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you’re mine, i’m yours

getting ready

I woke up the next morning to Ella shaking me. “wake the fuck up” she screamed at me as i tried to push her away “i’ll get the boys”she threatened “alright alright i’m up, bloody hell why so early?” i ask sitting up “early? it’s 11:36” “like i said early” “unbelievable”she said as she went to finish her makeup. “shit, is the party tonight?” i asked “yeah why?” “i haven’t got a dress” “we’ll go to hogsmsde” “really?” “of course i need one myself besides i’m sure the boys wouldn’t say no to a butter beer” “true, i’m going to shower.
I quickly showered and got dressed and then went down to the common room, to find everyone waiting for me. “ready?” i ask “of course”

“You’ve tried like 100 dresses just choose one already” Lorenzo complained. The boys were currently spread across the sofas in madam malkins shop whilst Ella and myself tried dresses. “oh shut it” i said as i walked out of my changing room.
I had a deep green silk dress which came down to about half way of my thigh, it had an open back and thin straps, it hugged my figure tightly and the front part around my breasts gaped a little to show of some cleavage. “Omg it’s perfect” Ella said from behind me “you think?” i asked “yeah, but how about...”Lorenzo trailed of as he walked over to me and tried to pull it down a little. “what are you doing”i questioned “i just don’t fancy any boys drooling over our precious little Katerina, thats all” “leave it Lorenzo, if she wants to dress revealing the so be it... we can teach anyone who even goes near her inappropriately a lesson”Draco speaks. Thats new. “Damn right we will” Blaise said.
After Ella and myself brought our dresses we went to the three broomsticks. “five butter bears please” Blaise said to the waiter. “I still don’t understand”Lorenzo says out of no where which causes all of us to burst out in laughter. “don’t understand what mate?”Draco questioned “how is it, that the party starts in two hours and Ella and Katerina are still sitting with us lot instead of getting ready”
“that would be because-“i started but was interrupted by Ella”WHAT, WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?”
“I-“Lorenzo said. “no, you know what we’ve lost enough time as it is, come on Kate we’re leaving” she said as she dragged me out by my arm “bye then” i heard the three boys shout in unison as we left.
About 30 minutes after me and Ella left the boys came bursting into our room. “hello ladies” Lorenzo spoke“are you drunk?” i questioned “noooo” he said sarcastically “right”
Ella gave Lorenzo some water and he sobered up pretty quickly. I was currently sitting at my vanity doing my makeup whilst Ella was showering.
Just as i was about to reach for my powder Draco picked it up. “what is this muggle object?” he asked as he went to open it, “no don’t open it”i said as i pulled the powder of him “why?”he asked confused.
“Because it will go everywhere” i explained “what does it do?”he asked.
“It sets your foundation and gives you a glow, you don’t need any you already look like Voldemort” “HEY” Draco groaned.
“You know, i don’t know why you girls bother with makeup, you look just as beautiful without it”Lorenzo spoke up “Yeah, like who are you trying to impress”Blaise joined “no one, we do it for ourselves, now piss of so i can get changed” i said. “alright alright we’re leaving” Lorenzo spoke. Just before Draco left he lent down and whispered in my ear “you really don’t need it” then he left leaving me speechless.

Not long after Ella came out of the shower and once we were ready we headed of downstairs. “bloody hell i can hear the music already” Ella complained as we walked down the stairs and into the common room. “this is going to be good”i said.
As soon as we walked in pretty much all eyes were on us, which was usual. I saw Lorenzo kissing some girl who i believe is named Seren although i can’t be sure. Blaise is dancing with a girl named Daphne, and it is also his turn to be sober which he wasn’t to happy about.
And thats when i spotted him. Sat on a black leather couch by himself with a glass of fire whiskey in his right hand.He had black trousers with his usual black button up, however this time he had the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and the first couple of buttons undone. He looked extremely handsome.
“i’m going to get a drink”i said to Ella however she was already gone. I laughed to myself and then made my way over to the drinks table.
Suddenly i felt a presence behind me as i was getting some champagne. “well aren’t you a pretty little thing” i felt a pair of hand on my hips and i immediately hit then away and turned around to see a complete stranger in front of me “care do dance?” he asked. ew. “no” i said and then attempted to walk away but he snaked an arm around my waist to stop me “i think you should reconsider”he said “i think you should go fuck your self”
“watch your tone”
“you watch yours”
He stared at me for a second before he spoke again. “feisty thing aren’t you? how about we go somewhere more... private”
“i’d rather not” “why not? who would want to refuse me?” “have you seen yourself? you face is worse than voldys” i said with a chuckle.
“you bitch” he said, the next thing was kind of a blur one second his hand was about to hit my face, and then the next he was on the floor with a bloody nose.
“whoops” i said, i then noticed that everyone was looking at me “what... never seen a girl punch before”
Ugh i hate men.

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