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You’re Broken (Dracoxreader)


Y/n Hale is a transfer student from Beauxbatons, joining Hogwarts her 4th year. Trouble comes along when she doesn't submit to the platinum haired boy but rather takes things away from him. You are 16 in this story! The Hogwarts rules dont apply to this story! - The characters from the Harry Potter series, I did not create. All credit for those characters go to the original author.

Fantasy / Erotica
Draco’s bitch
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*In Beauxbatons*

"You're expelled Ms.Hale! This is the last time we allow something like this to slip by" Headmaster Maxime said.

"I don't see the problem I was just having some fun, the fact that what's his name wanted to join isn't on me," I said with a smirk on my face.

"Your 'fun' is extremely inappropriate in a classroom, it will not be put up with any longer!"

With that said I went to my dorm and packed my trunk.

"Stupid school, they're acting like they never had fun before," I said to myself.

I felt arms wrap around my waist,

"Hey there Beautiful," I heard someone say, I turned around to see the guy I was having fun with which caused me to get expelled.

He smashed his lip against mine, pulling me closer to his chest. I made my way to his neck gently sucking and biting.

"Why is your trunk packed?"

"I got expelled," I said still focusing on his neck. "So you're leaving?" He asked.

I pulled away meeting his eyes, "Well yea, that's the process of getting expelled, are you stupid?" I asked.

"Well then, will you be my girlfriend! We can send each other owls-,"

"I don't do relationships, uh-," I said. "Miles, my names Miles," he said.

"I don't care, anyways if that's all, I'll be on my way," I said. I grabbed my trunk and went towards the fire place, getting ahold of some floo powder.

"The Hale Mansion," I said and with that I left the Beauxbatons.

I ended up in my living room where I met eyes with my parents.

"Y/n? What are you doing here?" My mother asked. I picked up my trunk and waved it in front of me, "Take a guess," I said.

"Don't tell me you've been expelled again, You're putting the family name to great shame!" my father said.

"No father I'm just here for Christmas," I hissed back annoyed.

"What are we going to do with you! Not even Durmstrang institute wanted you, You couldn't even last a month in Beauxbaton, you've been there for 2 weeks for Merlins sake!" My mother yelled.

"It's not my fault the school can't handle a little fun," I said.

"A little fun!? Shagging guys-,"

"And girls," I smirked watching my mothers face grow bright red with anger.


I walked to my room and threw my trunk on the floor. I laid in bed looking up at the curtains that covered my bed area.

"Another stupid school, the people better be attractive," I said to myself.

I drifted to sleep after a while of not doing anything.

*Days passed, Monday morning*


I got out of bed and went to take a quick shower. I quickly wrapped a towel around my body and went to look for clothes.

I put on a mini black skirt and black turtleneck. I grabbed the plain black robe I needed to wear until I got sorted and put it on as well.

I did a quick spell to dry and fix my hair how I wanted. I quickly put on my usual make up look and got my trunk.

I made my way to my living room and into the fire place.

Grabbing the floo powder once, right before I was about to leave I heard my father call me.

"If you get expelled form this school then as soon as you turn of age you'll be out of this house!" He yelled.

I rolled my eyes, "Hogwarts!" I yelled. I walked out from the fire place and looked around, I landed in what looked like an office.

"Ms. Hale, pleasure to see you here," I heard from behind me.

I turned around to see a wizard, "You are?" I asked. "Headmaster Albus Dumbledore," he said.

I nodded, "You may leave your bags here, they'll be delivered to your dorm, after the feast we will come back here and someone will show you to your dorm," he said.

We walked down to the Great Hall, He entered first as I wanted to go the restroom quickly.

I fixed my makeup and my clothes making sure they looked good before walking towards the great hall again.

I opened the door and walked in.

"Ah! Everyone! There will be a new student joining us as of today! Y/n Hale please come up to get sorted," Dumbledore said.

I walked down the middle of the hall hearing the same murmurs from every school I've been in.

"Who is she?" "I don't know but look at her, she's hot"

I rolled my eyes and looked to my left and saw two red headed twins, both looking at me with hunger.

I send over a wink and bit my lip. Those two look like great guys to have 'fun' with. I watched as they looked at each other and whispered something.

I caught eyes with a girl with curls, I sent her a smirk causing her eyes to widen and look away. Next to her was another red headed boy, not necessarily my type but it's always nice to have someone to have fun with.

There was a dark haired boy with glasses, he looked confused but maybe he'd be fun.

I looked around and spotted a platinum haired boy, he was looking at me up and down as I walked, I lifted the waist of my skirt a little bit showing more skin while looking at him.

He threw a smirk over while eyeing me down. He whispered something to his friends still smirking at me.

Hmmm cocky, not my type. I walked up to the stool in front of me as they placed the sorting hot on my head.

"Hmmm," I heard making my eyes widen. "This is new," I said to myself.

"3 different schools this one went to. Not one could handle you? Hmm I see cunningness, devious for sure, hints of intimidating, you are a troublemaker for sure but only because of your stubbornness,"

"There's only one place for you... SLYTHERIN!" I looked at the table who was now cheering for me, the table with the platinum blonde haired boy.

I rolled my eyes as I made eye contact with him.

"Well then, this will be fun," I said to myself.

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