The Legend of Zelda: The Battle For Hyrule

Chapter 7: Battle in the Temple of Time

The Battle For Hyrule:

By: Hugo Reed

Chapter 7: Battle in the Temple of Time

Link dashed as fast as he could back down the trail. Link saw an extremely large cave that echoed fear, and spilled out hate. He told the Gerudo to look for an egg and destroy it. She just nodded and leapt away. Link ran to a door on his left and opened it. It opened at his touch as though pulled by magic, which it probably was. A thin grate of metal was all that protected Link from a hot, deadly bed of ever-burning lava. He ran across with high speed as the flames leapt up to burn him as soon as his foot touched the metal. With his grace and speed, Link leapt hard at the last door, as it too opened upon his fragile touch.

A roar joined with a blast of fire greeted him. He pulled out his shield and blocked the blast. Thinking fast Link rolled to his left and pulled out his bow. The hard blackened lava hurt his back, but he ignored the pain. Link put an arrow to the string and pulled back. He just needed it to open it's mouth again. He began grabbing his magic power and forced it to assume the form of ice and his arrow started to glow.

Link looked the beast in the eye. It was black, about ten feet long and had far too many elongated spikes along his back.

The dragon baby opened it's mouth and Link released the string. The arrow flew forward and glowed with a wonder and beauty of it's own, as it flew brilliantly into it's mouth. The baby gave a shuddering gasp. Running as fast as he could pulled out his sword and stabbed the monster. It pierced the beast's outer shell and severed the muscle. Meanwhile, the Gerudo woman had jumped on the dragon's back, and plunged her dagger deep into it's back. The monster let out an ear splitting roar. Link drew back his hammer and threw it.

The hammer struck the dragon's neck. The overwhelming force and weight must've hit and just about closed the windpipe. The dragon let out a very winded shriek and dived into the lava pile.

"Not this time." Link muttered.

He grabbed a bomb lit it and threw the bomb as high as he could. He hit his target with deadly accuracy. One rock exploded causing thousands of others to fall right on top of the lava. They piled up high upon the deadly uncooled lava. Link smirked happily. Victory was set.

"He'll never get out and slowly burn up," Link explained. "Not even dragons can withstand the heat of lava forever."

The woman just nodded as if Link had done the most reasonable thing. Link shook himself mentally. There was only one more race that could help them now, at least while the Gorans were out of commotion, the Zoras. The Zoras were people, well fish-like people, that knew a lot of recent events. He told the Gerudo to fallow him. Then he returned to the cave and waited for the others report.

The Gorans were attacked because of me, Link thought.

This did seem logical; almost everyone knew Link had a good relationship with the Gorans. As soon as the group had gathered Link asked for their report, but none had seen a thing.

He explained the situation the said, "Gather the others and head to Zora's Domain."

Holding out a map he said in a low voice, "It's right... here!"

Link explained exactly what to do to Xilic who nodded then left. Xilic could take care of the others. He needed to find Zelda, now. He gave a sharp call to Snowfire who came fast to Link's side. Link hopped on her back in deep thought. If Zelda, Terra, and the others were dead too, Link wouldn't know what to do.

Link rode into Hyrule market with power and ability following him. After dismounting Link asked if a group of riders had been seen. A few men claimed, after a large bribe, that the riders had been to the Temple of Time. Link found no other leads within the area, so he ran up to the old temple. Nothing, no unturned stones, no graves, no tracks, no signs of battle, just ground. Link walked into the temple and kneeled on the floor confused.

Eventually he got up and walked to an old alter and pulled an odd object off of it. The Ocarina of Time. This instrument had helped Link countless times in all his adventures. He returned it to the alter and sat down.

A few hours later, Link was leaving the temple and stopped suddenly he saw a shadow. A man flashed out in front of Link clothed in black. The figure drew his sword and swung at Link's head. Link ducked the attack back-flipped, then drew his sword. Link stared into the eyes of the man facing him. They looked so lifeless. Link suddenly saw he knew this man. It was number seven from his old squad.

The black clothed man swung at Link vertically. Link rolled to his left. He was now facing the man's unprotected right hip. He struck at it but the man re-acted and blocked the attack with inhuman speed. This man was unusually good. Link had fought far too many people but he had never ever been this out classed even in his fight with Dark Link. He suddenly remembered an old trick he had once used on a boar one time. It would only work once, but hopefully it could give him the leverage he needed.

Just give me a half-second with an opening. That's all I want. Link thought as he flipped over the man's head and struck at the exposed back.

Again the man turned to block his attack but instead of meeting the blade Link rolled between the man's spread legs and slashed upwards as he went. Of course the man saw his mistake and turned it into a roll, but Link's sword still left a large gash on his leg. Link got up and laughed. The tricked had worked. Now the man would be slower and Link could overpower him after the man got slow and sluggish.

Assuming I live that long, Link thought jumping over the man's swipe at his feet.

Link struck out at the man's un-damaged leg. The man side-stepped the trust and slashed down at Link's head. Link caught the blow on his shield then struck out at the damaged leg with his sword. The man jumped over it, or nearly so. The blade struck his heel. The man rolled backwards as he howled. All of a sudden the man ran towards Link swinging. Then, he flipped over Link's head, pushed off the wall behind Link and everything seemed to slow down. The man's mouth was opened in a soundless snarl. Then there was an unbearable pain in Link gut.

Blackness threatened to engulf him the last thing he heard was: "Master I succeeded. I found him but he met an... accident."

Link lay there, dying, for what felt like an eternity though it might have only been a few short moments. Dreams came to him though he did not sleep. He could feel that his eyes were open but he saw nothing. He thought he felt hands touching his wound but it wasn't real. He would lay and die there, the Gerudos would fight and die. Zelda and the others would be tortured to death if not already dead. All Link's effort was for nothing. No, that could not, would not happen.

Lifted by an unknown strength and resolve Link lift himself and struggled to see. Vision finally came to him. It wasn't too clear but it was good for the purpose of where he had to go. He took a few slow steps as pain erupted throughout his body. It felt as though his soul was bleeding, not his body. He gave a small cry and tried to stay up. He took a few more steps ignoring the pain. Looking for the way toward town he walked towards it, stumbling often.

Another step... another one... another step.

It was all Link could think of. He placed a hand over the wound. He was losing blood, far too much blood. He wasn't going to make it. Link knew he had to keep going. He saw a potions' door and took a few more steps. Then, he kneeled calling in a rasp as it was all he could manage.

" Please help... me... please."

Gasping he saw two shapes appear over him. A sharp pain in the back of his head and the ground rushed up to meet him. He rose to find himself trapped in a cell weaponless. The next thing he realized was his pain was gone. He tried to move but his hands and legs were bound tight. As Link struggled to remove the bonds a figure approached him, but his vision was blurry so he couldn't make out any clear features.

"So this is the great Hero of Time. You have been extremely hard to capture. That fool you met at the Temple of Time thought he killed you but I knew it was untrue and waited for you."

The woman's voice was not kind. It was like a seductive snake. Link knew by instinct that he could not trust her.

"If you think I'm a hero you're mistaken."

If was a bluff of course but it could work.

"Oh silly me," She said. "I must have grabbed the wrong green clad Hero of Time."

Or then again the bluff might fail. He tried to get his right leg free, no good. He couldn't get out. The human skeleton simply didn't allow it. Link wanted it hit himself, for that, of course, was his anwer.. The human skeleton didn't allow him to bend like that, or rather, it wouldn't let him, yet.

"Unless have more lies to tell me I must really be getting on but we will talk tomorrow about your rebel friends."

She wants to get information about the riders. Well she isn't getting it out of me.

The woman turned and left, and Link turned his head towards his left arm. It was bound up against the wall. That fit perfectly into Link's plan. Link slammed his own forehead into his left wrist. He did it again. And again. And again. Until... CRACK. Link slumped over and his left hand fell out of the rope. Link had broken his own wrist to get out of the bind. His hand hurt terribly and he cried out as he un-tied the ropes.

Link stumbled to the door, feeling the hard rock scrape his knees, and smashed the lock off with his elbow. Now he need to find his weapons and find the way out of here. Clutching his wrist he walked on to the guard at the end of the corridor. Link slowly crept up behind the guard and reached for the long dagger in the guard's belt. As he grasped the handle the guard spun around and swung his long sword. Link parried the blow and stabbed at the guard, but the nimble man side-stepped the stab and flipped over the Link's head. Pushing off the wall behind Link the guard came at Link mouth open in a soundless snarl.

It's the man from the Temple, Link realized.

This time Link jumped up and landed on the man's forehead for a split second. Then Link back flipped using the man's forehead as leverage, landed on his feet and stabbed at the at the man on the ground. The man rolled away and Link took a quick look at his enemy's feet, they were still injured. Well, so much the worse for him. Link paid for his lack of focus when the man grazed Link's upper arm. The man kicked Link down then stepped on Link's right arm. Link dropped the dagger in pain.

"This is the best Hyrule has to offer? Well I will make your ending swift that at least you deserve, sir."

Link saw the blade come down and reached for the dagger with his left hand. The blade whistled down faster and faster. Link threw up his left arm but instead of his sword meeting the man's blade Link's dagger went through the man's arm. Even through Link's pain in his left wrist he could hear the man's scream. Link hand felt like it was on fire. Link remembered hearing Zelda's guard talking about a broken leg, but he hadn't thought that it could hurt this much. This pain was beyond anything Link had ever experienced. Link had little time to lay still. He was grabbed by the neck.

As the hand around his neck got tighter Link heard, "If we both die then I will make sure that you are the one who dies first."

Link heard the sound of a switchblade. Then pain entered his shoulder. The man had stabbed him again.

"Let me take care of your other hand. The master wanted to question you but it looks as if she'll just have to deal with the fact that you're only good when dead."

He was dropped then, crudely on the ground. There was a grip on his lower arm that got forced down onto the man's knee. Then a loud crack. Link's other arm had been broken. His arm flopped down. He gave a small breath he knew a lesser man would have died.

That must be it, Link thought as the man kicked him over. I dead and don't know it.

No living man, clever or not, strong or not, young or not could live through this pain. Link stared up into the man's eyes as he was stabbed in the neck. Even though Link no longer had strength to move he saw that the eyes were no longer lifeless. They were full of rage and lust for murder and death.

"Maybe after your dead my master can take care of that girl. Zela or something. You know we caught her? We only needed you because she wouldn't give us anything."

Rage such as Link had never felt filled him. Epona's death, Mikio's murder, and now Zelda's pain. Link grabbed the man's arm and bashed his forehead against the man's knee. The man fell screaming in pain. Link got up and grabbed his fallen dagger. Link stabbed the man in the gut. The man sputtered and passed out, surely to die later. Link lay on the ground, applying herbs from the man's pouch to his wound, waiting and trying to keep from going into shock. Once he could move again, he got up and slipped and stumbled his way to the other cells, to Zelda.

"I will save you, I won't let my sister die!"

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