and forth while looking right at him. It did not escape Link's attention that the tail had several spikes covering the back end. Then it shot fire at him.

Link's eyes went wide and Link rolled off to the left, cutting through four redead. Then he ran up to the great beast, dodging more blasts of fire. The beast then took to the sky and Link swore, leaping up onto crates and then to the rooftops. The beast swung its great tail at him and Link jumped so that the blow missed, and landed upon the great weapon. Then he stuck the Master Sword hard into the beast's tail. He let himself drop to the ground and the thunder boomed again and made his heart flutter.

Water sprayed against his face and plastered his hair flat against his forehead and eyelids. His hat and clothes were soaked and his chain-link shirt and pants seemed to be protesting too much movement. Then dragon sent one of its heads to try and swallow the green-clad hero. Link obliged by jumping right in and thrusting up with all his strength. His blade ripped through the roof of the monster's mouth. Blood poured from the thing's mouth and coated Link in a fresh layer of blood. The beast howled and spat fire, causing Link to leap out.

The flames cooked him and made the metal on his back burn him. He fell to the ground and landed badly on his left arm. The shoulder of his tunic tore and opened, and his head scraped the ground, drawing blood. It dripped into his eyes and he blinked several times trying to see properly. Arrows whistled through the air and Link deflected what he could, dodging what he couldn't. He rolled to the left and a redead leapt at him. Link trust out with the blade and caught it in the face. Then another arrow caught him in the side.

Another arrow came whizzing past him, and went through his hat, knocking it to the ground. Link grabbed the arrow and pulled it out, gritting his teeth. The arrow had gone through a part of his mail and pierced his side. Blood spilled out from the wound and Link slammed his blade in the ground to pull himself up on it. Before he could do anything else, a redead slammed into him hard across the ground. Link was sent skidding through the waves of foes right into the belly of the dragon. It looked down right at Link and growled.

"Not right now," muttered the blonde.

Not even moving his body, Link thrust his sword through the animal's gut and twisted before making the weapon dig its way back out, putting the monster out of action. Link did a backwards summersault and sprang up off his hands, unto his feet. Then Link leapt up into the air and slammed his fist into the ground, causing a high amount of fire to spring up all around him. Scores of piles of bodies fell to the ground, burnt to a crisp. Then Link walked slowly to where the redead had hit him and picked up the hat. He could feel the Master standing behind him.

Then he put on the hat.

"I like this hat."

The Master ran to Link and kicked out at him. Link could barely see him through the mass of blood from his forehead, but he caught the man's foot. The Master angrily caught himself on his hands then kicked Link in his chest. The boy stumbled back and then twirled the Master Sword in his hand before charging. The Master summoned his own saber to the field. The two blades crossed in mid-air and Link swung at the man with his free right hand. The Master moved quickly and caught Link's hand in his left before pulling hard on the arm.

Link leapt, and using his opponent's grip as leverage, he double kicked the man hard in the chest. This forced the Master to release Link and the hero back flipped to get more room. The Master sent a quick amount of fire at the blonde, which was deflected. Link angrily ran at the man, swing the blade in long, but quick circles. The Master ducked, then caught Link's blade upon his own. The two when into a violent strife, with neither getting sufficient leverage over the other for a long time.

They went back and forth for at least a full three minutes, which seemed far longer then it should've. Finally Link knew what would give him at least a bit of help, and he leapt away from the Master. He scooped up a bit of redead skin (The term "skin" here is for lack of a better term, save goop, but goop didn't sound very good.) and threw it hard at the Master's face. He was forced to dodge to the left, giving Link a half-second of an opening. He rolled into action as the Master dodged and before the older man knew what was happening, Link had cut him across the hip.

The Master yelled in pain and attempted to stab Link through the back, but the younger man was quick and the attack only hit his protected chest. However, the mail slipped and Link knew there would be some internal injury, and at least a vicious bruise. The man gritted his teeth and ran forward, determined to damage the Master. However, before he managed to do anything, he was forced to fall to the ground writhing in pain as his eyes flashed to white and he was thrown within the realms of his own mind.

A murky white covered everything within sight. Link could see himself stand, grabbed him a plain, white noble's robe. He touched his forehead to find that his wounds were also non-existent. Then a figure dropped down in front of him, as through from the sky itself. It was Dark Link, or Raikia, clothed just as Link was, save that his robe was black.

"Hero of Time," said Raikia. "You are here because you wish to defeat a powerful foe. Knowing that you might not be strong enough, I am here to try and relieve you of the unnecessary struggle that may only end within failure. I will lend you my strength, use it to destroy that man."

"No," said Link. "Not now, not ever."

"As you wish," said the shadow. "But if you should find yourself near death, call my name and I shall defeat the foe, nothing more, you have my word."

Assuming that matter finished, Link left the shadow be and returned to the battle with the Master. It was at that point the Master was checking Link to see if he was dead. Just as Link returned to the world of the living the Master leapt back, narrowly avoiding Link's blow. Then Link straightened himself and readied the blade within his grasp. Then the Master ran forward and the two blades crossed again before breaking, but this time Link wasn't the faster of the two. The Master caught Link across the stomach, making blood and muscle spill out.

"Dammit!" Link hissed, holding his injury.

He accessed what bit of magic he could and healed himself enough to still fight. He ran forward again, but was blocked by new redead.

"Only a coward hides behind his men!"

"Only a fool throws himself upon the front lines," retorted the Master.

Link sliced through two men quickly and spun upon his heel, kicking another beast hard in the face. One tried to cut him down the spin and Link swung his foot around to hit it hard. It's face broke and splattered blood everywhere and all over Link's tonic, mail, face and hair. Reaching up calmly, he wipped it out of his eyes and flung it off into the darkness. The redead came at him again and Link moved fast. He cut down to his left, then over his shoulder to the right. Then, making his attack a dance, he moved with stronger blows.

He leapt and spun in mid-air and cut one's head over, then he did a backwards hand-spring and run three more through with his blade. Then he duck and rolled to his side on the ground and cut out four pairs of legs. Then he sprang up, and landed on a redead's shoulders before stabbing it through the top of the head. Another blow caught him in the upper-left arm and Link turned, cutting the one who had hit him in half.

Three more redead came at him and Link kicked one and landed low upon his knees. Then he stabbed the second in the chest and somersaulted forward to turn quickly and decapitate the last two foes. Finally, bleeding heavily and gasping from the energy his battle had taken, Link dug his blade in the ground and glared at the Master.

"Fine," muttered the older man. "Fine. You know what they say. When you do want something done right, do it yourself."

Link let himself fill with the energy of those he'd just killed and used what remained of his courage to stop his knees from shaking. He steadied himself and drew his sword up and pointed it at the Master.

"So come and get me!"

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