The Legend of Zelda: The Battle For Hyrule

Chapter 6: Fight For It

The Battle For Hyrule:

By: Hugo Reed

Chapter 6: Fight For It

The group charged. Link saw Zelda get into a fight with an archer. He was fighting two Redead at once. He saw someone appear and kill an archer aiming at Mikio. Link chopped off one Redead head and stabbed the other through the chest. He whipped out his bow and shot a Redead about to slice Zelda. A goblin slammed him off Snowfire, yet that saved his life, as an arrow flew just over Snowfire and missed his hair by a finger's width.

Link found an archer aiming at Zelda. He ran to her and knocked her out of her saddle and the arrow hit Link, but it wasn't deep so it didn't hurt much at first. Then it started to dig deeper, working it's way through the flesh and muscle. Link plucked out the arrow and Snowfire came over. Snowfire lay down and Link climbed on her back. Arrows almost hit Snowfire but she didn't panic. Link saw a horse fall and knew that it had been Zelda's. Link rode over to her.

"Zelda, hop on." he said.

Link shot an archer and stabbed a Redead then rode off with the pack. Eventually the group stepped into a cave. It hadn't been a pleasant ride. It was raining hard and wasn't easy to move. The cave was dark, damp, moist and none too inviting.

"Ok quick in," Mikio whispered.

Link wanted to stop and ask questions. However he was quickly shoved inside.

Once inside Mikio said, "Today we failed. Our enemy will learn of us."

Zelda stood up.

"There was nothing we could've done. We've never faced so many foes at once."

"Your right," said Link. "There was nothing we could have done but there is one thing we could do now."

"What can we do now? Link it's--"

"We can attack him. Meet him head on!"

"Link you are completely mad! Have we no other options?"

"No, wait I'm not saying that we purposelessly kill ourselves. We find the Gerudos and get them to fight for us."

"Link," said Zelda. "You know perfectly well those wild women listen to no human without reason. They won't let you just ride in and speak your mind about what they should do. They will kill you the moment you set foot within their walls."

Link sighed.

"I know that I got captured by them nearly seven times, but I know there is a way to gain their trust."

In twenty minutes Link was ready to go. He gave a short whistle to Snowfire, hopped on her and rode off. He drove her hard all through the night, stopping for nothing, least of all sleep. He didn't let himself sleep or stop to warm himself. Once he stopped to let the horse drink and eat. Other then that he drove them both at a great pace.

The next morning Link's keen sight found a broken down bridge.

Now, thought Link. Now I have a problem.

Link had always just barely nudged Epona behind the front legs, but Snowfire wasn't the same.

"Um… Ok we have to find a way to… well, jump over the bridge."

As if Snowfire understood him she ran up and leapt over the bridge remains, safely landing on the other side. Link rode until he found a small post. He beamed brightly, and tied Snowfire to the post. It was a fine animal indeed.

"Just stay here, girl."

Link moved forward and caught sight of a shadow. For a second, Link just figured he had imagined it, but Link never saw shadows that didn't exist. Then, all of a sudden a sword came within a half-inch of his face without one more thought Link rolled to the side and pulled out his sword.

He saw a shadow of a man holding a dagger. Knowing perfectly well what to do Link pulled out a bomb and threw it at the figure. They jumped up at the moment the bomb hit the sand at it's feet, spraying the grains everywhere. Link had to position himself just right.

"Three… Two… One… Now!"

Link turned, pulling out his bow, then nocked an arrow, pulled back with a quick speed and fired. The figure was hit in the small of the back. He walked up to them, an aura of power in his walk. The he pulled out his blade and pointed it at the shadow.

"You'd do well to lead me to your master now if you don't want an extremely painful death."

The figure looked up and laughed terribly, then disappeared. Link found himself alone with Snowfire in the desert.

"What happened? Was that an illusion?"

No matter, he'd find it out later. He mounted Snowfire and sighed.

"Ok girl we got to find their tribe master. Let me see… sand, sand, and more sand. What way seems best to you?"

Link hadn't really been asking a question, but Snowfire seemed to consider something for a little while and suddenly dashed off into a direction that looked just the same as everywhere else. Only after a straight hour of riding did Link see the small fires popping up against the pale sunrise.

After some amount of time or other, Link and Snowfire came upon a hidden Gerudo valley. Snowfire charged down the hill, right at the guards. She was the perfect example of pure, happy, power. Perhaps it was the shock of them doing something so incredibly stupid, but the guard didn't raise her spear in time. Link pulled out his sword and cut the first guard across the chest shot down the other one as he rode into the village, his mind set on his task.

He pulled on the reigns, and felt them dig into his leather gloves. He hopped off Snowfire looking around around, while just felt the grains of sand fly into his eyes. The moment he rounded a corner, he was knocked out. He woke in a cell. Sunlight was streaming through the window. Also, they were covered with burning metal bars.

How many times do they throw people in here? And why are all cells the same? Link thought.

It wasn't a big deal though, as Link had gotten out far too many times to be stuck here. He casually took his hookshot out, and aimed for the window frame. He pulled the trigger and the hook stuck to the wood framing of the window, and sent him flying toward the bars. Link turned and adjusted his body in mid-air, so his foot pointed toward the iron bars and kicked them open, accessing his magic power to complete the move. As expected it hurt Link's foot, a lot.

Note to self: Next time wear iron boots.

Link looked around a guard was running at full force toward him. That didn't usually happen, but Link was trained well enough in hand-to-hand combat to knock the fool out. He reached up and blocked her two strikes then kicked her in the face.

Link walked over nonchalantly and opened a hidden trap door. Then, he walked down into a cellar where he found his weapons. It didn't take him long to go and belt on his weapons and gear. He came up out of the cellar and looked around and saw Snowfire. The horse had expertly hidden in a corner. It was no lie, she was a brilliant animal. Link hopped on her and rode up unto a pillar. He threw a bomb into the air it exploded and all looked at him.

"Hear me now," Link cried out. "Your King, Gannondorf has been defeated he will never rise again. I am now your king!"

"Fool," One woman called. "We obey only ourselves."

Acting as though the girl were invisible, Link said, "By your own law I now have right to control you all, that is, until my life debt is repaid by your group."

It was a bluff and Link doubted it would work but it was all he could think of and Gerudos might just fall for it. Indeed most looked convinced that Link story was true. He hopped off Snowfire and walked next to the group of people, taller then every woman there.

"What if we say no?" some Gerudos asked.

Link said quickly, "Then I shall curse this land so that you will all be brought to death here and you can not escape it."

Most of them ran to join Link while the more stubborn stayed behind. Link looked at them one more time, he looked them straight in the eyes. Most showed slight fear or hate. He showed them leadership and promise. Then he turned upon his heel and walked to Snowfire, cloak flapping in the wind.

"On your own head be it," said Link.

He had not been completely lying when he said that they would die if they stayed, for Link knew many leagues of Redead would soon come to claim the area. So, the rest of the pack rode off. Link hopped onto Snowfire and rode off.

One rider rode up to him soon, already good to go. Gerudos had always been ready to move at the drop of a hat apparently.

"How shall we pay our debt, master?"

That's a lot of respect for a guy who just rode in and said join me, he thought. I guess they are just used to severity.

"Just help me with the current war for Hyrule, and I'll set you free."

Within two hours, and the setting of the red sun, they had reached the cave. They had had to take detours to dodge around large groups of enemies, human and Redead alike, costing them much time, all of which was precious. Link gestured for them to follow him inside. Link smiled happily as he walked in, and Zelda had said he couldn't do it. His happiness quickly vanished replaced by fear and despair. The air was cold. It was far too cold for anyone to be inside.

The cave was empty, not a man was left.

"Where is the rest of your group?" asked a townsman man from Lon Lon Ranch, Xilic.

Link had grown to like him and ordered him to follow them if he should get involved with anything like this. Xilic was placed as the second in command of the group that resided at Lon Lon Ranch, with Malon and Natallia.

"I don't know… Their gear is still here, but none are here now," said Link.

"If you wish to find your friends," an old woman approached Link and whispered in a voice worse then death. "The only being who can tell you is the thousand-eyed genie. He has unspeakable powers which are only known to the Gerudo thieves of the wild western desert."

After hearing from the wise old woman Link made plans to head out to Death Mountain at dawn. The Hylian Riders, or the pitiful reformation of Gerudos and town survivors now, had arranged a meeting to discuss the dangers of Death Mountain.

"Did anybody see Mikio? He is to clever to be captured."

"Is he any good at fighting?" asked a Gerudo, throwing a body down at Link's feet.

Link had seen death before but never on a leader such as Mikio. Link hadn't ever gotten the chance to get to know the man well. Yet, he had seen him fight and direct others, and knew he was a good and strong leader.

He kneeled when tears came, forced himself to look up, and asked, "Are there any others?"

The woman merely shook her head in reply. Link sat silently considering the most likely outcomes. It was very likely that Zelda and the others had fled the cave. Not even the rejects of riders would submit to pain and failure. Link figured they had been taken alive if they had failed escape.

Another rescue mission, Link thought.

He then told all available fighters to get in groups of three each, then explore the area. Forty Gerudos gathered together. Link saw one woman left with no partner. He walked up to her, cloak billowing like a banner.

"Come with me," Link told her.

She nodded in reply. All then hopped up a horse and rode to the entrance of the cave. The crowd of multicolored steeds reminded Link of the brown and white chickens upon Malon's farm. Link explained how each group was to search the grounds. Then he gave a call and all the horse riders left. Those who could not fight and had nearly passed out riding there, were staying behind. They weren't happy about it, but didn't leave the cave.

40 soldiers, he thought. Not much against that many Redeads, but certainly something.

Then he mounted Snowfire and rode off into the night, the Gerudo woman was staying close behind Link. Apparently she feared darkness more than any Redead. Soon, she started muttering what sounded like spells or a chant. Perhaps she feared ghosts? Whatever is was, it wasn't important right now; all that mattered was finding the location of the others. Link figured the best place to start looking was at Death Mountain, not that there was any real reason he thought they might be there, but odd things often happened around there.

When they finally reached the place, the woman spoke to Link at last, "Let me go on first, in search of your group. My life can be put at risk though yours can't."

What did she expect for him to say? Sure go on in?

Link walked forward and said, "Yeah that was a nice speech and all, but I'm coming as well. You'll die if you go in alone and I'll take all the help I can get."

He started walking then added, "And don't kill any thing that moves unless I say so."

She just nodded then didn't speak.

The mountain was as gloomy as it had been when Gannondorf was King. As Link's group hiked up the long mountain path, he began to notice the oddly shaped skeletons. They were abnormal large, and the legs were bent in extremely queer formations. At long last, they had reached the entrance to Death Mountain. However, it was sealed with a large stone slab with the symbol of the royal family. One triangle atop two others, formed a larger triangle.

The Gerudo began to complain because she thought they had ventured up the mountain for nothing, but Link sat in thought.

The triforce, its a symbol of the royal family.

So, Link whistled an ancient tune and the enormous rock split in two. Link grinned because the trick always worked. To split such rocks you had to play a tune called The Song of Time. Link walked forward carefully. He had been in this Goron city before, but it was usually full of life and music, and Gorons happily rolling along the several levels. Now it was as deserted as a ruin city, Link slowly turned around and frowned.

This isn't right. Can't be. Gorons wouldn't leave unless under threat Like with that old Drag-- Oh the gods help me!

Link turned and said, "There's a new dragon here."

The woman looked confused. Well, she had every right to be. She had no idea what he was talking about. Link grabbed her arm and ran down the slope quickly.

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