The Legend of Zelda: The Battle For Hyrule

Chapter 4: Two Years Later

The Battle For Hyrule:

By: Hugo Reed

Chapter 4: Two Years Later

It had been two very long years from the time Link had freed all the prisoners. He was now twenty-seven and Malon was twenty-five. He had spent most of those two years trying to remember everything in his life. For the most part, he had succeeded. His sword skills were at their earlier glory. He was quick, smart and strong in both body and magic. Not only that, but he could remember everything. He knew hundreds of military tactics. He was a beast upon the battlefield.

He was most importantly, the Hero of Time yet again. He had been training hard for the entire two years he had been gone. Now he knew everything he could've needed to know and he spent most of his time slipping into the towns to destroy monsters that had been showing up there. He wore a long black coat that covered his clothing well. It also had a long hood that would conceal his face. As he was putting the overcoat on yet again Malon came up to him. He turned to face her quickly and she smiled before hugging him tightly.

"Be safe," she whispered. "For me."

He kissed her brow, and responded. "Always for you."

He ran down the small set of stairs that lead to the barn. He went to Epona and stroked her mane lovingly.

"You ready to go for another set girl?"

She snorted softly and he laughed. He stuck his foot in the left stirrup and hoisted himself up. He got a little more comfortable in the saddle and then readjusted the blade upon his back. He raised his feet higher in the air and then kicked her sides softly. She leapt off and cantered off into the night. Link meanwhile kept squinting ahead. He felt as though the darkness of night was no barrier or obstacle for him. Soon enough, he saw the village that was rumored to be plagued by redeads.

It wasn't as though it was hard to see once one got out of the forest. The large chapel that was the center of the village was aflame. He looked down upon the site with small amount of tears in his eyes. The villagers were all cut and dead or dying. He steeled himself and spurred the horse onward. He came galloping into town and slashed left and right to behead redeads. Their bodies seemed to made up of bones that were covered with a lot of brown oozy substance, not unlike dung. The smell was just as bad.

Their eyes and mouth were nothing more then gaping holes in the excuse for a face they had. Redead were actually bodies that had been revived to do an evil wizard's bidding. It sometimes took three men to kill just one. One of the beasts leapt at him and Link spun the blade about in his hand to chop the beast away from him.

He flipped off Epona proudly and slammed his fist into the ground and a waving ring of flames flung around him and his horse to kiss and kill several of the monsters. He bid the horse away and pulled the Hylian shield off his back. Link allowed the hood to fall off his head, and one beast looked at him and his harsh mouth made an imitation of speech.

"Oh great Hero of Time," it gasped. "My master honors your deeds and begs you to end this ancient quest you are taking up yet again. He assures you will be well rewarded."

"Never, and your master can eat bird dung for all I care."

The creature seemed to consider him, then came towards him. The true power of Redeads lay neither in their strength or speed, but in the fact that when they walk towards someone, he or she was frozen to the spot with fear and could do nothing but be beaten. Not for nothing though was Link called the hero with no fear. Not for nothing was he the barer of the triforce of courage. He stood calmly as six of the beasts moved to mull him. He took a quick count. Three on the left, one in back and two to the right. Link rolled forward and then turned with perfect timing, cutting out behind him.

He chopped the monster's legs out from beneath him. It crumpled and disappeared. Link ran the next beast through despite the fact that it had tried to choke him. He back flipped and was caught by surprise by another redead. It began to suck the blood out of his neck. Link stabbed out behind him and caught the creature in the neck. It gasped and vanished alongside it's fellows. Then Link ran right at the four remaining foes and used the power of Din's fire again to send them away from the sheer heat alone. Link sneered and pulled his sword and shield into a readier grip.

"Now," he said. "Now the slaughter begins."

He jumped up onto the nearby ledge and chopped off another redead's head. It fell to the ground a few seconds before the body. Link turned and cut another open along the spine. The blood came out of the wound and covered his arm in the warm gush of blood. Link could feel the red flood overtake his left arm. It turned the white shirt to a light red and stained his tunic and overcoat. He ripped the arm out angrily and kicked the remains away. He ran through the town, often stopping to fight two or three of the beasts.

Link jumped up in the air as a small little girl was frozen in a corner, unable to move. He reached into his magical pouch and pulled out a bow and arrow. He nocked an arrow and shot with a deadly accuracy. Link ran with all the power in his legs to protect the girl. She had a look of intense fear and distress upon her face. Link leaned down to try and comfort her, but could do nothing to make her move. She would be no help for a little while. Link put his hood back and felt a few more enemies come up.

He plunged the shield into the ground in front of the child and turned, Master Sword in hand. The redeads looked at him for a moment, then attacked. Link repeatedly blocked blow after blow. His blade moved as though of it's own accord. It was a blur that promised death. He slashed quickly left and right to fell the monsters in haste. He was gifted with the grace and talent of a god. Several of the redeads crumpled beneath his neat strokes. The girl hid behind the shield.

Eventually Link had killed many, and was tired. He was only one man, and had his limits, however oddly high they may be. He could not kill an entire army. He was not invincible. He noticed how heavy the blade was becoming. It was lead or steel that he had not the power to lift and defend himself with. He let exhausted limbs fall to his side and slowly began to fend off strikes, with magic as often as blade. Link was cut deep and hard by several of the blades and was bleeding all over from the monsters' strange attacks.

The numbers were too great. Link wearily cut another down and one launched out an arm at him. It hit him full in the gut and Link fell to his knees, doubling over. He could hear the poor girl behind him give a wet sob. He thought that he was fighting to save her and he found the power to make his leaden arms move.

"Grab my shirt," he told the girl.

So obeyed without question. Link threw his hands up and vanished and a whirl of green leafs. When his weary face hit the ground he felt such a powerful urge to lay there that he just gave up. For a long while, he did nothing but sit there with the girl on his back. Finally, he knew that he had to move, and stay alive. He put and ocarina to his lips wearily and blew into it a few times, and Epona came running. She lay in the grass next to her master and Link addressed the little girl.

"Is anyone else in your village alive?"

She shook her head no. Link sighed and forced his extremely worn right arm and leg over the horse. Then he forced himself up onto her and pulled the girl up. Epona dashed off home with her rider and passenger atop her. Link fell in and out of another world. At times his vision was crystal clear and he had no trouble seeing the path ahead. Yet, at other times, it was as though the sun itself had decided to turn black and he could not even see the girl sitting practically in his lap.

Their trip back was not plagued by any more beasts though it was unpleasant. Link himself was in a bad way and the girl couldn't be comfortable. He knew that he was probably dripping blood into her hair or down her back. He was thankful the ranch wasn't far off. As Epona came to a halt outside the stables, Link let himself fall off. It hurt him, though only just. He called out to Malon and she ran to him.

"Link! Oh heavens! Link can you hear me!?"

Link just point to the girl and Malon helped her down off Epona. Then, Link allowed Malon to help to the potions cabinet. He next a few herbs and plants together within some water and it turned to a deep red. He drank it quickly and could feel it sealing up his wounds. Malon came in, having just put Epona in the stable. She moved to clean up the girl while attacking Link.

"You should've brought some with you! I told you be careful and what do you do? You go and damn near get killed. Do I mean so little to you?"

"Malon," he said. "You mean everything to me. I knew I wasn't going to die there. I was in control. I am more then alive. I got away and put a large dent in the main force, why are you so upset? I do not understand. If you want me not to do—"

"You do too know! I sit here helpless while you come back half-dead."

"I have been blessed by the gods," he said. "We must trust their judgment. They picked me as the Hero of Time for a reason. It was not to enjoy earthly pleasures."

That much was true in the fact that Link had very little things that were not practical. He shared a room with Malon and in there alone he used the bed, dresser and mirror. Aside form him weapons, he owned Epona, a few sets of clothes and the Ocarina of Time. He walked to her and embraced her lightly.

"I will be fine my love. I shall refresh myself and then I will return to help you."

He walked upstairs and then tore his tunic off. He removed the belt and pants and boots he wore. Then he went and changed into a set of black pants and a sleeveless, green tunic. He replaced the boots and washed his face in a water barrel then put on his favorite green cap and walked calmly back downstairs. He saw Malon sitting talking to the girl, who would not respond. When Link finally did reach them, the girl grabbed his right leg hard and refused to let go.

"I can't get a single word out of her. She's scared senseless. See what you can do, I must attend to the farm."

Link sat down in a chair and the girl sat on his lap, clutching his shirt. He rubbed her back soothingly up and down in a pattern. Finally she looked at him and he addressed her in a kind, quiet voice.

"Hey, what's your name?"

"Natallia," she said. "My name is Natallia."

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