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you’re mine, i’m yours


"who's are you?" Draco questioned "yours, only yours" i said between breaths "good girl" Katerina Pierces life has never been normal, she grew up in a house where her parents would constantly fight, and the only person she had was her brother Elijah. However when she goes back to Hogwarts for her fifth year things change. ||~The characters Katerina and Elijah Pierce are mine,as well as Lorenzo Adams and Ella Wood. ~The rest all belong to Jk Rowing (not that i like here homophonic arse). ~This story is based in their 5th and 6th years at Hogwarts. ~There will be spice so if you don't like that stuff i wouldn't suggest reading ;)||

Romance / Erotica
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never have i ever

“guess who’s back?” Lorenzo says from out side our compartment. Blaise, Ella and myself were already on the train for our fifth year, whereas Lorenzo and Draco wee running late as they were on holiday. “i wonder” i say as they enter our compartment, Draco sits across from me with Blaise and Ella whilst Lorenzo sits next to me. “how was France?” Ella asked.”a complete bore our fathers weren’t there most of the time, our mothers were out doing girly shit, leaving me and Lorenzo to do whatever we want, however pisshead over here”Draco said as he looked at Lorenzo “decided it would be a good idea to get high and drunk leaving me to take care of him”. “what’s the point of summer without drinks?” Lorenzo questioned “ he’s got a point” i said which just caused Draco to scoff and roll his eyes.

“speaking of drinks” Lorenzo said as he pulled out a bottle of fire whisky “i’ll take that” i said as i took the bottle from his hands “you can have some by the way” Lorenzo chuckled. “okay that’s enough” Ella said as she took the bottle from me “Merlin, you’ve nearly done the whole bottle” Blaise said as he takes a swig. “trouble at home?” Ella asked, this is what i love about her she can always tell when somethings wrong and is always there to comfort you no matter the circumstances. “Parents have finally decided to get a divorce”i said “took them long enough” Draco muttered just loud enough for us to hear “ i should be happy shouldn’t i?, i mean there’s going to be no more fighting right? maybe the house will be peaceful like it used to be” i said. “What’s it like at home?” Lorenzo asked me sympathetically, Lorezo is my best friend and has been since our first, i still remember the day i sat next to him after being sorted he gave me a huge smile and introduced himself.

“i’m Lorenzo Adams”a boy with big brown eyes said to me “i’m Katerina Pierce, pleasure to meet you” “pleasures all mine” he said.

“Fathers moved out to god knows where, his office has been cleared out as-well as everything of his, Mother’s been distant lately, she new this was coming i mean we all did i just don’t think she prepared herself for it” “how’s Elijah” Ella asked “he’s alright, we all are really, it’s for the best” “well as long as everything’s ok”she said.
The rest of the train ride was like any other year, talk about our summers, laugh and just have fun. However of course this year there’s the alcohol which makes it even more fun. By the time we reach Hogwarts we are all a bit tipsy, except for Draco of course, after all it was his turn to be sober. That’s a rule in our friendship group if Ella and Myself were drinking one of the boys would remain sober to ‘ensure our safety’ or some crap.

“and then Elijah accidentally told mother about the time he lost his virginity” i told everyone at the feast “shut up” Elijah said to me from across the table.“Good evening children, now we have two changes in staffing this year we are pleased to welcome back professor Grubleplank who will be taking of magical creatures while professor Hagrid is on temporary leave, we also wish to welcome our new defence against the dark arts teacher, professor Dolores Umbridge, and i’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing the professor good luck as usual our caretaker mr. filch has asked me to remind you-“ Dumbledore stoped when Umbridge let out an annoying little giggle, she then stood up slowly as if she had all the tine in the world “Jesus christ”i muttered under my breath. “Thank you headmaster for those kind words of welcome and how lovely to see all your bright happy faces smiling up at me-“ i looked around the hall to see that not one person had a smile on their ‘happy faces’. “i’m sure well are all going to be very good frinds”she continued “not likely”me and Elijah said in unison which caused our friends and afew others to laugh.“the ministry of magic has always considered the education of young witches and wizards to be of vital importance although each headmaster has brought something new to this historic school, progress for the sake of progress must be discouraged, let us preserve what must be preserved, perfect what can be perfected and prune practices that ought to be prohibited” she let out one last giggle snd then went back to her seat. This women annoys me. Dumbledore started to clap which the students then hesitantly followed “thank you professor Umbridge” he said although we didn’t listen to the rest of his speech.

“There’s something up with that women, annoys the hell out of me, the way she giggles and speaks and moves, oh and don’t even get me started on her dress sense it’s simply awful” i say as we walk towards the dungeons. “Something tells me she’s going to cause a lot of trouble this year” Blaise said. “at least we haven’t got any classes today, our dorm?” Lorenzo suggested. “Anything just get me away from that pink goon”Ella said disgusted.
When we made it to the boys dorm we sat in a circle one the floor like usual, Ella and Blaise leaning against his bed and Lorenzo, Draco and myself against Draco’s. “how about a game of never have i ever?”Blaise suggested “with drinks?” Lorenzo proposed which of course no one said no to. “i’ll start, never have i ever... had sex?” Blaise said.
Everyone except myself took a shot. “you next Malfoy” Blaise said “alright, never have i ever... given head?”. this time everyone took a shot except Ella “you’ve never given head?” Lorenzo asked in shock “of course not why would i want to suck someones dick?” Ella responded sharply “fair enough” i said with a chuckle “You next Kate”Draco said( Kate is short for Katerina but only my family and friends call me it) “never have i ever... done it in public?” they all took a shot “you dirty fuckers” i said “what?! sometimes you can’t wait, at least we’ve done it” Lorenzo argued, we all laughed.

We continued to play and talked for about three hours or so, Ella had gone back to our dorm to sleep, Blaise was at the owlery sending a letter to his mother and Lorenzo had passed out leaving me snd Draco alone. Me and Draco had a weird friendship, when we were with other people it was normal but when we were alone it got a bit awkward. I was currently reading my favourite book ‘(favourite book)’ when i could feel someone staring at me, i turned my head to see Draco looking right at me, we locked eyes and neither of us looked away. How long was he looking at me for? i took this moment to realise how truly handsome he was; his platinum blond hair hung perfectly over his forehead,his gorgeous grey eyes were staring straight into mine, his lips were parted slightly and his face structure was perfect. He really is memorising. We were looking into each others eyes for what felt like forever until Blaise came back and i adverted my gaze to him, i could hear Draco clear his throat. “Did i interrupt something?” Blaise asked “no, not at all i’m going to bed now anyways” i said as i got up to leave “Bye boys” “bye Ella” Blaise said, i looked at Draco once more before i left only to see him looking right at me. What was that all about?

Draco’s Pov

When we got back to our dorm after Dumbledores boring speech we sat as usual. We ended up playing never have i ever and i was honestly quite surprised when Katerina didn’t take a shot for ‘ever had sex’ i mean she’s no innocent girl, probably the most dirty minded person i know, she did however take a shot for ‘ever given head’ so perhaps she’s just waiting for the right moment.

After all that Ella went to bed, Lorenzo passed out so me and Blaise had to put him on his bed, then not long after that Blaise left for the owlery leaving me and Katerina alone. She was currently reading a book i’m not sure which one but she looks really invested in it. I can’t help but notice how extremely gorgeous she is; her shoulder length brown hair that never seems to be messed up, her mesmerising
deep blue eyes, her perfectly shaped eyebrows and her face structure is immaculate. I feel like i should look away but i don’t. I just keep admiring her, until she suddenly looks up at me. Our eyes lock and neither of us look away. Should i looks away? She really is beautiful. Suddenly Zambini comes through the door snd she tears her eyes away from mine and to his instantly. “Did i interrupt something?” he asked “no, not at all i’m going to bed now anyways” Katerina said as she stood up ready to leave, i can’t seem to take my eyes of her. Why can’t i take my eyes of her?! “Bye boys”
“Bye Ella“ Zambini says, i’d reply too but i can’t seem to get the words out. Before she leaves our eyes meet once more, and then she’s gone.
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