The Legend of Zelda: The Battle For Hyrule

Chapter 9: The Time to Attack

The Battle For Hyrule:

By: Hugo Reed

Chapter 9: The Time for the Attack

Zelda appeared soon and told Link that the Zoras were dead, or long gone. Any and all of them that would have fought were unreachable. Link shortly gave a telling of the battle and she wept. Link lay Xilic's body down by his pack and put it on a table in the deeper parts of the gave.

Gorons, Zoras, and Greudos are gone. Who is left to help us? What about the people? Malon, and all the others are at Lon-Lon Ranch.

"Zelda we must head to Lon-Lon Ranch to find the townspeople."

Zelda nodded and mounted Snowfire behind Link. Link nudged Snowfire onward towards the ranch. He could feel his knees smoothly pressing into the muscle and tissue of the animal's side. Link lightly rubbed the horse's neck and then began scanning the distant hilltops for the ranch.

It didn't come into view for half of that day, but when it did Snowfire gladly jumped forward and galloped into the ranch. Link thought it must've been the call of the other horses that cause her to be so exuberant.

"Link! Is that you?" Malon asked. "Where've you been?! I was worried sick! Gone for over a year! I only sometimes got a message from Xilic, but then even those stopped. Now you get back! You sure as the day and night themselves owe me some quality time, great hero."

"I'm glad to see you too Malon," said Link. " Nothing's wrong with me that won't be fixed. But things aren't as good as they could be. The empire--"

"Is about to have a very bad day. We were waiting for this for a long time."

Malon gave a sharp whistle and soon many people ran out, although few looked like they had the skill to be a warrior, all looked like they had seen battle. Many were cut across the face. One had a makeshift splint on his arm. All of them, even those that were just entering manhood, were carrying swords. Malon gave another sharp whistle and all the ranches horses came galloping out.

"Everyone do whatever Link or Zelda tells you got it?"

Everyone nodded.

"Mount up!" Link called.

This will be a day that our villain won't forget indeed, Link thought as they all rode to the castle.

The castle was much closer to the ranch then the cave was and as they reached the great stone walls, the sun was starting to set over the distant mountains.

"REDEAD!" cried Zelda.

Link drew the Master Sword. It's pale white light shown in the darkening sky. The people copied him. Redead drew their swords, and slowly move forward. Holding his sword point-first to the Redead, Link charged. The army followed suit. A clap of thunder struck from the heavens. Rain poured down drenching them all. Link could feel the ran chilling him through his cloak and tunic.

The Master Sword went through a Redead's body and struck another in the face. He quickly retracted his weapon as Snowfire stood on her hind legs kicking two of the creatures in the face. Slashing to his left he beheaded three of the Redead. Another leapt and tried to bite him, gaping mouth ready to rip into his flesh, but the Master Sword cut the vile creation in half.

Battle raged on unstoppably. Link rode through the battlefield killing Redead as he went. He caught a glimpse of Zelda with blood dripping from her hands that was not her own. She raised her palm and gave a spell. Five Redead exploded in a whirling flame of light and darkness.

Link paid for his lack of attention when a Redead grabbed his neck and dragged him off Snowfire and the horse dashed out of the area. Using his grace and battle gift, Link spun the sword around his hand and stabbed the Redead holding him. As blood poured from the wound the Master Sword had left, Link ran towards a elderly man who was trapped by no less then ten of the monsters. Link beheaded one of them slashed another across the back and cut a third in half. Blood was everywhere, some of it his, some of it the Redeads'. Link ran out of the circle of battle and hopped on Snowfire.

The horse whinnied happily and galloped up and down the lines as Link cried in a loud proud voice for all men to hear.

"Now men! Now for Hyrule! For freedom, for your right of life. Fight! Fight and kill the monsters that stole their lands from you. These pity-less fiends would burn you to death and cover your ashes in horse dung. Use what you've learned. You shalln't hold back, for I assure you none of them are! We fight now for Hyrule, for what it stood upon, and for the freedom it offered. This is no treason what we have done today. We have fought for Hyrule. The Battle of Hyrule is the name of this fight now make it so."

He finished his speech with a long flourish of the blade and cantering back into the battle. The army gave no reply but their attacks got more accurate and more deadly. A hooded and cloaked figure walked out of the castle gates. This newcomer raised his hand and a circle of fire exploded into life around the fighters. Link stirred Snowfire on and leapt over bits of breakout from the battle. Dismounting, Link stood with his sword raised high above his head. The man pulled out his sword from under the black folds of his cloak and his hood fell to reveal his face.

It was the man from the temple and the man from the prison. It was number seven of Link's old squad. The missing arm that Link had relieved the man of was now just a stump.

"Wow you are a die-hard," said the man.

"So are you, but you're only half as dangerous," Link retorted.

"It's expected that we both be hard to kill. I'm you," said the man in a snarl. "Or rather you as your destiny describes. Prophecy tells that you grew to rule Hyrule not betray it and cast down it's empire."

"Your wrong, your wrong! You lie!" Link yelled.

His voice was shaky and unsteady. Link angrily spun to the left and swung his sword at the man's head. The blow was blocked easily.

"You see, your hate let's you move without thinking. That was a blow to kill. However pitiful however stupid and weak, that was a killing blow."

Link made no reply, but retracted the Master Sword and stabbed at the man with invisible movement. The black blade barely managed to block it. Link brought the Master Sword back again and went into an invisible series of cuts and slashes driving the man back across a bridge. And in this battle that would likely take his life Link didn't think about his movements. He wasn't concentrating on the man. He was thinking about Zelda and Malon, and his need to protect Them from this man who refused to die. Link's instinct did the rest.

The battle itself was a meaningless thing for the man had already lost, he just wasn't aware of it yet. It didn't matter what power the man had or what tricks that he had. He was far too weak for this fight and was in over his head.

The man saw none of this though. All he saw was a hero swing a sword with a blinding speed of around three attacks a second. The man needed a new tactic, else Link would kill him. The man raised his hand and a red bolt of lighting shook the heavens and cakme flying down as quick as it could, struck Zelda. She was flung to the ground, and sent skidding across it, either dead or knocked out, nobody knew which. However, Link's attack speed didn't slow down as was expected of him. Instead, he sped it up to around five attacks a second.

The strangest part of it is that they were simple attacks that were meant for distraction. Each and every single strike could take the man's life with as a hot knife could go through butter. The black blade in the man's hand flashed to the left to block one blow, to his center to block another. Then as a third blow came, the man made a foolish stab at Link, and the attack missed by a mile. And then it clicked, everyone understood why Link no longer spoke, he was a machine of battle. Link was exactly what some people called him, a War God.

The man raised his blade to smash it into Link's skull. Link flipped over the man's head and pushed off of a wall that was behind him, blade pointed to run the man through.

"Do you think I learned nothing?" asked the man flipping over Link's attack.

"See how you fight now? Are we so different you and I?" the man asked.

Link didn't answer instead he spun in a circle bringing the Master Sword down over his head intending to kill. His moves weren't thought out, weren't planned. He was acting on cold, hard instinct, the natural power of revenge. His revenge was that of a love for all those who'd fallen fighting for him. His next blow was deflected and the Master Sword stuck in the bridge. Link tried to tug it out with all his power. He failed and turned quickly, punching the man in the jaw. The black blade fell to the ground. Link's hand grasped the deathly chilled handle.

He swung at the man with a new found strength. The man showed a thing he'd never felt before. Fear. Cold, hard fear. Link's strikes became faster and were quickly forced the man back into a corner. Link's free hand grasped the man's neck lifting him off the ground. His sweat seemed to sink into Link's fingertips as he begged the merciless man.

"No, don't please don't kill me! I had no choice!"

"Neither do I," Link said, but his voice wasn't his own.

It was the voice of a man in power and enjoying it. Link stabbed the man hard in the gut, twisted the blade slowly within the man's body, so the cutting edge faced upwards and let him fall as the blade cut through his flesh. Link suddenly withdrew the blade and grabbed the man's hair and rested the blade on the man's collar bone. Power seemed to flow through Link's very proud heroic veins. Never had such ruling and ability come to him. He felt… happy. He was more then able to kill this man who had been causing him pain.

"Who's weak now? I will rescue Hyrule and keep Zelda and the townspeople!" Link snarled at the man.

"Link stop!" Zelda's voice broke the air. "You can't destroy who you are to stop him."

"I see not why it matters," said Link. "According to him I'll become the evil ruler of Hyrule no matter what."

"Link please, you can choose who you want to be, and you wouldn't want to hurt people. Link you're the Hero of Time, a chosen Hero, chosen by the Goddesses. To free Hyrule, not to take it over. Choose because you are one of the few that actually can pick their destiny."

"Your right, Zelda. This isn't me. I allowed him to boil my blood, I apologize."

"Your anger shows that you are human." Zelda said.

Link looked back into the battle. They weren't losing the battle badly, they were losing really badly. Link threw the black blade into an approaching troll behind him. The Master Sword was his tool. Dropping the man, who was dying now, Link grabbed the handle of the sacred sword and pull with all his effort. The blade came free and Link ran back into the battle. The only difference was that he was now utterly unstoppable.

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