The Legend of Zelda: The Battle For Hyrule

Chapter 2: Foes and Memories

The Battle For Hyrule:

By: Hugo Reed

Chapter 2: Foe's and Memories

Link and his men all rode hard and strong throughout the night. They all were dress in loose attire that didn't do anything to protect their sensitive skin against the highly chilling winds. Link kept looking ahead with a keen intensity, as though he was trying to spot a dropped rupee. Link was the one who more often then not started to drift asleep. However, every time he did Epona would rock hard to make him sit up tall for a little while longer. Eventually Link held up a hand in a split second.

Nine sets of legs halted cold making the dirt trail fly up to settle down hours later. Link pointed. In the musky darkness one could just make the out the outline of a small batch of tents and camps. They all dismounted and Link whispered to his men.

"Alright, time to split off. You all know the battle plan?"

They nodded at the same time.

"Good. Darwin, you take control of branch two and I'll join you after the main puncture. Remember, do this quick and get out is the objective, and no talking unless you really have to, and then only in whispers. Other then that, hand signs. Move!"

The men move on his order as though invisible strings had yanked them upon the word. Link leapt down with his team members and moved low to the ground. They had to constantly get down on their fronts to avoid being spotted by sentries. Finally, Link reached the watchtower that was his group's objective. He ran forward without a sound and then stopped holding five fingers up, then made a fist and put two fingers up. Seven ran to his side and crouched down.

"See that man?" Link whispered so quietly that he could barely hear himself.

Seven nodded.

"Shoot him down in exactly… thirty seconds. Make sure to hit the head."

Seven nodded again and strung his bow before nocking an arrow. Link smiled and threw his open hand forward for the signal to attack. The men obeyed instantly. The other three leapt off and Link ran forward while noting that he could help but be pleased with them. They worked as a flawless team. If one ever left a spot open in his charge. Another was there in a heartbeat. Then it struck him. They loved each other. Not in a gay homosexual way, but in the manner of a family.

He wondered lightly, if he would ever find his family. Did a soldier have a happy ending after all? He pushed the thought out of his head and focused. This was his job. He ran into the two and up the small set of wooden stairs. The creaking and slight stamping were the first noise he made. A man turned and Link stuck the blade through the man's neck. Then he heard an arrow whistle through the air and hit the other man in the neck. He slowly gargled to death.

Link sheathed his blade with a resigned expression and swung two fingers in a small circle to indicate that they needed to gather up. They quickly responded and were at his side with ten seconds. For Seven, it was impressive. Link pointed to four slight silhouettes waiting at the top of a wall. They all nodded and leapt down, running at Darwin's group with the ropes. When the reached the group everyone grabbed a rope and was hoisted up. Link had just been pulled up by Hunder before the group jumped at the largest tent that would, hopefully contain their commander.

It wasn't long before Link saw Darwin lean out the flap and motion that it was time to leave. Link smiled. It had been a simple job. In and out. He leapt down the wall and began to jog back to the horses. However, soon after he hit the ground, he had to raise the Master Sword to block another blade form taking out his left eye. He saw a girl standing there. She had long red hair that went down to her lower back. She dawned tough leather for armor and wielded a long, one-handed blade.

Link saw that his men were all drawing blades as well and held up a hand quickly.

"Go and get the horses, this one is mine. I won't let myself be shamed by losing to a female!"

"Your stupidity ensures my victory!" said the girl in a rich voice.

"Women are—"

"Just as smart as men, yeah, yeah." said Link.

He paused. He'd never heard that said before. Why had he interrupted as though he'd heard it over and over several times. For a second, the girl stared at him wide-eyed.

"Are you? Him? But he…"

"What do you mean? What nonsense to you speak woman?"

"My apologies," she said. "I mistook you for one whom I know to be long dead."

"Enough talk. From here on out we fight!"

Link ran at her and swung his sword at the same moment that the men took off for the animals that were waiting for them. Link felt the girl's smooth blade interact with his own and leapt back. She was far more skilled then she looked or let on. Link back flipped out of the way of any further damage, and shifted his foot style so that he left foot and hand were in front of the right ones. He stepped forward in small, fleeting steps and struck quickly, as a snake would. This was an older fencing style that was commonly used within the far more sophisticated countries.

Link didn't know where he'd picked it up. He had deduced that he had learned it within the seven to eight year gap in his memory. However, he never thought about how he'd found it anymore. He just thought about what good it could do him. It was best against other untrained sword fighters. Link struck out with the point of the blade again and the girl quickly thrust her blade flat to the right to off-put the blow. She left her opposite hip open and Link retracted his blade before driving it into the exposed flesh.

The girl yelled in pain and held it and Link felt and enormous upsurge of guilt. He shoved it aside.

After all, he thought. Soldiers can't have happy endings. Not the soldiers like me anyway. Even if I were to have one, why would I and how could I have a relationship with this… traitor. Nevertheless, if the situation were any different I would swear I know her and put the question to her properly. However, now is not the time for such foolish things.

Link swung the blade in an upward motion and the girl smoothly dodged the blade. Link turned and smiled at her.

"Tell me, for you are one most skilled in thought and blade, what would be your name?" she asked.

"It is considered impolite to ask for another's name with giving your own first." said Link.

"Fine," said the girl. "I am Malon, daughter of Talon."

"I am Link, son of two who are either dead or far abroad."

Malon's eyes widened.


Link looked at her.


"Oh, my heavens," she muttered. "No! No! No, this can't be right! It can't be you! You LIE!"

She ran at him and quickly struck out of him with tears streaming quickly from her eyes. Link saw that his name had greatly upset her. Yet, he knew not why. He dismissed it. For now anyway, the girl was a threat, and an enemy. People like here had no need for pity, not from him anyway. Malon's shoulders shook again and she gave a loud sob before softly calling out his name again.

"Link, why did you leave me?" she asked so softly he barely caught it.

"I don't know what you are talking about!" yelled Link angrily, having had quite enough of this.

"I haven't the faintest idea of what you are talking of woman. I have never met you before. Now hold your forked tongue!"

"You were once a man of honor!" she screamed at him. "How could you forget that!"

Link glowered at her before she muttered so softly that he could just catch it.

"How could you forget me, when I loved you and you said the same back to me?"

Link's eyes widened drastically. He fell to his knee and slowly flashes of things ran through his mind.

Link was on a racetrack in Epona's saddle while a man with a thick and queer mustache was far behind trying desperately to catch up and stop him. Link crossed the finish line first by a mile and the man angrily slammed the gates before Link spurred the horse on to leap up and over the gate.

He was riding Epona again up a steep amount of grass and then as the ramp-like entrance leveled out he jumped out of the saddle happily. He ran to the red-headed girl, Malon and hugged her in a tight embrace while she placed her gentle head in his chest.

Link's mind was in complete disarray. He clutched his head and screamed. Then, he looked to Malon and felt his stomach leap unpleasantly at her before he screamed yet again. Only this time, when he screamed, he screamed at her and the pain in her eyes was all too evident.


She looked at him with tears and confusion.

"I don't know what you mean. I am doing nothing to you to hurt you. I want you to please, try and remember me."

"I can't stop doing that!" he screamed. "Why the devil are you in my head!? I have never met you before now!"

Just then Link felt other people helping to his feet. His team had arrived. They quickly subdued the distraught girl and tied her up before placing her in front of one of them on his horse. Link was help onto his horse and he nearly cried several times from the plain pain of wondering weather what he felt was real or not, and if it was he wondered if he should let what had happened in the past, happen again. He tossed off his tunic angrily and then threw on his chain mail armor and put his chain-link pants on before placing a fresh pair of pants and a fresh tunic over them.

He ran quickly, in his bare feet to the dungeons and knocked on the wooden counter to wake the guard up. He had been snoring and made a highly irritating snort when he awoke before blinking several times at Link. Finally, releasing whom Link was he stood up properly.

"I need the key to the cell of the girl that was brought here just a few minutes ago."

"Of course, sir." said the man.

He tossed a single silver key to Link and pointed down a pathway. Link ran down it in a hurry, his armor clinking a little along the way. While he sprinted to Malon, he saw the faces of the prisoners down there. They were think, dark and dying. Link felt a small tear leak out of his eyes before shaking his head and speaking to himself.

"They are all traitors, nothing more. Just traitors to Hyrule. It was my job to do this too them and they deserve it."

Then why, asked a small voice in the back of his head. Why see Malon? If they are all traitors, is she not among them? She is just a clever witch and demon possessed. She put thoughts into your head to make you think you used to love her. You don't know her, except as a traitor. Wipe her out.

Link skidded to a halt and slammed the key into the lock while he thought back to the voice in the back of his mind.

But I can not, because I did feel something back there.

He ran in and saw Malon laying there, sobbing into her hands. She was moaning his name, over and over again. He walked carefully up to her.


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