The Legend of Zelda: The Battle For Hyrule

Chapter 15: The End

The Battle For Hyrule

By: Hugo Reed

Chapter 15: The End

Link got within a defensive stance as the Master fell upon him in a furry. The older man's sword was fast and powerful, but Link was courageous and strong. The two crossed in mid-air, then broke to skid across the ground, only to join together again. Lightning boomed across the sky and rain flew through his hair and into his wounds. Then the Master kicked Link so hard in the gut and he fell to the ground, wanting so desperately to not be able to get up. Link had faced pain before, but this magnitude of it would drive anyone mad.

He felt light tears come out of his eyes and he was so tired. His muscles throbbed angrily and his chain-mail armor felt heavy. He removed his tunic and threw off this chain shirt and then replaced his tunic. Straightening his hat, he ran forward and kicked the man hard. Surprised by Link's sudden move, even the Master couldn't dodge in time. The hero's foot hit him hard in the face. The impact of the attack sent the Master flat unto his back. However, even old the man was swift. He used the momentum to turn himself all the way over and landed on his feet.

"Alright you knave," said the Master. "Now I'm going to tear you apart."

Link raised the blade again, and steadied himself. The Master fell upon Link in a fury, and with every single attack that Link warded off, his arms stung and burned. Again, Link tried to find some flaw, some break in the man's form, but nothing was available for Link to use. That is not to say that the Master's form was flawless, far from it. In his own pain, the Master made several mistakes. However, Link was so tired, and so beaten that he was unable to even try and use the openings.

The Master Sword was growing so heavy in his hands. His very limbs felt like lead, and as he warded off yet another blow, the Master flicked his blade and the Master Sword was sent flying out of Link's hands. Link fell to his knees, gasping for energy. Blood was pouring from his forehead and limbs. He couldn't hear anything very clearly, and finally, finally he gave in.

Alright Raikia, you have twenty minutes with this guy.

I knew you'd call on me eventually!

Link let himself fall into the darkness of power, and the blackness began to seep all over his clothes and wounds. Everything turned black and he walked over to the Master Sword and yanked it out of the ground. It too, turned into the evil, pure, jet-hard blackness consuming all of the hero.

"What new power is this, oh Hero of Time?" asked the Master.

"No," said the man. "I am the opposite of the Hero. I am his equal, his opposite, the negative to the positive. My name is Raikia. Prepare to die."

The shadow sprang forward and struck with a blow full of power. Meanwhile, within the shadow's head, Link sat seeing the battle as though it were a memory. He knew that he'd had no choice, that only Raikia still had the power or determination to destroy the Master, but still he couldn't be comfortable.

This is wrong, he thought. This is all terribly, terribly wrong. Raikia is evil, and I'm submerging myself in that power.

As if Raikia's very mind was forced to try and put Link in doubt, another voice, smooth and slippery as a snake answered him.

It's not like you're doing this for the power. You're just protecting those you love.

But if the power is evil is that really any better?

The world isn't drawn in black and white. There are shades and people do bad things with good effects and intent. That doesn't make them bad.

It's still not right.

Outside, Raikia was overpowering the Master and instead of being offensive, it was all the Master could do to defend himself. He kept backing up but was hurting with each blow; and with each blow, each heart-stopping attack, Link could feel the power, the strength flow through him.

NO! This is wrong. I will stop it!

Raikia was responding aloud.

"No! Stop! What are you doing?

I'm taking control again! I've just figured out how to stop you, once and forever. We are one and the same. As long as I live you live, and as long as you live I live. We both must die!

"You fool! What do you intend to do."

However, Raikia's voice faded away, and Link's own voice flowed from his body, strong and confident.

"Do? I intend to alter the fate of Hyrule!"

He ran forward, ignoring his pain. The Redead came at him and Link sliced through them. One jumped at his back and he spun cutting his head clean off. Two more appeared right in front of him and soon a crowd was in front of him. Link grinned. Then he slowed laughed.

"Game over."

He leapt up, stabbing the Master Sword into a Redead and flew forward in a fury right at the Master. Link latched onto him and saw a speck of red fly through the gates: Malon. Link flinched. He'd hoped she wouldn't see him die. However, there was no hope for it. Tightening his own grip on the Master, he plunged deep into his own supply of magic and contacted his blade. The spun angrily through the air, cutting any in it path. Then the Master saw what was about to happen, but it was too late. The blade entered his body point-first, and went all the way through both figures.

As they stood, seconds lengthened and their breathing grew labored. Blood spurted from their chests. Their eyes stopped seeing, and the Redead suddenly stopped moving even the little bit they usually did, along with the Master, and his heart. Then Link fell to the ground and Malon ran to him, holding him as close to her as she could. His whole body was shaking uncontrollably, and his breathing was far too harsh. She wept over him, but he did not respond. She pleaded him, begged him not to leave her. The Hero's unseeing eyes cast to the heavens.

Then, his body stopped moving, along with his heart. So it was that the Hero of Time died.

The End

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