The king of underworld


"I have found so much beauty in the dark as i have found a lot of horrors in light"

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

The beginning

1.Jeon jungkook as the king of underworld (hades)
2.Jung y/n as the main character

3.mamamoo as y/n's bestfriends

4.park jimin as y/n's guardian angel
You will know more about new characters in the story
I am not gud at writing so please sorry if i make any mistakes...
Now..on to the story
Y/n's POV
Hey hello!!!!my name is jung y/n i am 17 years old ill be 18 in 2 days...i live with my mother and sister
My father passed away when i was is my first day of college well..i am a medical student i am so excited....yayeyayeyaye...okey now time to get ready..
Few minutes later
Okey lets goooooo......
I just arrived..
I was looking for my girls...ughh where are my bitches..
"Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy y/nnnnnnnnnn wee arreee heeerrreeeeeee"
Oh my god the whole college heard her..🤦‍♀️
I went to hwasa nd hugged her...
Hwasa-i missed u my girlfriend 🥺🥺🥺
Y/n- awwww i missed u too...give me a kissssss on liiipssss 👄
Hwasa- come here babyy I'll give you a smooch 👅👄👅👄
Wheein-eeeewwwwww!!! lesbians....get a rooommm...
Moonbyul-okey okey now stop...we have to go to our classes noww...we are gettin late..
Solar- yeah you are right...lets go you naughty maknae's
Hwasa-HIHIHIHI we will continue this later y/n my babbyyy
Y/n- yeahhhhhhh babeee.....sureee 😘
After our naughtiness we went to our classes..everything went well..the teachers were good...we went to the cafeteria after attending our classes
Hwasa-y/n baby what do u want to eat?
Y/n- ummmm pizza loading with cheese anddddd Sprite...nd ummm your lips also..
Hwasa- you naughty girlll!!!!!
Solar- yaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! Will u stopppp??i am getting annoyed now
Moonbyule-aishh these girls..🤦‍♀️
Wheein-hwasa....take our order and get us goo
Nd hwasa went to get the food...
Y/n- hey guys don't eat my food okey I'm going to bathroom to pee...I'll be right back
I was on my way to the bathroom when i bumped into someone and fell on the ground...
Y/ butt!!!
??- i am so so sorry miss...let me help you..
Y/n-i heard a sweet voice nd i saw his hand near me..i took his hand as he helped me to get up..."you should really watch where you are going i am very nice so i didn't say anything but you should be carefull"
I spoke without looking at his face as i was cleaning my clothes..
??- yeah i know i am so sorry i was in deep thoughts...please forgive me..
Y/n-he spoke again with his sweet and angelic voice.. i looked at his face...woww he is ethereal...I've never saw a guy like cute and innocent...he is a perfect defination of...CUTE SEXY AND LOVELY...
"Oh no its okey"i said..
Jimin-well umm hello my name is park jimin i am new in this college...nice to meet you miss..?
Y/n- y/n...jung y/n...nice to meet you too..i am also new here...
Jimin- oh okey can you tell me where is the cafeteria?
Y/n- oh yeah i jst came from's that way...go straight and then right...okey then..bye
Jimin- o-ohh yeah bye y/n..
He went to the cafeteria nd i went to bathroom...i peed nd then i went back to cafeteria....
Y/n- ughh i just hope they didn't eat my food...when i arrived i saw them eating food..."hey where is my food"
Solar- mmm-mmm sooryyy-mmm..we ate-mm every-mm-thing...
Y/n- what you guys betrayed ate my fooddd...hwasa??? You tooo how could also betrayed meee...
Hwasa- y/n baby i am so sorry i lov you okey but i couldn't help...i love foodddddddddd....
Y/n-ugh these seriously...
Y/n- oh hey jimin..
Jimin- you can eat with me...i don't know anyone here so...yeahh
Y/n-o-oh *he's so sweet* yess why not...i can't say no to food..hihi come sit with us...girls meet jimin...he's also new here...i met him in the hallway and jimin thess girls are my bestfriends..hwasa,solar,moonbyul,wheein..
Mamamoo- hey nice to meet you pretty boy!!
Y/n- *seriously* i glared at them...i saw jimin's face..he was blushing....omo..he's so cuteee
Jimin- h-hey..nice to meet you too..
Y/n's POV
We started eating nd we talked about some things...jimin is a very gud guy...he's so cute nd sweet...
After eating we left the cafeteria and went out from the college..jimin already left after eating...
Hwasa-sooo tomorrow is Saturday...and we will not go to college tomorrow...ask why??
All of us- whyy??
Hwasa-becauseee we are staying together tomorrow y/n's birthday...y/n's birthday is on sunday but we will enjoy the weekend nd her birthday together....
All of us- yeahhh okeyyy sounds fun
Y/n's POV
we all gathered in hwasa's house..we were talking the whole day together and watching netflix eating snacks....just enjoying ourselves...
Time passed now its 6 pm ...
Hwasa- get ready now you bitches we are goooiinnnnggg tooo cllluuubbbb!!!!
Y/n- what but i am underage u idiot...!!!
Hwasa- yeah but you will be 18 in few hours so no problem...nd i know the owner he's my cousin so don't worry take a chill pill....
Y/n- aahhh okeyyy fiinneee...
We all started to get ready...
Hwasa- okey y/ will do as i day...wear the dress i put it in your bedroom...
Y/n- okey mom..!!
I went to the bedroom nd showered...i wore the dress....
Hwasa- yahhhhh i know you loved the dress but dont shout....
Y/n- what noooo its tooo revealing...
Hwasa-what noo girll its still covering many parts of your body that you should show...btw you are looking hottt come here i will do your makeup and hairstyle
Y/n-ahhh okeyy fineee...
She started doing my hair nd makeup
Hwasa-doneee...woww you are looking so sexyyyy....
Y/n- thanks to you miss...
After this they all got ready....omo they are looking so hotttt
Readdyyyyyy!!!!!nowww letsssss goooooooo.....
To be continued
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