The Legend of Zelda: The Battle For Hyrule

Chapter 3: Remember Something

The Battle For Hyrule:

By: Hugo Reed

Chapter 3: Remember Something

Link's bare feet were cold on the stone ground as Malon turned to look at him. What Link was shocked at was the hate that he found in her eyes as opposed to the shock and slight love that had been there before. He walk and sat down next to her. She moved as far from him as she could.

"Malon, please tell me what you remember," he said.

His voice was soft, caring. It was so different from how he had spoken to her before. Neither she nor he knew just why he was speaking like that now. Link just knew that it felt right and Malon knew she preferred it over his screaming. So she answered him.

"A long time ago, eight years actually, you were… different. I supposed you don't remember anything do you?"

"Not from the time I was ten," he responded.

"I'll start from when I met you then…"

Link ran up the step entrance to the ranch. He had no particular reason for going there other then the fact that he had not done so already. He walked onto the ranch and instantly a wonderful tune filled his ears. Someone was singing a wonderful melody. He walked up and saw the girl who had been making the noise and felt that he'd never seen someone so human and unearthly natural at the same time.

Link wearily played a small set of notes on his Ocarina and Epona came before long and he got on her back before spurring her towards Lon Lon ranch. He was eager to see Malon again and kept rushing Epona. When he finally did reach the ranch he leapt off Epona and dashed to Malon. She stood waiting for him and kissed him lightly. Link was still wearing his blue tunic and hat. His body had several gashes and slices that weren't from the boss of the water temple.

"What happened to you?" she asked.

"Something that I hope I never have to deal with again."

"Wait!" Link interrupted Malon. "I… I do remember something. The creature… did I ever describe it?"

Malon looked at him.

"Yes, though not to me really. You were once talking in your sleep."

Late at night Malon was woken in a flash. She fell to the floor in a small amount of pain and looked at Link. He was thrashing on the bed. He wasn't just flailing though. He was calling softly into the night. He had a high fever and his eyes searched rapidly under tightly such lids.

"The eyes! The dammed red eyes. Burning forever more, deep into my head! Why do you plague me? A shadow, a mirror of myself! Eyes that hold flames of hell themselves! His blade ripping my skin open, breaking into the bone! Burning into my head! Please leave me alone!"

"That was, without a doubt," began Malon. "The scariest thing I had ever seen."

"I… remember it. I remember… him… Dark Link…"

"Sorry?" asked Malon.

"The name I gave him. I remember fighting him. I remember it, so clearly."

Link saw the far door lock and turned around, determined not to be taken by surprise. He removed the iron bottoms from his boots and drew the Master Sword. It gleamed brightly throughout the slightly dark room. A dark amount of some liquid resided deep within the pool. It was denser, blacker and radiated with far more evil energy then any other part of the room. He ran up to it hurriedly and tried to stab it. As his blade rushed to the pool, promising swift death, a black boot landed on the blade.

"What the?"

A clone of him, dressed all in black flashed up. His eyes were as red as the very flames of hell and it greatly hurt someone to look into them. Nevertheless, honorable blue eyes met demonic red eyes. The shadow drew it's blade without even a whisper of a sound. Link felt his feet try and rush off, but the figure's cold glare alone held him in place. Link steeled himself and ran right at the doppelganger. The shadow blocked Link's strike and returned with it's own. Link barely got his shield up in time and it was sent flying off his arm.

Link held the injured limb in his left hand and wearily shrugged the pain off. The shadow also dropped his black shield to the ground that was water. Link ran at him and the two blades crossed in mid-air again. Sparks flew from the collision and the two pushed with all their might. The irritating sound of metal on metal grated against both man and beast ears. Neither was willing to give up and both began to pump large reserve of magic within the power of the attacks.

The difference was that Link was pumping the magic into his blade as opposed to his muscles, as Dark Link was doing. Link gave a small leap backward and spun the blade in a rapid circle. Link felt the energy fly from the tip of his blade in an angry circle. He saw the magic rip the creature's skin apart. The shadow hissed angrily and charged at Link. The two went into an intricate dance. When one figure would strike or attack, the other would block before returning with his own blow.

Link leapt up and flipped, pointing the sword down. The shadow back flipped out of the way of the killing move and struck at Link with his pitch-black sword. Link quickly pulled his blade up and blocked the attack with it's flat. Dark Link gave ground by doing several back hand springs. Link rushed him, determined to keep the shadow up and up on it's toes. It blocked every one of his strikes with what seemed to be ease. Now, it was Link who back flipped to give ground and gain time.

Link forced himself to think rationally. He charged up more magic and ran at the black cloud. Dark Link struggled to stop him but was far too late. Link slammed his open hand into the ground and a huge dome of fire flew from his center. The shadow was engulfed within the flames and an unearthly sound echoed rapidly throughout the room. Link held his hands over his ears which felt like they were bleeding. Link looked at the shadow and it stood wearily, burnt and bleeding.

Without so much as a single discernable word, the dark figure tightly grasped his shoulders. Link cringed in pain and surprise. He tried to break the bad, powerful grip on his body, but failed drastically. He kept trying break the death grip that was digging it's way into his skin. Then suddenly, the grip on his right shoulder loosened and retracted. Link felt some pain but was so numb that he didn't know where it came from. He looked down at the left hand of his foe. It was holding the black blade that was stuck deep within his gut.

He had been run all the way through to the other side, and hand run through his spine. He noticed it and crumpled. He felt the figure bend down and plunged his hand through the wound. Link yelled in pain, pain from the scratch and shattered bone.

"You blood will make me a part of you!"

Link yelled as he felt as though each of his limbs were being pulled from his body and all his bones seemed to be pulled apart. Link screamed louder as he felt something strange. It seemed that his very soul was being changed. He was in such pain in his brain that he could stand it and blacked out.

"He… I remember him… I feel him. He is in my head. We are two halves of the same hole."

She stared at him with the attention to hear a whispered word. He could read her face with an absurd amount of ease. He could see that now it was he who was giving her information, not the other way around. He kneeled down and held her cheek almost tenderly, trying to remember. Yet again, images flooded through his head. Acting upon his instinct, he leaned forward, parting his lips slightly. Malon leaned forward as well, desperate for a touch of the way things used to be.

Link brushed his lips against her's lightly. Then, in surprise he leapt back, his heart racing. Her eyes filled with tears and he began to feel the salty drops drip down his own face. He kneeled down next to her and placed a gentle hand under her chin. Very gently he lifted her head up.

"I don't know… if what I feel is real, or ever was. I don't know what to think. I am a high-ranking officer within the army of Hyrule and we consider you to be a traitor. I can promise you that I will free you, whatever It takes. For whatever reason that it be true, I love you."

"And I you, as I always have."

Link leaned forward and lightly kissed her forehead, feeling a little scared that she would hit him or something. She giggled a little and he raised an eyebrow at her. She stopped when she could and then explained herself in a light tone that he liked.

"You always used to do that when you met up with me again."

"Please," said Link. "Tell me what happened to me. Tell me what… Zelda is… also if the Hero of Time means anything to you. Tell me everything about my past."

For next hour Malon explained about his past. She told him all she could about the individual dungeons that he had gone through. He felt slightly stunned. He was some great hero. He was some wonderful hero that had saved the world from destruction by an evil wizard. He was sitting as though he were an eager child and was examine the hero of the stories as though he was not himself. Finally after Malon had finished explaining his defeat of Gannon, she moved on to their relationship.

Then a guard came to the cell and said, "Sir, got orders for you."

Link took the scroll, being slightly annoyed. He unrolled it and read quickly.

To Link, knight of Hyrule.

Transfer order:

Removed from command of squad E

Pretense: Fraternizing with the enemy.

Reassigned to: Basic training.

Link was in shock. They were reassigning him? To basic training no less. All on the fact that he was with Malon, the woman he loved? They system must be breaking if such stupidity as this was beginning to take place. Link told Malon he would return shortly and ran back up to his quarters. The threw on his loyal green tunic and a set of white breeches over the chain mail. Then he put on his leather boots and ran back to the dungeon belting on the Master Sword.

The keeper of the keys threw Link a suspicious glance as he reproached, sword in hand.

"What are you doing—"

Link quickly caught the man in the neck with his blade. Then, he went right and left, unlocking doors, slowly working his way back. Finally he reached Malon's cell and unlocked it to fling the door wide open. She ran to him and embraced him softly.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Freeing you, and everyone else here."

"You're throwing away your future to do this for us."

"I am not doing this for all of them. Just for you."

"How can you," she asked. "If you do not remember why you love me."

"I can," he responded. "Because I am beginning to remember. Even if I were not, the fact that I do love you is more then enough."

She smiled and kissed him lightly. Then, they went to work on the other doors, releasing everyone and anyone who'd been chained up there. Finally, when they had unlocked all doors, Link and Malon ran together to the stables. Both got upon Epona's back and Link lightly kicked the horses side and she was off. The two were heading off into a whole new world. Into a whole new future. They didn't mind that much.

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