The Legend of Zelda: The Battle For Hyrule

Chapter 8: Betrayal and Brothers

The Battle For Hyrule:

The Battle For Hyrule:

By: Hugo Reed

Chapter 8: Betrayal and Brothers

When Link saw Zelda she was in a bad state. She was bleeding across the temple and hip. He smashed off the lock with the dagger, which broke promptly and all the shards flew around the cave-like cell in a way of beauty. The effort had caused Link to scream in bloody pain as his arms protested from the effort of more work. Link stood there as Zelda looked up. A wide smile came to her face.

"Am I dreaming again? In my dreams you came to rescue me. Yes, this must be a dream. You're too injured to be real, or you would be dead."

Link walked to her and knelt next to her.

"This is real." Link said.

Struggling not to pass out, he grasped her hands. His grip was tender, as though she had broken arms, not him.

"This must be real. Then you're mortally hurt!" she said and placed her healing hands upon his multiple wounds, healing him with power he knew she'd saved up. "There are no others left they were killed. I will get you out of here."

So she did. Zelda brought him out of the building and called for Snowfire. Before the hour was out, the horse came and Link gratefully got on her back. Then Snowfire rode off, hard, as though knowing her master was in a life or death situation. Link questioned Zelda along the way though he could barely speak. Zelda told Link that only he and she were riders now. Sorrow filled Link when he fully grasped the consept. When they came to the cave where the Gerudos were they quickly picked Link up and started putting potions in his mouth, and Link quickly fell asleep.

When Link woke up his arms no longer hurt. He waved his arms, just to be sure. He felt as good as new. He got up and started pacing. The movements made him feel how still his body must've been.

Link had to find some new weapons or he couldn't help out at all. Then Link learned from the Gerudos and Zelda that he had been unconscious for more than a year. That meant he was now twenty-eight turning twenty-nine next week. Also, his weapons had been taken from him. However, there was some good news, the Master Sword alone had rejected captured reappeared within the temple of time. He needed a better sword. There was only one sword Link wanted in his grip. The Master Sword itself.

Link set out first thing in the morning for Hyrule town. Zelda Insisted that she be brought along because it wasn't good for Link to be in the Temple alone again. Link agreed then whistled for Snowfire. As she came trotting Link thought about what he would need to buy in town.

The main things were a shield and bow. Everything else he needed can be found in the fields. So, Link rode into town. Zelda clutched tightly to Link's shirt and fell asleep. Link could feel the minuet grip through his cloak. She apparently hadn't been riding long. Link had Snowfire stop at the gate looked in and swore so angrily that Zelda gave a start in her sleep. The town was not empty. It was piled full of Redead. He dismounted and walked in. The Redead approached him and tried to bite into his neck. Link was far too fast for them and ran into the Temple.

He walked up to the great sword and grasped the handle and pulled it out. As light spun from the stone like forest fire, images flashed through Link's head of their own accord and though Link remembered feeling thousands of feelings from the pictures, he now felt only one thing. Anger… All the time people were asking him what he wanted. He wanted only revenge… Revenge for Epona's Death… Revenge for Mikio's Murder… Revenge for Zelda's pain… Revenge for the riders… Revenge for all that he had endured.

Link spoke out and he called truth out in every hard word, "The Hero of Time is re-born with one passion. Revenge."

He walked out of the Temple and the Redead came again. This time, instead of running away, Link stood tall, all fear gone. A Redead slashed out at him. He raised the blade and cut off the arm. Then he spun on the ball of his foot and stabbed down into the beast's back. Blood spurted from the wound and Link sliced off another enemy head.

Link turned and blocked a blade from cutting him. He felt a Redead was going to attack him from behind. Before the attack landed, Link flipped over the Redead in front of him and stabbed behind him killing two Redead instantly. Link then jumped high and flipped then placed his sword under him. It landed in a Redead's head and Link pulled out the sword with a mighty strength, while the body crumpled under him.

Slicing through three Redead, Link kicked out a bomb behind him. It blew up a the majority of five. Link caught four of them heading toward the gate. He pulled out his bow and focused on the element fire. A flame leapt up on the tip of the arrow and Link released the string. The arrow hit the middle Redead and exploded killing the others in a whirl of angry flames.

Link normally would be afraid of all these Redead but now he enjoyed the physical challenge. He be-headed another foe and saw a figure holding a dagger. Zelda came through slashing off a Redead's leg and ran on using magic to kill three more. Apparently Zelda's experience after Gannon's castle had made her a powerful fighter.

Link brought his sword through another foe's gut. Then Link focused on fire, the power of Din, slammed his palm into the ground and caused a huge explosion of fire killing half of the remaining Redead. Link turned to face no less then fifteen armed Redead and six phantoms. Phantoms were not like anything Link had faced before. They set balls of flaming fire at him that he had to flip over and then face-plant them, and as if that wasn't hard enough, the Redead made it impossible to strike the phantoms.

However, Link's resolve was steeled and he was a strong hero, and twenty times the man of any other foe.

He parried blows from all directions backing up quickly. Link stabbed the lead phantom. At the same time he was burned and stabbed by many sword-points. Link cried out in pain and cut through a phantom and two Redead. Zelda struck down three of the Redead that were on Link. Link used Din's fire and ran out of the market with Zelda hot on his heels. He hopped on Snowfire and pulled Zelda up in front of him. Link twirled his hands in the rough rope and spoke to the steed.

"Ok Snowfire get us to the cave. Show us the meaning of haste."

The horse wheeled about quickly and ran along the hylian river. Link turned around in the saddle, confused. Snowfire ran off towards Zora's Domain.

Link looked at her and said angrily, "Snowfire the cave is back there!"

Snowfire acted like she couldn't hear him and continued on at her reckless pace. Dashing as fast as she could, she quickly ran out of bow range and jumped through the water barrier dividing the Zoras and the Hylians.

At least I can find the Zoras now.

Though it was quickly apparent that there was no one alive in the domain. A few bodies were on the ground but not nearly enough to be the entire population of Zoras.

"They must be hidden on Lake Haliya somewhere," Zelda said.

Link told Snowfire to head to the lake but the horse didn't listen. Snowfire ran up the stairs and ran into the ice cavern. All of the living Zoras were there. They were crouched down, laying together in fear.


He turned Snowfire around, and rode out of the cavern shouting, "There is a new enemy here! Flee Hyrule, now!"

Snowfire rode off to the old cave. It was still as forbidding and wrong as it had always been. However, death seemed to linger about it, yet it seemed to be even darker then the clouds above. Link got off her and walked in the cave and saw many dead bodies, and one... one that was the figure of a woman. This figure was laughing softly, kneeling upon the ground.

"This lot put up a good fight. They killed my best guards. This one..." she said pointing to a body, Xilic's. "Now he put up quite a fight. He alone killed almost half my guards, and gave me a slash across my back. But I gave him better than I got. He was a die-hard though, not mistake. It took nearly four arrows and a dagger to bring him down."

Link looked at his friend's body. Two arrows were still in his body. One in his left shoulder, and one in his left leg. The other two had merely skimmed his right side and right ear. The dagger had his him in the top of the head, which was bleeding freely. Xilic lay perfectly still upon the ground.

"I traveled with you to Death Mountain!" Link cried at the girl.

"It's good to see that a man of twenty-eight seems to be a real genius," she said, her voice full of sarcasm. "I tricked him, gave out his location, killed all his army, and he just knows I traveled to the stupid mountain with him." She mocked.

Link drew his sword and sliced at her head. She caught the blow on her dagger, which caused her arm to shake angrily. Link looked into her eyes and saw that same look as the black clothed man before Link killed him. Full of lust for murder. She tried to kick him, and he side-stepped the kick. Then Zelda moved and stabbed at the woman's hip. The woman back-flipped into the cave wall and shot Link in the shoulder of his left arm. Unstopped, Link plucked out the arrow and shot at her and missed by an inch. The woman shot another arrow at him then threw a spear dripping poison from the head.

The arrow missed but the spear hit Link in the left hip. It skimmed it's way along Link's hipbone, drawing blood. Link gritted his teeth and ran on at the traitor. Link raised his sword, ready to strike, as Zelda was firing magic at the Gerudo woman. As Link swung down the woman side-stepped it and shot him in his right hip. Link gritted his teeth and removed the arrow.

One of the bodies was moving. Link spun around instantly and saw it was Xilic, not quite so dead.

Xilic ran forward, pulling his sword out and calling, "Commander, jump."

Link did but as he was in the air, a dagger and an arrow came flying at his back. He very narrowly managed to dodge the arrow and knock the dagger astray. Xilic resumed Link's battle with the woman. Zelda came and shot at her but missed. Link looked at and healed his side while talking to her.

"Zelda... get to the Zoras… We can handle this. T-they need you."

Zelda nodded and gave Link a swift kiss upon the cheek.

"Good luck, brother."

Then she ran off. Link rose and blocked a swipe that the woman swung at Xilic. Xilic sank to his knees to rest. Link spun to his left and stabbed her right hand, but the hit wasn't bad and she gave him a cut down his neck. Xilic shot her in the shoulder as she stuck the dagger in Link's arm. Link slashed down and cut off a few of her toes. Link and Xilic were drawing upon resolve and training not to go into shock as the girl screamed in pain.

Xilic was forced to hold her off as Link fell down. The woman threw a massive bomb down, and it caused a large rock pile to tumble down. The explosion caused Link to go deaf and blind for a little bit. He struggled to see and finally his senses returned to him. Link began shifting aside rocks, as he could. He heard fighting from the other side that meant Xilic was still alive. Link moved more rock around he now saw Xilic. Moving rock around quickly Link saw it all. Xilic was spinning his sword fast to block all of the blows coming at him.

But Link saw it in Xilic's eyes. He was tired and in pain. Xilic looked at Link who had just forced his way through a small hole.

"For you."

Then he jumped onto the Gerudo woman and said, "Do it now! I can't hold her long."

Link be-headed the woman with his blade, as she stabbed Xilic in the gut with a long knife she had hidden in her sleep. Xilic sank down and closed his eyes.

As Link ran to Xilic, he spoke.

"I would… follow you to the e-end of the earth vow or no… vow. My commander, m-my friend… my king. I name… you my brother t-through… spirit if you accept my b-blessing."

Link kneeled and said, "I would be honored to receive it."

"Then do… and I w-will be w-with… you always," said Xilic placing his hand over Link's chest. "Goodbye my… brother I w-will be with you t-through spirit… always."

"No, I'll not leave you here… I am going to heal you."

"I am a-already in… your debt o-overtime, brother."

"No now I owe you my life and I will not let a friend, a brother die."

Link placed his hand over Xilic's chest and started healing Xilic's wounds with every once of strength he had within him. However, before the night faded away, Xilic stopped breathing, and his blood slowed. Heavy tears fell from Link's eyes as he gave a long howling cry of pain.

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